Wedding Skin Care Tips for that Luminous and Clear Look

With regards to beauty preparation and wedding skin care, there is nothing as beginning too early. Below are some tried and tested tips that will help every bride to enjoy a luminous and clear skin on her big day. Wedding Skin Care Tips for that Luminous and Clear Look

  • When it comes to the skin, one should avoid leaving it till the eleventh hour. The longer one has for correcting any skin problem, the better. It is good to use skin care products which have exfoliating acids that will help in removing the dead skin cells thereby making the complexion appear clean and clear. The removal of the dead layer will make the skin appear vibrant and fresh. Most importantly it is good to use a sunscreen lotion to prevent tanning and skin damage.
  • Avoid experimenting with any new skin care products 2-3 weeks before the wedding. It may cause a reaction and may take time to calm down, and this is something that no bride will want to face on her special day.
  • Developing the habit of drinking green tea regularly can work wonders. Along with keeping a weight on check its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties will help in reducing acne and thereby brighten the skin. To know more, contact SilkyBlossoms.
  • Apply an excellent nourishing moisturizer regularly all over the body because fluctuations in weight can result in stretch marks. Keeping the skin nourished is important, and the best way to do so will be by adding vitamin E to the diet.
  • In case one is on a diet, she needs to take multi-vitamin supplements. If the body lacks proper nutrients, it will reflect on the skin. Food containing omega oil is good for the skin.
  • If one suffers from rough skin and red spots on the thighs and upper arms then using a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid regularly can help.
  • If it is a summer wedding or one is getting married abroad, she should apply SPF 50 daily beginning from 1 month before the marriage. Avoid sunbath as this can leave unsightly strap marks which can spoil the wedding photos. Hence, keep applying the sunscreen to the face, lips, ears, and back of the neck.
  • To keep away from fake tan disasters, it is good to go for a professional spray tan one day before the wedding. Going for a trial tan earlier will be a smart decision to ensure that the color suits the complexion and there is no reaction.
  • For those who are prone to cold sores, taking a mild antiviral can prevent the flare-up.
  • In case of hormonal spots or blackheads, use products containing salicylic acid as a part of the daily skin care routine. It will help in exfoliating the skin gently and also clear the pores. The salicylic acid contains anti-inflammatory properties which are excellent for blemishes which have turned inflamed.

So, all the to-be brides follow this skin care regime with utmost dedication and look flawless and radiant on your much-awaited day. All the best and get going.

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Choosing Hair Salon for Styling and Color Treatment: Qualities to Look Out For

The beauty industry has evolved. Nowadays, most beauty salons offer more than just hair services. It’s funny how salons now also have barbers under their roof. A salon is somewhere the whole family can visit. Salons have translated to areas where your whole body can be taken care of. We all love that good feeling where you feel sexy, pretty, refreshed and relaxed; imagine getting all this under one roof.  All these are services you will enjoy if you go to a modern salon. Traditionally, salons would only take care of your hair needs. Today, salons offer services beyond your imagination. So every session at the salon leaves you feeling exemplary well. These services have brought about healthy competition among salons. Here are a few qualities to look for when you’re looking for a great salon. Choosing Hair Salon for Styling & Color Treatment: Qualities to Look Out For

You have to be sure of the services you want at the salon. Other than plaiting your hair, what else do you need? You may need manicure and pedicure. Imagine having your hair plaited, and also getting your nails and face done all under one roof. This helps you save time and also saves you money. You will only require to schedule one day at the salon. Such executive services will qualify it as a quality salon. The other thing you also need to consider is whether you are happy with the way the services are being done; do they meet your criteria? Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Are you getting value for your money? Visit the best hair salons in Singapore to acquire everything under one roof.

  • Working hours

The truth is, you might always be busy during the day because of your daily appointments or occupation. After all, you need the money to pay for services at the salon. Does your salon have flexible hours that fit your program? Some are opened until late hours, while you have to book appointments for some, rather than going and having to queue for long hours. These appointments save you time. You need a salon that can offer you services at your free time. Some salons open very early while some close very late. You might prefer getting your services early in the morning before everyone else. Some may even argue that getting services late in the night doesn’t result in quality services. In their defense, everyone is exhausted at night.

  • Equipment and products

Technology has grown tremendously, and manufacturers have come up with new comfortable equipment. These equipment save time, and are healthier, comfortable, and basically faster than human manpower. However, they have to be very clean at all times. Some products are better than others in relation to how you will look after using them. Does the salon have those products that will give you the end results you want? Do they have the equipment that will have your hair looking better than when done with human hands?

