When to Send Out Graduation Invitations

When-do-you-send-out-graduation-invitationsAmidst making post-graduate arrangements, planning a graduation celebration, and making sure you pass all of your final tests, it’s easy to forget about sending graduation invitations. To be more specific, sending college graduation announcements might not have been a top priority
for you; however, if you wish to spread the word about your achievement, it’s essential to do so as soon as possible, particularly if you want your loved ones to be there, by your side.

Typically, when one is planning for your graduation, the following questions tend to cloud their mind:
● “When should I send my graduation announcements?”
● “To whom should I convey my announcements?”
● “How should I phrase my graduation announcement?”
If you are also pondering these questions, this article is for you. Continue reading to streamline your graduation invitation planning.

What Is The Right Time To Send A Graduation Invitation?

Ideally, graduation announcements should be distributed at least two weeks in advance of the ceremony. That’s why it is suggested to prepare the graduation invitations a few weeks prior to the announcement date so that all your loved ones can be a part of your big day. Additionally, you can send out a save the date email three months in advance as a heads up for the event so
that everyone can clear up their schedule. In fact, some high school and university graduation ceremonies limit the number of tickets
available to students. If that’s the case with your school ceremony as well, you must keep the graduation tickets for immediate family and grandparents.
You can also consider getting customized announcements such as gold foil graduation announcements and include the graduation tickets in them. It will make your extra invitation memorable as well as your event.

When To Send The Details Of Graduation?

Even if not everyone is able to attend the ceremony, there is no reason why people cannot attend your graduation celebration. If you’re throwing a post-graduation party, it would be a great idea to include your party invitation with the announcement. You can also receive rapid RSVPs by including a return card with postage. You likewise have to consider how far your invite needs to make a trip while deciding when to send them. Allow extra time for out-of-town guests and family who may need to travel to the ceremony. After all, June is a particularly hectic month for everyone. You can be a little more flexible with the party date for folks you see on a daily basis.

Things To Consider When Sending Invites

Ensuring that your graduation announcements and invitations are accurately addressed will assure they reach on time. In addition to this, you can create a list to make sure that the information given below is included:
● Place the order for your graduation invitation at least a few weeks (if not months) in advance.
● Create a mailing list including all the people you wish to celebrate your accomplishment with.
● Make sure the titles are correct.
● Cross-check all the addresses and spellings.
● Use the correct postage.

To Sum It All Up
These are a few details you need to keep in mind when sending out your graduation invites. Remember that it’s your day, so every near and dear one should be present to be a part of your
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