Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Do you want a more advanced way of removing unwanted body hair? Instead of the usual shaving and waxing, you can try laser hair removal. It might be a more expensive option, but it works. These are the benefits you will receive if you decide to try laser hair removal.

The side effects are minimal

When you decide to shave your body hair, you have to be careful. Otherwise, you might experience cuts and bruises. Others experience redness of the skin and rashes. You won’t have the same issues if you decide to have laser hair removal. The procedure is fast, easy, and painless.

It’s cost-effective

One of the reasons why you don’t choose laser hair removal is that you think it’s expensive. Although it costs a lot, you won’t have to spend a massive amount for a long time. In comparison, if you decide to use razors, wax, and creams, you will keep spending money. The amount might be cheap, but you will have to spend money over and over again. It’s on top of the time that you will save if you decide to have laser hair removal.

You won’t have ingrown hairs

Another irritating part of shaving and waxing is when the hairs start to regrow. You will see ingrown hairs. They’re hairs trapped inside the skin instead of growing outwards. It could be painful and might lead to swelling and infections.

There’s no need to grow your hair first

When waxing or shaving, you need to grow your surface hairs first. Otherwise, the process could easily irritate your skin. It’s also not advisable to shave regularly even if you already start seeing hairs growing back. With laser hair removal, you don’t need to wait long. You can request the procedure regardless of the current length of the hairs. It’s convenient and will help you save a lot of time.

Precise target

Another reason for using a laser is that it targets the areas producing the body hairs. The process prevents the follicles from rapid hair growth. It means that if you have a darker skin tone, it’s perfect for your skin. You also need not worry about getting burnt or having scars.

The process is fast

Once you find the perfect place for laser hair removal in London, getting an appointment is easy. Upon arrival at the clinic, it only takes a few minutes for the process to be over. It depends on which area of your body you need the hairs removed. Upper and lower legs usually take longer, but it’s still generally quick.

Given all these benefits, it’s time to consider getting this procedure. You can start saving money to afford it. Once you see the results, you won’t regret getting the procedure. You can even have the same thing on a different area of your body in the future. If you’re still uncertain, you can ask a laser hair removal expert first. You can set an appointment if you’re confident that it will benefit you.
Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Double Eyelid Surgery for Better Appearance

 Double-Eyelid-Surgery-for-Better-AppearanceEyes are probably the first thing that we are noticed on another person. It’s known that people are always drawn to beautiful eyes. That’s one of the reasons why their shape and size are so important for everyone. People’s eye shapes can be different and varied. There is of course beauty in diversity.

Many Asians are born with small eyes without crease or with heavy drooping eyelids. As TheLookBook says, this is the reason why a large number of them turn to aesthetic clinics. It’s no surprise, bearing in mind bigger western-looking eyes enhance attractiveness. A lot of Asians have more fat in the upper eyelid area in the middle compartment. The surgery reshapes the skin around the eye with incisions or sutures to create a defined crease on the upper lid.

Why do People Get Double Eyelid Surgery?

According to research, most of the Asian people have gotten eyelid surgery. Some of the reasons are:

  • They want to be pretty and handsome;
  • Asian women focus more on their physical appearances;
  • Good looking people provide a better first impression;
  • Double eyelid surgery helps people to feel more comfortable.

Most of the patients desire that surgery for cosmetic reasons. They just want to accentuate what they already have. Monolid people basically want to make their eyelids more obvious and bigger make them more even and make them less tired looking.

Surgery for Double Eyelids

Double eyelid surgery is also referred to as blepharoplasty. In blepharoplasty, there are several different goals. One of the common goals is to create or accentuate the upper eyelid crease. Sometimes in the Asian upper eyelid, the crease can be low and not distinct due to skin or excess fat. Many times the aim in double eyelid surgery is to create a fine crease.

The goal is to create a different shape and finally to enhance or improve the symmetry between the right and left eyes. The way the blepharoplasty is performed is by making very precise measurements preoperatively of the asymmetry differences and anatomical differences between the right and left eye. Also, the procedure involves discussing with the patient the desired goal aesthetically in terms of the crease height crease depth and the shape of the crease.

The surgery itself often involves making an incision or cut through the skin removing any excess skin that may overhang the future crease. Once the excess skin is removed then the small strip of the orbicularis oculi is a muscle that can also be removed from where the crease will be created to create greater definition to the crease and to reduce bulk in that area.

Any excess fullness can be addressed by either removing the excess orbital fat or contouring it to create a greater shape to that area. The tissue layer carefully dissected away from the levator muscle and the tarsal plait to expose the surface to create an attachment between the skin and the muscle. After that are used stitches to carefully create the desired crease. Once excellent symmetry has been between the creases on both eyes the skin can be reprocessed with a stitch that will stay in place for a week.

