Bathroom-Ever Think About The Type Of Sink You Will Have?

Vessel Sink – No Need to be Square

There’s no need to be square with a luxury line vessel sink. Sleek, elegant, sculpted vessel sinks make a statement out of your bathroom. They so much more than the traditional under-the-counter sink.

What’s a vessel sink?

Usually round or elliptical in shape, some deeper than others, vessel sinks seemingly perch on a base cabinet. “Using a bowl-shaped vessel sink frees up almost the entire top of this cabinet as usable counter space for toiletries.” They come in an array of materials: porcelain, ceramic, granite, crystal, metal, and glass. And, they add a sense of fluid design where the traditional sink seemed but a bulky block. You see them everywhere: home baths and kitchens, theaters, clubs, restaurants, and more.

What do they look like?


The DeMedici Led Transparent is 13” X 13” in transparent glass, a high-end item, for sure, but the crystal says something to your guests.


The Atelier Yellow Luna is larger at 17” X 17” X 6”. It brings you an exterior of stone texture of exterior and an interior of tempered crystal. Classic Florence Glass crafts allow for colors and textures to be embedded within the crystal, making it sturdy, hygienic and fashionably beautiful.



The De Medici Ice Oval Platinum looks like a diamond with clarity, cut, and carat to sparkle and shine. It’s contemporary yet classic. Actually made of leaded crystal, the Ice Oval makes a bold statement at the focal point of your bath or powder room.

Less strikingly formal, the Teknoform Rapolano Cotto Travertino might be just the thing for your wet bar or outdoor kitchen. A travertine bowl, it comes in dark and light shades of terra cotta with all the apparent imperfections of that material.

The Teknoform Circus 43 is more reasonably priced than some choices. But, the simple handcrafted look is slick and modern. It comes in the terra cotta pottery look and in large variety of colors and finishes, from black or travertino to platinum or gold leaf. And, the Teknoform, “a polymer-based material that can mimic a variety of textures,” material is durable and scratch resistant.

Is there anything to worry about?

Well, vessel sinks are not meant for other uses. Because they sit above a cabinet or table, they are exposed to possible scratching and chipping. Water splashing against some materials can be noisey. And, the price of these high-end products does not include the matching faucet.

Designers like the vessel sinks because they can sit on just about anything. Choose an antique or rustic cabinet, a modern or traditional table, and the combination will look great. But, there will likely be some plumbing challenge to hide the drain and the water line to the faucet because vessel sinks do not come with the holes punched for faucet placement. But, when you want to make this kind of statement, those challenges can be beat.

If you’re not working with an interior decorator, you can still find out what you want. Think about your bathroom and kitchen. Do you want it to be a showplace for guests? Will it be impressive or comfortable? Classic or contemporary? Does the room have a theme or a color scheme?

Answers to such questions help you make tough decisions easier. If you shop with your own checklist in mind, you won’t be overwhelmed by the huge inventory of styles, materials, and colors. Be prepared for the price on the higher end designs and materials, but don’t give up until you can match your budget


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