Things You Need to Know Before Visiting a Singapore Plastic Surgery Clinic for Cosmetic Procedures

Most-plastic-surgons-provide-fantastic-aesthetic-care-to-their-patients-But-before-you-choose-any-one-of-them-do-a-background-checkWhat initially used to arouse guilt or remained a hush-hush affair has gained a mainstream status today, and it is nothing but cosmetic or plastic surgeries. People who are conscious about their look now talk about it in the open and don’t shy away from exploring the best options. They are ready to walk the extra mile to get the perfect look they desire. Do you feel inspired too? Before you drop in at a clinic of your choice, you need to make a few critical considerations for better results. In this article, you will learn about them.

Reason for choosing cosmetic surgery

Many patients know why they are opting for this procedure. For example, either they want to look attractive or perform well in an interview for a job or refresh their aging looks. Some patients, on the other hand, go for it to enhance their self-esteem, to fight depression, or to gain acceptance. It is critical to understand that how you look can infuse a certain level of confidence in you. But your improved appearance cannot create a sense of self-esteem. It is more of an internalization process, where you have to work on your inner self and skills. So, get your expectations right.

The surgery and its risks

Most of the aesthetic procedures, both invasive and non-invasive, involve some risks. The most invasive procedures usually carry higher risks even though they can produce better and sustainable results.  When you meet your plastic surgeon, she will tell you the good and bad of all the options for you. You must pay full attention to them, set reasonable goals for yourself, analyze risks, and then proceed.

Doctor’s qualification

There is no shortage of plastic surgeons in Singapore. Most of them provide fantastic aesthetic care to their patients. But before you choose any one of them, do a background check. Find out if they have trained from an accredited institution and have a decent experience in the field. Someone with 10 to 20 years of surgical experience can be more trustworthy than the one who is in the industry for two or five years. You should check the clinic’s website for information on this part as well as discuss these things in your first meeting.

Preparation for surgery

You need to take some precautions, both pre- and post-surgery period. A surgeon and her staff should inform you about these. At the same time, it is your responsibility to understand their instructions well and implement them too for a faster recovery and best results. For example, a surgeon may ask you to stop consuming a particular medication before an operation or participating in an activity for some time. Be careful about the guidelines so that you can ensure a safe and fulfilling experience from your end.

Besides, the choice of the clinic also matters. So, select a place that offers a range of cosmetic treatments, has experienced staff, accredited surgeons, and comprehensive amenities and equipment, and is easy to reach. For an experience, you can check out WC Ong Plastic Surgery.
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Genucel by Chamonix Can Bring Out The Best In Any Beauty Routine

Genucel Anit-Wrinkle Treatmets For Your Eyes and SkinSince the ages of old, people have been looking for ways to stay young forever. So this obsession that many people have today with looking young for as long as possible is really an obsession that humans have had since the beginning. Fortunes greater than what most of us can imagine have been spent towards creating anti-aging medicines, creams, technology, and yes even fountains. In the end, it seems that there is no real way around aging for humans just yet, but there are ways to stay looking young longer thanks to centuries of accumulated research and testing.

There are some great organizations out there working on anti-aging, using the latest technologies available, to try and find the truth behind aging and the ways to stop it. Genucel by Chamonix is at the forefront of skincare products in anti-aging to keep the skin looking young and healthy using a system of several products that are designed to work blend together and amplify in effect.

Chamonix Combines Nature And Technology For Safe And Effective Results

George Faltaous founded the company back in 1999 when he first started looking for and creating anti-aging products. At this point in time, most companies in the market were trying to create anti-aging solutions with chemicals in labs, but George didn’t want to do it this way. Instead, George focused on nature as his inspiration for anti-aging, and it has stayed that way for 20 years.

There are two major reasons for this decision according to Faltaous. First, nature has existed since long before man and all the diseases and cures that go with them are already out there waiting to be discovered. Second, solutions that are created in labs with harsh chemicals always have side effects, some of which can be severe enough to bring death.

Anti-Aging Secret Formula

When it comes to anti-aging, it’s all in the formula. The ingredients that go into anti-aging products have long been debated and tested for centuries. Even in historic times, herbalists and physicians were attempting to concoct elixirs using all sorts of ingredients they could get their hands on.

Some of the proven ingredients of today include Goji Berry’s, Green Tea Extracts, Algae, and Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. Chamonix has also incorporated Eyeseryl into its skincare system, which has been proven to reduce the level of puffiness around the eyes by over 90 percent at maximum effect. All of the ingredients that the company’s uses can be found in nature, or even the body in some cases since the human body does have some anti-aging elements within.

The Genucel System

Step one is plant stem cell therapy, which rejuvenates the skin around the eyes primarily through one main active ingredient, Eyeseryl, which will start showing improvements within just two weeks. The next step is a specialized eye treatment utilizing peptides to tighten up the skin around the eyes. This makes the skin more vibrant as well. Step three is the Genucel XV treatment, which works to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes and face. Peptides and hyaluronic acid moisturize the skin and revert years of damage. Step four and the final step in the system is Immediate Effects, which relies on Relaxoderm technology to reduce the visibility of wrinkles all around the eyes.

There are additional things that can be done to boost the effects of the system provided by Chamonix, including Cristales Microdermabrasion. Normally this treatment is quite expensive when performed in a spa or clinic, but Genucel provides it at an affordable price as part of its bundle to be used at home. Microdermabrasion will help reduce fine lines and age spots on the skin to bring the radiance out across the face.

