5 Ways to Save Money on Family Expenses

5-Ways-to-Save-Money-on-Family-ExpensesEven though it does not sound even remotely romantic and idyllic, sometimes, you have to run your family like a business. This mostly refers to the way you spend your money because it can all get very overwhelming. Schooling, travel, day to day life, and even living expenses are all a bit too much when combined. This is why we are offering some simple ways on how to save money on family expenses.

Cut on your food expensesOne-of-the-biggest-expenses-is-of-course-learn-to-cut-on-your-food-expenses
One of the biggest expenses is, of course, food! An average family of four spends from $500 to even $800 and $900 on groceries each month. More than half of this is actually groceries you need for meal preps, breakfast, and basic daily needs. However, there are ways you can cut down on food as well. First of all, try buying fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only is it healthier and tastier, but it will also cost less than frozen goods. Another easy tip is to make a list when going grocery shopping and stick to it. This will reduce too much food in your fridge, which may eventually even go bad. Planning your meals ahead, and storing the leftovers for later is another easy trick. One more thing you can do is use coupons, and check the prices in different stores, to see where you can get cheaper items.

You probably think there is no way around banking expenses, credit cards, and loans. However, there is an easy way to save a bit here as well. One thing you should definitely look into is a handy unlimited cash back credit card. It allows returns up to 6% on all of your costs. They mostly include food, travel, gas, and even fashion shopping. Check with your bank which cards give you the option of cashback, and get back a percentage of what you spend in cash. Since we are talking about banking, opening up a savings account, and teaching your children about saving is a good tip. You can also create a monthly budget based on your needs and stick to it.Planning-your-trips-and-booking-early-on-is-a-great-way-to-save-some-money-and-find-cheaper-offersSave money on travel

Travel is one of the most amazing experiences you can have with your family. But, it can be pretty expensive, which is, of course, not a reason to give up because you can save some money without giving up the fun. Planning your trips, and booking early on is a great way to save some money, and find cheaper offers. If possible, being flexible with your travel dates can also save you a lot. Avoid going in peak season, since the prices of accommodation, plane tickets, and even food and drinks are higher. Remember that even the destinations that are not popular can be beautiful, so don’t follow the trends blindly. Another great advice is to plan activities beforehand and try to choose sightseeing, hiking, and many others that don’t require a lot of money.
Monthly household expenses are not a joke. Water, electricity, heating, internet, and many more can take quite a lot of money. When it comes to phone and Internet bills, make sure you choose a deal that suits your needs. Saving on electricity is also easy. Just turn off the appliances and lights when you are not in the room, and if possible, consider getting solar panels. Those are expensive to install, however, future expenses are minimized. Your heating bill can be smaller if you turn down your thermostat by just 1%. It will save you around 10% on your monthly bill.

Another important aspect you should consider is transportation. Opt for a more fuel-efficient car, if public transportation is not a possibility for you. However, if you can use it, book your tickets in advance. Not only will this save you money, but it is more eco-friendly.

Thrift shops and garage salesA-great-way-to-save-money-is-at-Thrift-shops-and-garage-sales

Most people have certain prejudices about second-hand goods when in reality it does not have to be as bad. Buying used books or pieces of furniture is a great place to start. This is a great way to find unique, vintage pieces if that is what you like. Toys, bikes, scooters, and many other fun children’s items can also be bought in thrift shops. As for garage sales, you can both visit and organize those. It is a great way to earn extra money and get rid of the things you don’t use anymore. You can get tools, dishes, and art on such sales, which is a great way to upgrade your house.

Changing your living habits slightly will not make a big difference in your life, however, your wallet will thank you. This way, you can invest in other family necessities, and be more economic along the way.
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A Roundup Of Retirement Resources (For Those Nearing The Elusive Age)

 A-Roundup-Of-Retirement-ResourcesIt feels like it’s the era will never come but trust us, it does. And it comes with a bang.

Today is all about retirement and ultimately, how you can plan for it better. We have collected several resources to help you along your way and hopefully, they give you some food for thought for this elusive era.

Where should you be living?

First and foremost, this link doesn’t necessarily state where YOU should be living – but it provides some interesting insight into where most seniors do reside in the United States.

