Brown Sandwich Bread with Teff Flour Gluten Free

Sometime before Christmas I decided I was going to take a page from my daughter book and change the way I eat, I decided that I would only eat when I got hungry (as it turns out thats quite often) but what I didnt know was the result in my weight. I started by just eating fruit all morning, when I got hungry along with seed crackers I made that are gluten free since they are just made with seeds, no grains. Then in the afternoon I make sure to eat protein, then more fruit and for dinner I would have a salad, a vegetable and protein. I lost 32 pounds over the next 3 months. Basically a gluten free diet, no dairy, no sugar! Brown Bread made with Teff FLour

In my quest to eat gluten free I decided that I didnt want to miss out on bread so I tired a brand of gluten free bread from the store and found it had a strange texture, no flavour, and it was dry, not to mention expensive, $6. a loaf, so I started making my own bread and found this recipe. The first was white and heavy, so this was my second recipe the I’m excited to say it meets my criteria, it has a good crumb like a regular whole wheat bread, it slices nicely and is moist. And makes great toast!

Im a recipe reader and study ingredients before choosing to try any recipe and this one had all the ingredients I had on hand except “teff flour”. There’s nothing more irritating than to have a recipe but dont have the ingredients. It has taken me a while to change baking ingredients to gluten free flours, like Brown Rice flour, Almond flour, Arrowroot, coconut flour, an all purpose gluten free flour, Xanthan gum, and for sweetening, I chose xylitol, honey, agave and maple syrup, I just did not want refined sugar.

This bread recipe works for me, moist, makes great toast and good sandwiches.

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