Legacy Classic – Form and Function Meet in One Furniture Brand


Form and function are the essential ingredients in home furnishings. You need them both to create a living space where you can do the things you want to do in the most attractive surroundings. Legacy Classic furniture has a plethora of choices that satisfy your need for both form and function. Here are just a few.

Functional Furniture

According to freshome.com, function is the first thing you need to consider when choosing furniture. And that makes sense. After all, you need the furniture for a reason. You need it to do something useful for you and your family. Good furniture always serves some purpose, whether that’s giving you somewhere to sit, sleep, or store your belongings. Here are two Legacy Classic furniture items that offer something practical along with their elegant style.

Townsend Dark Sepia Upholstered Storage Panel Bed – This elegant piece of furniture is replete with functional features. The design includes two large storage drawers at the foot of the bed, where you can stow away bedding, clothing, or personal belongings. The drawers are cedar-lined to keep your clothes fragrant and avoid mildew even in the most humid climates.

Austin Barton Gold Accents Leg Home Office Set – One type of furniture that should always be highly functional is an office set. This set does carry out its purpose with a wide, sturdy desk and a delightfully comfortable desk chair. You can also get a Barton Credenza to keep all your office supplies handy. The drawers work extremely well, because they’re built with English dovetail construction and full extension, ball bearing metal guides.

Beautiful Forms

Although good interior design begins with considering function, form is just as important. In fact, you might say that beautiful forms have their own functions. They please your eye, improve your mood, and satisfy your personal tastes. Here are some furniture ideas to consider when you buy Legacy Classic brand furniture.

Symphony Platinum & Black Tie Extendable Rectangular Dining Room Set – This set has a form to die for. It combines dining room chairs with upholstered backs and seats and elegantly curved backs, as well as a long gleaming tabletop. The platinum and black finish gives it a distinctive look, too.

Cinema Shadow Grey Glass Top End Table by Rachel Ray – This end table has such a unique form your guest won’t be able to take their eyes off it. The sides have metal circles overlapped by semicircles. The shadow grey finish is stunning, and the thick glass top gives it extra shine.

Evolution Sleigh Bedroom Set – Legacy Classic makes a very wide selection of bedroom furniture with fascinating forms. For example, this sleigh bedroom set has the well-known sleigh design, but with a few interesting twists. It’s made in the Louis Phillipe tradition with a shapely arching crown, frame, and scrollwork. The sumptuously curved footboard and headboard have a beautiful rich, autumn finish to enhance the form even more.

When a brand offers furniture that does its job and looks fabulous, too, you can’t help but appreciate it. With Legacy Classic, you’ve found that brand.

Creating a Home With Contemporary Style

The hallmark of contemporary style is clean lines and spare rooms with a lot of negative space. A home does not need to be cold and sterile to fit within these guidelines, however. In fact, you can create some very welcoming rooms if you understand a few of the basics of this style. Creating a Home With Contemporary Style


Monochromatic palettes are the signature look of the contemporary home. Neutral colors – most often grey and white – are typical. Warmth and interest are generally contributed by a singular element such as a large painting, a collection of vases or a sofa. More often, color comes in by way of an astounding view.


The staple fixtures of a home include the sinks in both the kitchen and bath and showers or tubs and toilets. Contemporary style bathroom fixtures almost have the feel of modern art pieces. They are elegant in their simplicity and with clean lines and spare design. Shower stalls are generally some kind of stone or marble and there is a lot of glass. When it comes to contemporary bathroom design St Louis MO has some top installers that can bring you the bathroom of your dreams.

Soft Surfaces

The soft surfaces in a contemporary home are a far cry from the chunky rustic fabrics of the shabby chic or farmhouse styles. The fabrics are more refined and consist of things like velvet, suede or suede imitations and leather, which is a staple of this design style. Fabrics are almost always solid color or a fine texture and usually in neutral tones. You will not find any floral prints or buffalo checks here. You may find more sophisticated patterns such as herringbone or tweed.

Woods and Metals

Wood and metal play primary roles in a contemporary style. Stairs and railings are often made of steel and cables and may have a floating appearance. The bookcases, coffee tables, end tables, and other furniture are generally plain and spare, yet with an attractive and modern edge. Dark stains are most favored, but lighter colors are popular as well.


Windows are a major feature of this style and frequently extend floor to ceiling or wall to wall. Large expanses of windows let in copious amounts of light and are most often left bare. Window treatments, if used, consisting most often of retractable blinds or even glass that turns opaque at the touch of a button.

Contemporary style is definitely not for everyone, but it carries an air of sophistication and interest that many people enjoy. Its lack of clutter and prolific use of negative space make contemporary styling a relaxing and stress-reducing mode of décor.
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Have You Ever Thought About Buying Cafeteria Furniture

Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Buying Cafeteria Furniture

Planning a business venture is exciting and challenging! When you wish to opt-in for a cafeteria business, you feel the same. You need to think about everything right from scratch – the cafeteria decor, the interior decor design, the chairs, tables, shelves, and many more. It is essential to plan your cafeteria decor in a way that it reflects your cafe theme. One of the most crucial decisions you need to make is about choosing cafe furniture. It is where your customers are going to sit, rest, recline, and enjoy their coffee, beverage, and food.

Restaurant Interior Design
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There’s no rule for choosing cafe furniture! Everything depends on your vision, careful planning, and budgeting. It is essential to opt-in for a store that enables you to choose the best cafe furniture. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Cafe Solutions Perth. And when you are planning to purchase your cafe furniture, you can keep the following things in mind.