Spoiler alert, it’s Florida. That’s right, the Sunshine State has the most seniors based on all of the statistics that this particular website has used – whether it be the percentage of seniors or the average age of people living there.

As we all know, retirement villages have become much more popular over the years, so for those of you wishing to spend your advancing years with others of a similar age this infographic is a good place to start.

The signs you are not ready to retire

This next link has been put together by Investopedia, who have revealed nine signs you should be looking out for if you are considering retirement. Put simply, if you notice any of these red flags, it’s a sign that you’re not actually ready to take the plunge just yet.

We’re not going to completely give the game away, but some of the signs are current problems paying bills, and even loving your own job. Take a read and see if you satisfy any of the nine. If you do, it might be time to rethink your future plans.

The late-starter guide for retirement

Following on from the above, we’ve picked this link out from the Telegraph. If you happen to be edging towards your 60s, this is the resource for you.

Granted, if you have absolutely nothing in place, even this resource might not be able to help you. For those of you who have at least made a start, it does provide some good advice. For example, it will talk to you about rebalancing your portfolio and even what to watch out for in relation to rises and falls with currencies. Both of these issues can wreak havoc with a plan that’s been very well put together, so they are worth considering.

A quick point is that you do have to sign up to the Telegraph to read the full article, but their free registration shouldn’t hinder you.

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/pensions-retirement/financial-planning/in-your-late-50s-or-early-60s-heres-your-perfect-financial-plan/

The retirement blind spots revealed

Next on the list is a link from CNBC, although it has been written on the back of a study from NerdWallet. That particular website ran a survey quizzing people on when they retired. The results were quite amazing, with most saying that they hit the button at 59. Suffice to say, this is significantly younger than most recommend.

As such, CNBC put this article together to talk about the possible blind spots if you do retire early. It’s a great starting resource for those of you considering retirement and thinking about the possible repercussions.

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/07/the-retirement-savings-blind-spot-you-dont-realize-you-have.html

How will you spend your retirement?

A lot of the links we have featured today have studied the financials of the retirement – and rightly so. After all, understanding if you have enough money to survive once you leave the world of work is of paramount importance.

This final one takes a different look at the period. Instead, this is all about how you will spend it. At first, the thought of retirement might sound utterly appealing, but as soon as your routine is thrown out of the window you can be left scratching your head over what to do.

The Balance hasn’t necessarily signposted the things you should be doing, but they are instead asking you to just think a bit differently about how you will spend your retirement in a happy manner. It might be that you need some form of part-time work or volunteering, or you just need to get out and start exercising. Have a read and assess your own plans.

Source: https://www.thebalance.com/how-you-will-spend-your-retirement-2894357
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Why You Need a Website for Your Wedding

Weddings can be confusing to members of the wedding party, guests and even the bride and groom. Plans always get changed, and communication seems to fall short. One small invitation leaves out a lot of necessary facts for meals, celebrations, and lodging for out of town guests. All too often, someone is left out of the big event due to wires getting crossed.

 Why-You-Need-a-Website-for-Your-Wedding.There are services online that can take care of anything from finding a right celebrant or the perfect makeup artist, but there is a great reference to use as the big day approaches. It’s called a wedding website and taking advantage of this asset can make everyone’s life easier and less stressful. Similarly, one can find custom logo design companies for making wedding
cards and such stuff.

What Are Some Wedding Website Tips?

Pros of a Wedding Website

  1. Who keeps paper anymore? People are getting so accustomed to making notes on their phones and placing dates on a social calendar, and an invitation can often be misplaced. An active wedding website will enable you to retrieve details that you may have overlooked.
  2. A wedding destination may be scheduled at an out-of-town location that guests are not familiar with. It takes planning for out-of-town guests to get time off work, find a hotel and budget the extra money. A website can give exact locations, how much rooms cost, and what the timeline is. Maybe if you’re lucky, your expenses will be covered.
  3. People like details. Providing details on the menu for catered meals, names and relation of the wedding party, and information on where the wedding and reception will be. Pictures are always a great way to prepare guests on how to dress. Will it be an outdoor event in a park, a Catholic ritual or a casual beach gathering? Post some pictures of the area so the guests can start to get excited.
  4. Make access to your Registry easy through your wedding website. You can give guests direct access to your Registry stores and items. Get the gifts out of the way, so there is no worry about shopping and wrapping.