  • Atmosphere

According to, you need an environment that is clean so as to run a successful salon. Cleanliness is a major factor that can invite customers or chase them away. A good scent from the products sold is better than having dirt all over the floor. Let your salon have a resting place in the event someone comes with a visitor or even their spouse. Relaxation will encourage customers to always come to view or get your quality services.

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Improve Your Look with These 4 Beauty Tips

It’s easy to change your physical appearance for the better by taking care of yourself. Enhancing your appearance can give you more self-confidence so that you’ll be able to face the world with greater assurance. Following these four beauty tips can help you improve your look. Improve Your Look with These 4 Beauty Tips

1. Fill Out Your Lips

Fuller lips are often considered to be more attractive and can help highlight your other facial features. Brushing your lips with a toothbrush is a great way to exfoliate them and remove extra bits of skin that are causing your lips to look duller. A mixture of brown sugar and honey can also be applied to the lips to enhance their appearance. You may also consider getting injectable lip treatments from a doctor to achieve a fuller look.

2. Get a Fuller Head of Hair

Getting a fuller head of hair is one of the best ways to look younger and healthier. Weaves and extensions that are made from real human hair can be worn to make your natural hair look fuller. Applying tea tree oil, lavender or other essential oils to your hair may also give you terrific results. If you have any bald patches, a NeoGraft hair transplant or another type of medical treatment might correct the problem.

3. Smoothen Facial Skin

There are many ways to smoothen the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pockmarks. Eating cold-water fish and other foods with high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids can give skin more nourishment and help it repair itself. Getting Botox or another type of facial filler injected is also an option. If you just want to exfoliate and cleanse your facial skin, using moisturizer or making a facemask with oatmeal or honey can do the trick.

4. Flatter Your Physique

You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym or resort to a strict diet to achieve a more flattering physique. Shapewear is designed to make the body look more slender and accentuate the right curves. Another clever method is to wear skinny high heels with pointy toes to make the legs look longer and leaner. Wearing longer necklaces can also enhance your physique.

These simple beauty tips offer you some of the best ways to hide certain flaws and showcase your best attributes. By looking better, you’ll feel like a brand-new you and be prouder to show off your enhanced appearance.

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Trifecta Eldiva- Vitamin C Serum + Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Argan Oil Serum Review

Eldiva Skin Care Products-Trifecta - Vitamin C Serum + Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Argan Oil SerumI was contacted by Eldiva to review the Trifecta of products and received the 3 products shown for my honest review and I’m excited to start the regime and try the Hyaluronic Acid as it will help those little lines (crows feet) always thought that term was strange, around my eyes and to smooth, it hydrates the skin and protects exposed skin from free-radicals.

The Vitamin C serum sounds interesting and has been used in skin care products for a while now. The Vitamins C serum has collagen to increase collagen production collagen and after what I have recently been reading about collagen, we all start losing collagen at the age of 30, so I have added a good collagen to my diet and can see the difference. Using it on my face will only help to improve the appearance to my skin.

Directions for Use:
Wash and pat skin dry. Apply a small amount of serum with fingertips to a freshly cleansed face, neck, and décolleté areas (avoid direct contact with eyes). Allow to dry and follow with a hyaluronic acid serum and argan oil serum. Can be used daily. 

Pure Argan Oil  Anyone can use a good moisturizer, especially someone of my age, I will take all the help I can get and the Argan oil sounds like it will be helping to give me that moisture I need. With that said, I will be doing an update after a few weeks.

Directions for Use:
After Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum, dispense 2 to 3 drops into palm of your hand and massage onto skin a thin layer. Apply morning and evening. 

For more details and answers to more technical information like, do their products contain harmful products  or where they ship or bulk discounts:  Read FAQs here

The Trifecta – the best combination of anti aging skin care products. Trifecta includes:

Vitamin C Serum that is 20% StrengthVitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin EProtects against free radicals that age your skin
Defends against fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles
Full of best quality skin care antioxidants
Leaves skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated
Proven to increase collagen production
Can be worn under make up almost immediately
Helps with acne prone skin

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum – 1oz
Pure Hyaluronic Acid SerumHydrates skin
Enhances cell turnover
Fights fine lines, sagging skin and wrinkles
Protects against free radicals
Strengthens collagen
Enhances firmness
Preserves elasticity

100% Pure Argan Oil – 1oz
Eldiva Argon Oil

Skin moisturizer
Fights wrinkles and fine lines
Diminishes stretch marks
Helps with acne prone skin
Razor bumps treatment
Leave-in condtiioner
Nail and cuticle treatment

Eldiva products are 100% Cruelty Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Antibiotic & Paraben Free
Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Eldiva Trifecta – Vitamin C Serum + Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Argan Oil Serum
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