Can I Still Be Compensated if My SC Work Comp Claim Is Denied?

Can-I-Still-Be-Compensated-if-My-SC-Work-Comp-Claim-Is-DeniedA work accident can leave you suffering and struggling to both recovers from your injuries and deal with the emotional trauma you’ve been through. However, you may have just gotten some bad news—your South Carolina worker’s comp claim has been denied. 

That can be difficult to deal with, especially if you’re not familiar with your options after a worker’s comp denial. You may be worried about whether you can even be compensated now, and whether your South Carolina workers comp lawyer can help you fight back. Fortunately, you may have an opportunity to get workmen’s comp despite your denial.

Requesting a Formal Hearing

When you’re denied workers comp benefits, your worker’s comp lawyer can help you take action for your claim. When the insurance company refuses to compensate you for your losses, you may still be eligible to disagree and prove to the worker’s compensation board that you should be compensated. 

For example, you may have suffered severe injuries in your accident, but you didn’t have enough proof that your injuries were that severe. Instead of accepting that denial, you may talk to your attorney about gathering more medical proof of your injuries and moving forward with that claim. 

The Appeals Process 

If you’ve been denied workers’ compensation benefits, you may still be able to fight back and get the compensation you need. Workers will be able to file a petition for a formal hearing with the South Carolina Workers Compensation board within a short time after they’re denied benefits. 

You and your lawyer can file for your worker’s comp benefits, then seek all possible evidence that could help your claim. Medical evidence, footage of the accident, and expert witnesses can all give you the evidence you need for your claim. 

Your attorney will represent you in court and present the evidence you’ve gathered for review. Once you and your employer have presented all evidence, the board will make its decision on approval or denial for your claim. 

Your South Carolina Work Comp Claim Denial Can Change

If you’ve been denied workers comp benefits, you may be worried about your options. The truth is, without a steady income or financial help, it can be difficult or even impossible to maintain your quality of life and support your family. 

Unfortunately, that’s a reality for many injured workers. You may have just gotten the news, for example, that your coverage has been canceled. The doctor may have ruled you fit to work, even though you’re still in pain and recovering from your injuries. 

That’s difficult for a lot of people, especially if you’ve just received a worker’s comp denial. Fortunately, you have a chance to get compensated even if you’ve already been denied. Your attorney can help you build a defense for your claim, which can be tough when you’re struggling to recover from severe injuries. 

Luckily, you do have a chance to act now, so reach out for help. You have a chance to get benefits despite your denial, but you’ll need to act fast for the compensation you’re eligible for.
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