Genucel and The Best Way to Get Your Skin Ready for the Fall Months

Genucel and The Best Way to Get Your Skin Ready for the Fall Months

With fall fast upon us, it’s more important now than ever to take good care of your skin. As the temperatures outside begin to drop, you may find that the skin on your face feels dry, itchy and is red and irritated. This is often due to the number of cold winds that blow while we’re standing outside, but it also has a lot to do with the dry heat that we use in our homes. Because there is no moisture in the home while the heat is on, you’ll notice that your skin is a lot drier than usual. Genucel Plant Therapy


Because you’re probably using a heater in your home right now to keep warm, it is just as important to use a humidifier. This is a gadget that helps to add moisture into your home so that your skin is a whole lot less dry than it typically would be. You can purchase these humidifiers in virtually any department store and you can customize the way that it works in your home when you turn it on.

Cleansing and Exfoliating

You should always exfoliate your skin during the fall and winter months as this helps to get rid of dry skin flakes. You can use a chemical exfoliation like alpha hydroxy acid or you can choose to use a physical exfoliation like a scrub brush or peel. You will find that either of these types of products works well and are ideal for your facial needs. You will also want to make use of a high-quality cleanser so that it both removed impurities while also moisturizing the skin. 

Moisturizers and Lotions

In the fall and winter more than any time else, you need to be using a high-quality lotion and moisturizer. This should be enough to get rid of dry skin flakes and keep the redness at bay. You will find that there are dozens of different products on the market for you to choose, making it easier than ever to find the one that is right for your skin type and fall skincare needs. Don’t be afraid to try out different lotions before you find the one that works the best for you.

Genucel and Their Line of Products Genucel Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Genucel makes a range of eyecare products that not only moisturize the skin around the eyes, but they also help to reduce the signs of aging. You can find more on their products by visiting the Genucel website. They use proprietary ingredients in all of their products to ensure that those who purchase the line are happy with the results that they are achieving. You will find that using the brand helps you to feel confident in your skin and you’ll notice a significant difference in the way that your skin feels during the drier months of the year.

The most important thing about taking care of your skin during the fall is getting into a solid routine. Taking care of your skin should become a habit and one that you do every single day. Once you get into the habit of taking care of your skin, you’ll find that you not only look better, but you also feel better because your skin is no longer tight, dry and irritated. Now is a great time to get into a routine that works for you and it is important to give a few products a try to see which one works well for you. From the variety of cleansers and moisturizers on the market, it should be easy to find one that fits your needs.

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Laser and Energy Treatments are New Anti-Aging Procedures

Laser and Energy Treatments are New Anti-Aging ProceduresLaser and energy treatments are setting new landmarks in anti-aging cosmetic procedures

Beautification comes at a cost and more so if you are seeking some anti-aging cosmetic makeover that hides your real age. It is hard to look for some anti-aging cosmetic procedure that is entirely painless. Even many of the non-invasive procedures though less painful cannot promise utterly painless experience. In addition, there are risks of distortion arising from facial procedures. Despite going for the best cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation and even after spending good money, it is really challenging to keep away from the plastic looks that though uniform and young seems a bit unreal and sometimes even unsettling. The over pouty lips and plumped skin lacks the natural touch, and this has led to the discovery of some new cosmetic procedures that can give more natural looks that defies age.

Be yourself and not something different

The problem with cosmetic procedures of any kind is that it does help to hide age but often ends up in making faces look somewhat different. So much is the concerns for distortion that people are visiting cosmetic surgeons want to ensure first that the last thing they want is to look different. And these are people belonging to the creamiest layer of the society who have access to the best treatments and doctors. After all, everyone wants to retain their own self in the way they present their outward image to the world.

The marks of aging are inevitable

Aging becomes evident from the marks that it leaves on the skin especially on the face. Wrinkles and frown lines, crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes, sagging jawline and double chin are prominent marks of aging that mostly happen because the skin loses its firmness and the facial muscles become weak. The deep marks on the neckline result from shrinking skin that tell the world that you are aging.  There is just one solution to address all problems – look for some non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can impart firmness to the skin to make it look tight and taut like when you were in your twenties without any distortion.

New skin firmness procedures

By blending classical ideas about beauty with modern scientific principles and procedures related to cosmetic improvements the specialists at Finger Lakes Vein and Aesthetic Center are breaking new grounds in beauty treatment.  Scientists and doctors have started looking beyond Botox and are practicing non-invasive procedures by using energy treatments and laser treatments to bring back the firmness of skin that retains the tonal qualities of the younger days. The procedures use microcurrents, radio frequency, and ultrasound waves to provide a completely pain-free treatment that is effective in strengthening the facial muscles and tissues too.

The procedures result in heating the skin so that the dermis senses injury and starts reacting to protect the skin by releasing more collagen that helps to refresh the skin just as it happens when someone is recovering from burns.  The procedure is not only safe but without any side effects as there is neither pain nor scarring and of course, no distortion.

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The Exciting Skincare Possibilities of CBD

The-possibilities-of-your-skin-using-CBD-productCannabis and the beauty industry are an unlikely combination, but it turns out that one rare compound found in plants – and also hemp – may boast extraordinary therapeutic effects for the skin.

Most headlines about cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical, have concentrated on how it can help children suffering from epilepsy and patients afflicted with multiple sclerosis. But research indicates that CBD, and indeed other cannabinoids, do not just have isolated uses, but help to improve our mental and physical health by boosting the functioning of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The body has many systems made up of receptors and endogenous neurotransmitters, but researchers have been stunned at the sheer size of the ECS, which was not officially discovered until the 1990s – although some scientists had predicted its existence for decades. Receptors in the ECS, known as cannabinoid receptors, can be found all over the body – they are in the brain, the spinal cord, immune tissues, on white blood cells and, intriguingly, in the skin.

