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One of the most creative ways of promoting your business would be to customise various products.  This will make them remember your company because they will be using these products every day. The following are the top 5 products (in no special order) which you can use to spruce up your marketing skills. Notice that most of them everyday items and are commonly used. Just A Few Promotional Ideas To Promote Your Business

1 .Office Stationery

These have got to be the most important promotional product for your business because the likelihood of them being in the office of a company is more. That way, all the corporate people will tend to be using them.  These items include pens, pencils, notepads, diaries, personal organisers, paper weights and folders etc. Small items like pens and notepads are easily passed around from person to person as well. These are the go-to items if you’re thinking about what to customise next.

2. Digital items

Everybody uses these important items and they serve a great purpose when you see them from a perspective of their functionality.  Calculators and torch lights are considered helpful items. USB flash drives are a must when it comes to digital goodies in the promotional bag. It shows that you have taken attention to detail and know how much value data and information has. Digital clocks are also a great idea to remind them that time is money and that you value time.  Mouse pads are given as well so that whenever somebody uses their desktop PC, they can see your company logo on the mouse pad. You can never go wrong with headphones as well.

3. Wearable items

T shirts, caps, wrist bands, lanyards etc you name it. You can always use these promotional products to do a bit of your marketing. Nobody throws away these things as they are something of everyday use. By giving away these wearable items you will be creating an indirect yet walking and talking marketers for yourself. Whenever they wear any of your products, your brand name will be out there even more.

4. Key chains , Mugs & Magnets

How can we ever forget one of the most useful items ever! Key chains are an essential item because we need our car, home, garage and other keys organised and they have to be in a sturdy keychain. Magnets are a bit underrated but they are very useful in their own right. All important messages on the office/home fridge or any metal surface can take stick them. So whenever somebody posts a note or sees it, they will always see your company logo. Mugs take away the prize out of these 3 because everyone loves coffee and tea. What better way to start a day by sipping in a mug which has your brand logo on it. You’ll be surprised how useful promotional gear can drive your brand.

5. Chocolates & Candy

Many companies use personalised chocolate boxes or candy mugs as well to add a more sweet touch to their image.



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