Benefits Of Renting A Villa When On Vacation In Mexico

If You Were Traveling to Mexico Here Are Tips On Where to Stay

Mexico is one of the places that has a great selection of places to vacation. There are numerous things to enjoy while on vacation in this country. One of the things you must think about when on vacation in Mexico is where you will be staying. There are various options ranging from rental villas, houses, apartments and hotel rooms. Each of these places has advantages. Benefits Of Renting A Villa When On Vacation In Mexico

Here are the advantages of renting a villa as compared to staying in a hotel while on your Mexican vacation.

More Space

Renting a villa means having more space to enjoy. A private villa will have so much space and you will not feel like it is too congested. This will give you an opportunity to get into the vacationing mood. Lots of space means that you can enjoy the place with your family or if you are vacationing as a group. Renting a hotel would mean less space since most hotel rooms are smaller than villas. The hotel room will make you feel like you have been confined to a small space and you will end up hating the whole place because you may feel exhausted instead of relaxed.


There is a certain type of comfort you get when you rent a villa instead of a hotel room. While staying in a hotel you will be forced to eat at the restaurant or go out into the town to eat. This means that you will have to endure hotel meals the entire time that you will be vacationing. It can start to get boring at some point and make you feel like the vacation was not worth it. In the end, you will have used up so much more money than you will when staying at a villa.

Villas provide a kitchen where you can enjoy a meal and get a feeling of being home away from home. Whenever you are tired of restaurant food, you can buy some supplies from the local city center and make your own meal. This saves you a lot of money that you would have spent at restaurants, not to mention the fact that it will be more convenient if you are with family or if you had planned the vacation as a small group.

Villas Provide Privacy

When staying in a hotel room, the place will need to be cleaned on a daily basis which means that you get to cross paths with the hotel staff every single day while on vacation. This can become exhausting and you will not feel free to leave your private stuff in the hands of a stranger when going about your daily activities. This is not the case with villas. If you rent a villa you will have lots of privacy and you can get the feeling that you really are on vacation. You can request the days that you need housekeeping. There are also places that allow you to do your own housekeeping if you want.

This way, you will not feel like your private space is being invaded. A villa also means that you do not have to share most of the amenities at the place with many strangers. If you want to have a swim in the pool you can do so at any time without too many strangers.

Services Provided By Villas

While a hotel may provide you with housekeeping and other services, there are exclusive villas that will give you so much more than that. You can enjoy the services of a butler, concierge, maid services and so on if you choose a villa with these things. You can also choose to have a driver if you want to. The driver will take you and your party to the places you wish to go. Most of the villas provide rental cars for the customers so you do not have to worry about looking for a local car rental service.

There are also villas that provide the clients with in-house services that you would have to pay extra for when staying in a hotel. With a villa, you can get so much more all-inclusive in the initial price.

Saves You Money

Most people assume villas are pricey. This may be so but with all the services they provide, it would be the same as staying in a luxury hotel. The difference is that if you choose a luxury hotel you end up paying so much more. Most hotels will charge each service separately while villas will give you offers that show what is included in each package. This makes a villa the best way to save if you are going to Mexico on vacation especially as a group. You will find that you can save so much more at the end of the trip than you will if you choose a hotel.

Extra Perks

There is the fact that there are villas that will let you travel with pets if you would like. They have provisions for that. This is possible because of the nature of villas, in that they are more private than hotels. It may be difficult to travel with a pet if you are staying at a hotel. This is because the hotel staff has to be considerate of the other guests that will be vacationing at the hotel, some of whom may not like the idea of pets being around.

Tips When Choosing A Villa Rental In Mexico

Now that you have decided to get the villa, you need to be sure that you get what will be most suitable for you. You can have your travel agent arrange the villa that you will be staying in or you can do that yourself. It is important to call the number provided on the website and confirm any details. Do not pay any places that do not seem legit especially if they ask for a direct deposit. It may end up being a scam. Additionally, ensure you inquire about the policies of the place before booking.

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  1. Unlike hotels, one of the downfalls of staying in a villa is that there may not be an airport transfer service available. However, some villa owners and travel companies can easily arrange transport for you upon request

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