Recovery from Double Eyelid Surgery

Patients normally have a quick recovery time. The most important thing about the recovery period is placing a cold compress on the eyes to limit the amount of swelling. Ice shouldn’t be put directly on the skin because this can lead to “ïce burns”. Also, the patient must take care of the incisions by cleaning them gently with distilled water and covering with antibiotic ointment. Makeup can be applied over the decisions in two weeks.

Most patients will take two weeks off of work or school and at that point, it won’t look surgical especially with makeup it will be hard to tell that you have had something done. Swelling does take about three to six months to resolve. During that time the upper eyelid can be a little bit puffier than the final appearance and the crease will be slightly elevated relative to the final height.

Blepharoplasty can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. It can also be done in combination with other procedures. The great thing about doing it in conjunction with other procedures is that it doesn’t prolong your recovery period and everything heals together simultaneously.

Preparing for Double Eyelid Surgery

Preparing for double eyelid surgery is as important if not more than the aftercare. The patients need to really decide where to get the operation done and what kind of shape they want their crease to be as well as the reasons for getting the surgery.

On the day of the procedure, the person is not allowed to eat or drink anything. Also, he/she should refine from smoking a few weeks before and after the operation. It’s recommended to avoid medications such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin two weeks before the surgery.
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HIFU facelift in Singapore

Having-face-procedures-in-Singapore-The-pros-and-ConsFacelifts are usually are one of the most sought cosmetic procedures out there. As we age the collagen production in our skin decreases and we start to feel our skin become less tight, less smooth and less elastic. That’s why more and more people look for facelift surgery or non-invasive alternatives such as fillers or botox.

The HIFU facelift is another non-invasive alternative to the traditional facelift in which not even needles are used.

In this article, you’ll read everything you need to know about HIFU in Singapore – what is it, what expectations can you have and cost in Singapore.

The HIFU facelift

HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound and is a safe, non-invasive way to get rid of any unwanted wrinkles and improve skin tightness. HIFU works by using the concentrated ultrasound waves to go deep into the skin and promote collagen production.

This way, patients can see results without undergoing any surgery or have serious side effects.

The reason why many people prefer the HIFU facelift is that the ultrasound waves promote the body’s own healing processes without causing any damage, unlike other popular ways to reduce wrinkles. As the treatments target the deeper layers of the skin, the surface is not affected and there is no downtime required – you can just go on with your day.

What’s the HIFU treatment like?

During treatment, the ultrasound is moved onto the areas of the skin that need treatment, and the ultrasound waves reach the deep layers of the skin. The upper layers of skin are unaffected, which results in smoother and tighter skin without any sign of the procedure.

During a facelift procedure, the ultrasound can be used on the whole face and it can be additionally used onto the neck, chin, cheeks or eyebrows.

The HIFU treatment is a very fast procedure as a full-face one takes around an hour. Depending on the size of the targeted area and specific issues the procedure can take up to 2 hours.

What does HIFU treatment feel like?

Talking to Cambridge Medical in Singapore, most patients don’t feel much discomfort during the procedure but some might feel slight pricks. After the procedure, you might feel some minor side effects such as:

  • Redness: Redness is a normal reaction and it will usually go away on its own after a few hours. If you’re worried about your redness you can talk to your doctor for a calming cream to relieve the skin.
  • Swelling: Swelling is another normal reaction after the procedure and it also disappears on its own in a couple of days.
  • Tingling and numbness: This is a rare side effect but some people might feel tingling or numbness when the ultrasound penetrates the skin.
  • Pain: Pain is another common side effect. If you’re worried about the pain you can talk to your doctor about taking pain-relievers before the procedure or applying numbing creams.

Is HIFU Facelift suitable for everyone?

There aren’t any specifications in regards to the health of the patients before undergoing HIFU treatment but there are still things to be considered. When talking to your doctor tell him if you have any health concerns or chronic issues so they can recommend a treatment plan that works for you. Here are some common issues that need to be addressed before going in for HIFU treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic neurological diseases
  • Injured skin in the area to be treated
  • Diabetes
  • Inflamed skin on the affected area
  • Electrical devices in the body such as pacemakers

Pros and Cons of the HIFU treatment

The best thing about the HIFU is that its non-surgical procedures and there are no risks of infections, bleeding or even scars when getting it done. There is no downtime as well which is very convenient for all patients. The effects of the treatments are also long – effects from HIFU treatment that can last from 1 year to 4 years.

There, however cons as well. The procedure can be expensive and may not be suitable for you if you’re around 30 years old because the signs of aging are not serious yet and your collagen is still intact.

