Top 4 Bow Tie Styles and the Occasions They Complement

Top 4 Bow Tie Styles and the Occasions They ComplementThe 21st century has brought with it eccentricities in fashion and style. However, new styles in fashion have not masked some of the old and more orthodox articles of clothing. Let’s take a bow tie for an example, it was introduced to the world during the 17th century, but gained popularity during the 20th century and had its share of heydays and obscurities. Moreover, they never completely lost their existence. At present, bow ties have their shared spot in the limelight and have paved their way to an array of social events.

You can wear bow ties on many different occasions such as formal and informal get-togethers, weddings, official events, you name it! If it’s your big day, why not start looking for bow ties for weddings here. There are so many options to choose from, and so much you can learn.

Bow ties come in four types, and it’s important to know which type of bow tie to wear at the particular gathering you wish to attend; they may be a small accessory, but they emanate a strong message. No one would like to show up a misfit in public and be the laughing stock of a party.


Different Bow Ties and the Occasions They Complement Most


1.      The Butterfly

This bow tie gets its name for resembling a butterfly. It is most suited for marital ceremonies, or similar formal events because they give a refined and sophisticated look.

2.      The Rounded Club

These bow ties have round ends and are the rarest of the bow ties.  Rounded club bow ties are a bit on the quirky side and the least formal, thus they are not a good option to wear to formal events; they will go best if you choose to go to a party.

3.      The Batwing

This bow tie is straight and elongated in shape with a shorter height compared to its counterparts. It’s probably the most popular bow tie and can be worn with pretty much anything from a sweater to a tuxedo for any formal or informal gathering.

4.      The Diamond Tip

This bow tie is gaining considerable popularity among the public. Its asymmetrical shape and pointed ends make it playful, yet classic, and they can be worn with pretty much anything for any occasion.


Bow ties were historically worn by prominent figures, such as Winston Churchhill, Abraham Lincoln, James Bond and many more. Despite having been an accessory worn solely by men, they have evolved so much with time that women too, have incorporated them into their set of accessories. From the different colours to the multifarious patterns to the different fabrics (i.e. cotton, silk, etc.) they come in, it’s a versatile accessory that makes a personal statement at any event. It’s up to you to choose which bow tie you prefer and to which occasion you think it would complement to make the statement you wish to make through your attire.

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