5 Perfect Gifts For Your Best Friend Who Just Got Engaged

5 Perfect Gifts For Your Best Friend Who Just Got Engaged jpgWedding season is coming up! If you’re not the one getting married, you definitely have a bestie on her way to the aisle. Treating your best friend to a special engagement gift is not mandatory, but definitely is a nice way to kick off the wedding festivities. Remember, this does not have to be something pricey or elaborate but can just be a special sentimental something that celebrates her new journey with her future husband. These gifts can help you and your best friend get through the chaotic wedding planning process:

  1. Bridal Subscription Box – A bridal subscription box is a great way to get the wedding planning process started. There are many kinds of bridal boxes from those that are just general bridal subscription boxes to those that are targeted for brides trying to get into shape before their big day. You can get her a box just for one month, or many of these subscriptions have great deals for 3-month or longer subscriptions. They really are a great way to get the bride-to-be anything and everything they might need for their wedding.
  2. Monogrammed Bridal Robe – Every bride needs as many different ways to make them feel special for their big day. Nothing says luxury like a customized monogram robe for your big day. Getting your bestie a silky monogrammed bridal robe can show how special and perfect you want her wedding to be. They are great for prep time before the bride puts on her wedding dress. So, it is a great personalized gift that is also very practical, and she will definitely get a lot of use out of it on her big day. There are many great online sites that you can get this done such as Etsy.Gifting a friend with something special to celebrate not just her engagement but your friendship as well is the perfect start to the journey to wedding.
  3. Birthstone Jewelry – Another great personalized gift to get your best friend for her wedding day is jewelry that corresponds to her birthday. Birthstone jewelry is a great personalized gift to get someone. Many of the birthstones also are symbols of love such peridot for August and diamond for April. You can choose a necklace or ring that is only their birthstone or use the birthstone as an accent. This could be a great way to show your support for a best friend and something she can cherish the rest of her life.
  4. Ring Cleaning Kit – A great practical gift to get your newly engaged best friend is a ring cleaning kit. Make sure her ring always sparkles by purchasing a kit that includes a cleaner, polisher, and small brush for cleaning. There are even jewelry wipes that make cleaning even easier.
  5. Spa Day – Treating your best friend for a spa day can be the savior to her bridal chaos. Getting a relaxing day at the spa is definitely always on a bride’s to-do list but might not always be possible because of time and money. However, with your help your bestie can get a well-deserved pampering day. There are many spas that do specials for brides. You can even get a package for the two of you can share and have some quality bestie time before the big day.

Wedding planning can truly be a great way for two best friends to bond even more. There will be no doubt moments when your best friend will need you to be her stress reliever during the wedding planning process. Gifting her with something special to celebrate not just her engagement but your friendship as well is the perfect start to the journey to the wedding.
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