Results from HIFU Treatment

Usually, patients can see immediate results after the first session. First, the skin will look tighter and smoother. The skin will begin to look significantly righter in 3 months after the collagen within the skin has begun to actively renew. Patients can see their full results in about 6 months after the procedure and it will last for 1 to 4 years.

Can anyone perform HIFU treatment in Singapore?

Only qualified doctors can perform HIFU treatment in Singapore. That’s important to know because getting HIFU done by non-medical professionals can be dangerous. Further, to be able to perform HIFU treatment the doctors themselves need certification to use the machinery. So, if you see any beauty salons claiming to have HIFU, stay away from them.

Cost for HIFU facelift in Singapore

The costs for a facelift using HIFU treatment can vary depending on a lot of factors including the doctor’s fee, the size of treated area or severity of the issue, the number of sessions needed or other treatments used in addition to HIFU. The cost will also depend on the type of HIFU used for the procedure. For a facelift, the price is usually from 300$ to 2000$ per session.

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 How A Set Of Lash Extensions Can Change Your Life!

Have you ever had lash extensions before? If not, you probably don’t know how practical, sturdy, as well as long-lasting they can be! Lash extensions are a must-have lash treatment for women with sparse, as well as short & stubborn natural lashes. If you’re ready for commitment and you wish to know a bit more about lash extensions, here’s everything that you need to know!

Top 8 Reasons Why You May Love Lash Extensions

  1. Long-lasting


Do you prefer makeup or beauty treatments that are long-lasting? Also, you need something that will stay on for weeks to come? If so, get a set of lash extensions! These, once applied, can last for 2-3 weeks! They are sturdy as well as easy to maintain & apply. Women who don’t want to experiment on a daily with different looks and who need something simple & straight to point will adore these lashes! They will allow you to wake up looking & feeling fabulous each morning without investing any time in doing your makeup.

  1. Easy Application

Once you find a trustworthy lash salon and a lash expert that can do a wide range of looks, make sure to book them! Lash extensions are applied individually one by one and on top of your natural eyelashes. They are applied with a lash glue that has an amazing stronghold. During the application process, you should keep your eyes shut and rest for 60-90 minutes. You can enjoy some music or talk with your esthetician during the process, entirely up to you!

  1. Suitable Per Your Preference

You can ask your lash esthetician for your ideal length & preferred volume. You can also bring some inspo pictures since these will help your lash expert understand your wanted outcome. This means that you can have super short, wispy, extra long, or even Russian lashes! Just speak openly with your lash esthetician, and be open for suggestions since they know what can & will look good on you.

  1. Weather-proof

Lash extensions are super sturdy and made with premium quality lash materials, such as mink, faux mink, real human hair or synthetics. All of these materials can survive and withstand unbearable weather conditions, such as high-heat, wind, rain, and snow! You can even swim with your lash extensions, freely tan, and workout while having them on! They won’t move an inch, which is not the case with your glued on lashes!

  1. Low-maintenance

Do you like low-maintenance makeup and beauty treatments? If so, you will love lash extensions! They don’t demand high-maintenance, and they are perfect for women who prefer simplicity. Here’s what you should do after getting lash extensions:

Avoid applying heavy oils and stop using oil-based cleansers

Do not use a mascara – lash extensions will look voluminous on their own

Sleep on silk sheets since these will prolong the lifespan while feeling soothing for your skin & lashes

Don’t use cotton rounds since these can easily get stuck in between your extensions

That’s all! See how easy it is to maintain your lashes?

  1. Suitable For Any Age Group

It really doesn’t matter if you are 17 or 70, lash extensions are for everyone! You can get them done as long as you are not allergic to the glue, as well as lash extensions. They are safe to get & rock by different ladies. It doesn’t matter what is your skin type, current lash state, or your hair color! They are appropriate for everyone!

  1. Easy To Get A Refill

You will love your lashes even after they shed and fall off! Why? Well, you can easily get them refilled at a lash salon. Just book your refill session every 2-3 weeks, and you will end up with a new & luscious pair each time! The best part? A refill is often a lot cheaper than the initial application process.

  1. For Any Event

Lastly, you will need & love your lashes since they are suitable for any event! You can get them done if you are off to a tropical getaway, and especially if you are a bride-to-be. Here are some of the most common events where lash extensions could come in handy:

For the gym – if you are someone who prefers & wears minimal makeup, you will love the power & beauty that lash extensions give! They will make you feel like a natural beauty when at the gym.

For the office – a lot of workaholic women will find lash extensions practical and handy for the office. Simply wake up, put some BB cream, lipstick and you’ll be good to go!

Vacation – enjoy your beauty rest and tan freely! Lash extensions are super low-maintenance and will come in handy for any tropical destination!
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