Since this discovery was made, the availability of CBD-infused creams has ballooned, as cosmetic companies seek to cash in on. But let’s keep to the science and investigate why CBD may help people with skin conditions like acne, and those looking to stall the aging process, where other treatments have failed.

CBD: a new tool in the fight against acne?

Acne is a pernicious skin disease and one that few people escape for their entire lives. The condition predominantly affects teenagers, but the tell-tale oily skin, spots, and blackheads can strike at any age. Anxiety can also reduce self-esteem and cause anxiety as people become overly conscious about their appearance. Several treatments for acne have hit the market, with varying effectiveness, and some, including the notorious Accutane which has now been pulled, off the market are dangerous.

However, researchers are optimistic that CBD will drastically improve matters for acne patients. Encouragingly, acne is completely unique to all past acne remedies, in that its primary therapeutic effect is exerted on the ECS.

When the sebaceous glands become overactive, too much sebum is created, which then plugs hair follicles in the skin. This can cause the formation of whiteheads or blackheads, and if bacteria residing on the skin happens to contaminate the follicles, there is a risk of pustules, cysts and papules.

The Journal of Clinical Investigation published a study in 2014 which showed the anti-inflammatory and sebostatic properties of CBD. They found that CBD stopped “pro-acne” agents from increasing levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and also suppressed the cell proliferation of sebocytes, which are responsible for producing sebum, the oil which is the catalyst for acne symptoms. The anti-inflammatory signals of CBD are a result of the cannabinoid’s indirect activation of CB2 receptors, which are situated on white blood cells and immune tissues.

CBD also stifles the proliferation of hyperproliferative keratinocytes, cells in the skin that have CB1 receptors – this may be because CBD is an antagonist and negative allosteric modulator, or suppressant, of the CB1 receptor. Some research suggests that levels of keratinocytes rise in patients with acne.

Hence, there may be great value in regularly applying CBD topical products to acne-affected skin. The exact pharmacokinetics of CBD remains unknown, and it’s theoretically possible that other wholesale CBD products, such as edibles, can produce a therapeutic effect.

CBD and the aging process

Cosmetic companies have made a fortune over the years from flooding the market with anti-aging solutions. Those who are really desperate to look younger are even prepared to try plastic surgery treatments like Botox, which is essentially pumping the skin with neurotoxins. There is one cold hard fact to consider: aging is inevitable in the end. But CBD may help to slow the extrinsic aging processes which account for most aging.

The free radical theory of aging has its supporters and detractors, but the basic principle is that wrinkling and deep lines form quicker due to exposure to free radicals – these uncharged molecules are found in household cleaners, exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, and even ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. To become charged, these molecules pinch electrons from the skin, a destructive process which destroys DNA in the skin, reducing the organ’s ability to produce new cells.

However, the antioxidant properties of CBD can help stop the damage from free radicals, by neutralizing them. When rubbing a CBD cream into the skin, you effectively apply a protective coating, with the free radicals taking an electron from the antioxidants – such as vitamins C and E – instead.

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Wedding Skin Care Tips for that Luminous and Clear Look

With regards to beauty preparation and wedding skin care, there is nothing as beginning too early. Below are some tried and tested tips that will help every bride to enjoy a luminous and clear skin on her big day. Wedding Skin Care Tips for that Luminous and Clear Look

  • When it comes to the skin, one should avoid leaving it till the eleventh hour. The longer one has for correcting any skin problem, the better. It is good to use skin care products which have exfoliating acids that will help in removing the dead skin cells thereby making the complexion appear clean and clear. The removal of the dead layer will make the skin appear vibrant and fresh. Most importantly it is good to use a sunscreen lotion to prevent tanning and skin damage.
  • Avoid experimenting with any new skin care products 2-3 weeks before the wedding. It may cause a reaction and may take time to calm down, and this is something that no bride will want to face on her special day.
  • Developing the habit of drinking green tea regularly can work wonders. Along with keeping a weight on check its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties will help in reducing acne and thereby brighten the skin. To know more, contact SilkyBlossoms.
  • Apply an excellent nourishing moisturizer regularly all over the body because fluctuations in weight can result in stretch marks. Keeping the skin nourished is important, and the best way to do so will be by adding vitamin E to the diet.
  • In case one is on a diet, she needs to take multi-vitamin supplements. If the body lacks proper nutrients, it will reflect on the skin. Food containing omega oil is good for the skin.
  • If one suffers from rough skin and red spots on the thighs and upper arms then using a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid regularly can help.
  • If it is a summer wedding or one is getting married abroad, she should apply SPF 50 daily beginning from 1 month before the marriage. Avoid sunbath as this can leave unsightly strap marks which can spoil the wedding photos. Hence, keep applying the sunscreen to the face, lips, ears, and back of the neck.
  • To keep away from fake tan disasters, it is good to go for a professional spray tan one day before the wedding. Going for a trial tan earlier will be a smart decision to ensure that the color suits the complexion and there is no reaction.
  • For those who are prone to cold sores, taking a mild antiviral can prevent the flare-up.
  • In case of hormonal spots or blackheads, use products containing salicylic acid as a part of the daily skin care routine. It will help in exfoliating the skin gently and also clear the pores. The salicylic acid contains anti-inflammatory properties which are excellent for blemishes which have turned inflamed.

So, all the to-be brides follow this skin care regime with utmost dedication and look flawless and radiant on your much-awaited day. All the best and get going.

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