  1. Make a list of your requirements

It is something fundamental you need to do! Analyze your cafe space and make a list of the furniture you require. It is essential to have a look at the cafeteria area and choose your furniture pieces. If you feel space is not conducive to accommodate lounge furniture or a large sofa, you should stick with the conventional chair and table. You can choose a unique chair and table designs and innovate as you move ahead in your business.

Glamours Bar Design
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  1. Don’t replicate

Cafeteria business is a prospective business! Today, many cafe entrepreneurs are venturing into the market and are investing in quirky and artsy furniture and other interior decor. It raises the competition and makes you want to put forward your best as well. However, in an attempt to make your cafeteria look impressive, don’t replicate furniture pieces. You need to stay original and stay true to your cafe theme, area, and seating capacity.

  1. Don’t mix themes

Today, people are all in for themed cafeterias. However, if you don’t have a theme yet, you can go ahead with minimal cafe decor and start your business. But if you have a theme and use the wrong furniture, then you are running the decor. It will not provide your audience with the desired experience they’ve been searching for.

Modern Design
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  1. Choose comfort over cheap discounts

As a cafe entrepreneur, you sure would want to add to your savings, so that you can invest that later! However, in an attempt to save money, don’t choose furniture that adds to a person’s discomfort while seating or reclining. You must choose chairs and tables are provide comfort. There’s no point in saving a few dollars and losing out in business because your customers don’t visit your cafe seating comfortable.

These are some of how you can select the best cafeteria furniture for your upcoming cafeteria. Make sure you choose chairs and tables that resonate with your cafe theme. You should also create a budget and select your furniture accordingly.
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Create a Cozy Home the Whole Family Will Love

Create a Cozy Home the Whole Family Will Love Image source:

When designing a family home, one must consider the needs of all family members and find a way to adjust its design to meet each of them. Even though this may seem as a difficult task, if you make a good plan and think everything through, we guarantee you that you’ll find it to be a piece of cake. In order to help you out, here is a list of ideas and suggestions on how to create a cozy home that the whole family will love. Let’s take a look.

architecturaldigest.com Image source: architecturaldigest.com

Create an entertainment area

If you want your whole family to be happy and spend more quality time together at home, you should definitely invest in an entertainment area. You can either redesign your basement, one of the spare rooms or your attic, depending on what you find the easiest to do. Of course, in order for this area to serve its purpose, you must incorporate activities that all your family members love. For example, you can create a corner specifically designed for board game nights, or if you’re more into video gaming consoles, feel free to go for them instead. Finally, a small bar and a snack station would be a great finishing touch and raise the experience to a whole new level.

 Paint it together Image source: gettyimages.com

Paint it together

There is no better way to foster strong relationships between your family members than by including them all in the home redecoration process. Even though your children may be young and can’t help out as much, it’s enough that they see how you trust them by giving them an opportunity to participate in some easier tasks like painting. You can start by choosing the best color for your living room. Here, it’s most important that you respect each other’s’ wishes and come to an agreement. After all, it has been shown that even different shades can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions, so it’s essential that we are all surrounded with nuances which evoke positive feelings and inspire us to be productive.

 sebringdesignbuild.com Image source: sebringdesignbuild.com

Keep it decluttered

One of the most important steps of every home redecoration project is to declutter the rooms and get rid of all the mess. However, in order to be able to achieve this, you must come up with smart storage solutions. For instance, you can install shelves and make a good use of vertical space. You just need to be careful not to place them too high so that your children can’t reach them. Furthermore, your bedroom and kid’s room require special attention regarding storage options and we advise you to make good use of the free space beneath the beds. Here, you can install a few drawers where you can store your lines and summer/winter clothes. Finally, opting for amazing barn doors is the right way to go, since it will additionally maximize available floor space. On top of that, these doors are super-easy to operate and will add that modern feel to the entire place.

Iikea.com Image source: ikea.com

Let the fresh air in

Letting enough fresh air in is extremely important if you want to ensure that your family stays healthy. Therefore, don’t forget to keep your windows open and perform regular check-ups of your ventilation system as well. Moreover, if you feel that there are too many allergens in the house, think about investing in a quality air purifier. Owing to it, you’ll reduce the amount of pollen and dust mites, which can seriously endanger your family members’ health and cause many respiratory issues. Lastly, you can take a more natural approach as well and bring in as many plants as possible, which will serve as amazing decoration and at the same time purify the air, turning your home into a little sanctuary.

buildingperformanceprofessionals.com Image source: buildingperformanceprofessionals.com

Cozy furniture is a must

Last but not least, remember to equip your house with cozy furniture pieces. For example, you can select a beautiful red lounge for your living room. Not only will its vivid color break the monotony and speak volumes about your great taste, but it will provide you with enough seating space for the whole family. Additionally, you can incorporate a few beanbags as well, since your children will definitely love them and probably rather choose to sit in them than on the cold floor. Finally, you can even practice your DIY skills and design a small coffee table or a bookshelf on your own. Good luck!

As you can see, creating a home that all family members will love doesn’t have to be that difficult after all. You just need to consider everybody’s wishes and adjust the home’s design accordingly. However, if you can’t do all of this on your own, don’t shy away from contacting professionals. It’s wiser to do so than to end up making serious mistakes and further delaying the completion of your project.

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