Cons of a Wedding Website

  1. Setting up the website. If you are not computer savvy, you may need help with getting a website set up. This process can take time and money.
  2. Websites have to be updated. One of the reasons that a website is used is to communicate any changes to the schedule. If you fail to update your website, it is not worth having.
  3. Some guests may not be regular computer users. Paper invitations and directions will still be needed, duplicating the process.
  4. Private websites should be password protected so that the public does not have access. Keeping your website private is sometimes tricky to do.

Other Tips When Using a Wedding Website

  • Websites can be fun with sharing pictures and information. But too much information is never a good thing. Stick with helpful facts only.
  • Too many pictures can make your website boring. Stick with professional engagement pictures and an overview of the area.
  • Leave out information about parties and dinners that only a select few are invited to.
  • List your contact information for anyone needing further information.
  • Don’t accept an RSVP through email or a text. They can become too easily lost. Include the usual mail back RSVP with the written invitation.

Taking Control of Your Wedding website if you are new at making and controlling a wedding website, consider hiring a professional. Perhaps you have a friend that has recently used a wedding website that is willing to keep your website running smoothly. If you are considering looking for a freelance web designer or a web design Manchester company to create your website, take into consideration anyone can state they’re a designer. Make sure you do your research and checkout there previous work.

Get examples of wedding websites and decide what can be improved and what can be eliminated in your personal case. Not everyone will have the same taste in backgrounds, information, and layout. Take your time and make this part of your wedding as special as the event itself.
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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer Who Fits Your Style

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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer Who Fits Your Style

 How-to-Choose-a-Wedding-Photographer-Who-Fits-Your-StyleHe asked you the question you’ve been waiting for so long, and you answered in the affirmative. You have set the date, and you are now busy preparing for one of the biggest days of your life. Your wedding is a momentous life event, so choosing your wedding photographer should be one of your priorities.

During your search, do not make wedding photography prices your utmost consideration. Remember that your big day is a once in a lifetime experience that you will remember forever. Therefore, you should take pictures and videos of your wedding in radiant colors.

In this article, we will discuss the considerations used by wedding photographers in coming up with their wedding photography prices, as well as tips on how to pick the right photographer to cover your wedding.

Factors Determining Wedding Photography Prices 

You might be wondering why one photography service is so expensive, while the other one is much lower. Generally, wedding photographers who charge higher produce the best results. Here are some of the considerations used by the photographers in deciding their prices:

  • Reputation – In the early years of his career, a photographer usually charges lower to get a client. As he builds up his reputation, his pricing also gradually increases.
  • Experience level – Usually, more experienced photographers charge higher because they already made a mark in the industry.
  • Cost of business operation – They need money to keep their business running and make a profit.
  • Personal lifestyle – They need to cover their expenses from the proceeds of their business.
  • Quality of service – They need to buy modern equipment to produce the best results.
  • Economic and industry trends – If the economy is good, people have more money, so they won’t mind spending more.

Helpful Tips in Choosing a Wedding Photographer

In hiring a photographer, you should consider many things. Make sure you have mutual respect with each other to avoid misunderstandings, and you can sort out issues amicably. Here are some tips for selecting the photographer who fits your style:

  • Determine the style of photography you prefer and search for a photographer who can produce it. Some of the photography styles are traditional, photojournalistic, adventurous, editorial, illustrative, aerial, as well as black and white.
  • Ask around for referrals. By asking your relatives and friends, you will have an idea about the work ethics of the photographers. You can also ask about the cost of their services.
  • Look for the portfolio of your short-listed photographers to compare the quality and style of their work.
  • Keep in touch with your prospects through email, phone, and other forms to know more details of their service. Ask for their availability, service packages, pricing, turnaround time, negatives, and other related issues.
  • Make sure to meet with the photographer in advance to know him/her personally. Choose a wedding photographer you are comfortable with and can work with you professionally.
  • Make your agreement in writing. You should sign a contract with your chosen photographer to protect you from any issues that may arise.
  • Enjoy your big day!

Planning a wedding is a cumbersome and tiring task. It is a momentous event in your life, and you want to make it as perfect as possible. By hiring the right photographer, you will have beautiful photos you can share with your loved ones for the years to come.
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