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What to Know About Under-Eye Fillers
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What to Know About Under-Eye Fillers

The basics of under-eye fillersBest-possible-fillers-to-for-under-eyes

Shadowing under the eyes is common and happens for many reasons. If the shadows under the eye look like hollow half-moons, this means they are not the result of pigment or vascular causes and can be treated with under-eye fillers. As people age, the fat compartments of the face drop and the area under the eye separates from the cheek, giving a hollow look. Young people can experience this due to genetics or the natural shape of the face. Fillers can create a smooth transition between the under-eye and upper cheek. 

The contours in this delicate area of the face make it challenging to treat, but for a properly trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon, the procedure is safe. Aside from the discomforting notion of having a needle so close to the eye, a filler procedure is quick and pain-free, lasting around 30 minutes. Following the procedure, there may be some puffiness and bruising around the injection site since the area is prone to bruising. 

Side effects 

There can be some very rare side effects, such as infection, granulomas, movement of the filler from one area to another, and injury to blood vessels. Medical professionals should discuss the risk factors involved with fillers. It is advised not to use fillers if the skin is inflamed, there are any allergies to the ingredients of the fillers, the skin is susceptible to scarring, or if the patient has a bleeding disorder. 

Ahead of your treatment

In order to have the best possible experience with fillers, there are some suggestions to bear in mind leading up to the procedure. Avoid taking over the counter blood-thinning medications such as Aspirin, Motrin, or Ibuprofen, and supplements one week prior. Two days before refraining from Tretinoin (Retin-A), Retinol, Retinoids, Glycolic Acid or any form of “anti-aging” products. Do not wax, tweeze, bleach, or use hair removal creams on the area two days before treatment. 

How does it work?

Under-eye fillers are injectable treatments of hyaluronic acid, commonly known as Restylane and Juvederm. These are the injectables of choice used by medical professionals at Ottica. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin’s dermis, and when used in a filler it helps to pull water in the body for adding plumping and creates a natural look. The acid makes skin look young, soft, and supple through moisturizing. 

As the body ages, it produces less hyaluronic acid, meaning the skin gets less moisture and becomes more brittle. This leads to wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. The addition of this acid creates thicker fat pads under the skin, giving skin an overall thicker appearance. Using under-eye fillers can reduce the look of dark circles and restore volume to the eye area. The professionals at Ottica have years of experience helping patients look as vibrant and alive on the outside as they feel on the inside. During a free initial consult, they will listen to patients’ concerns and desired outcomes and consul on the best treatment option. 

Each syringe contains 1mL of hyaluronic acid and most patients only need one syringe to achieve the desired result. Cost-wise, a single syringe costs between $800 and $1,000 and the results last anywhere from six to nine months. 
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How To Volumize Eyelashes In Easy Way?

The latest saying, “eye is the mirror of the soul”, has been used by many people today. So, what’s more about the eyes? It is a part of the body that speaks louder than words. The eyes can talk a lot than an individual saying a lot. In fact, girls do love their eyes more. In fact, they had to do something just to make sure that they have the best beautiful eyes. They applied cosmetic products to enhance their eyes more. Also, eyelashes are one of the most important parts of the eye. Once it is justifying, it would probably make a person look more beautiful. Getting an eyelash extension for more a beautiful you can be achievable. By enrolling in eyelash extension training, it would be possible for anyone of starting a good business from it. How-To-Volumize-Before-and-After-Eyelash-Extensions

How to achieve a long and thick lash?

How-To-Have-Longer-Eyelashes-With Eye-Lash-ExtensionsTo achieve a long and thick eyelash is all the girls’ dream.  Eyelashes are a symbol of beauty. There are different ways to get eyelash extensions. Today, every woman follows their great dream to have those luscious tantalizing eyes. Eyelash extension is a basic way of a long-lasting eyelash by Xtreme Lashes Hong Kong. A woman can have longer and extended eyelashes. Eyelashes can be either permanent or semi-permanent. How to achieve these?  There is am eyelash training that anyone can enroll in. Anyone can able to create and make personal or business purposes. Although there are false eyelashes available, an eyelash extension is guaranteed. Eyelash extension can be an artificial or real-hair lash. It depends on which you want. If you are wanting to wear them for a short period of time, this is a one-time eyelash that can be taken off after makeup. But, eyelash extension is very different because it will be worn all the time. You can watch a Video to see the application procedure

Enroll and get a certificate

Anyone wishing to learn how to make an eyelash extension needs to enroll in training.  By enrolling in a program that teaches you the best way to learn the right eyelash extension application. With the training, you would have the right materials to use. Always remember that eyes are sensitive. It is very important to be cautious about whatever is applied. There are tendencies that the eyes can get irritated if applied wrong. So, it is better to enroll in an eyelash extension training program, studying and learning how to do eyelash extensions, you can get a certificate from the program. The two ways of doing eyelash extensions will be taught in the training program. The semi-permanent and permanent eyelash extensions are both good. Still, it depends on the person who wears it. There are those who wanted to have a semi-permanent over permanent eyelash extension. You can learn how to apply for the long durable eyelash extensions. Some women claimed that semi-permanent is much preferable. Why? It is because this kind of eyelash extension suits anyone’s style. It is all about color, thickness, and curl degrees.

The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your natural lashes. However, if applied correctly, lash extensions are safe and don’t compromise the health of your own lashes. We’ll also keep track of your lash condition and report on growth, so you can check in with us whenever, for total peace of mind.

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