How to Reach Your Financial Goals as a Blogger

How-to-Reach-Your-Financial-Goals-as-a-BloggerBecoming a blogger is one of the most rewarding career paths you can take nowadays, simply because of the numerous growth opportunities that saturate the blogging industry. Modern technology has made it easy for anyone with a dream and a computer to venture into the blogging realm and share their storytelling skills with the world. However, it’s not like the vocation is an inherently easy one, or that you can capitalize on every niche equally.

No, in order to reach your financial goals as a blogger, you need to take a calculated approach and create a strong battle plan. Let’s take a look at the five key steps you need to take in order to reach your financial goals and create the lifestyle you deserve as a successful blogger.

Discover viable monetization strategies Discover-viable-monetization-strategies-to-reach-financial-goals-as-a-blogger

First things first, you need to find realistic and attainable ways of monetizing your blog. After all, this is a business like any other, no matter how passionate you might be, your love for writing will not put food on the table by itself. No, you need to create revenue streams that will allow you to make this your full-time job and establish financial independence. Luckily, there are many ways you can monetize your blog from the very start.

One of the most efficient methods is, of course, advertising. Companies and affluent individuals are always on the lookout for quality blogs within their industry with some advertising space to rent. To expedite the process and get ads on your site more quickly, you can reach out to companies you personally like and believe in, and offer them your ad space. You can also have guest bloggers pay for sponsored posts on your site, and work on commission for every affiliate link people click through and buy a product through your blog and content. 

But if you don’t want to wait for a company to contact you, you could consider using facebook advertising agencies to increase your market for your brand. With digital marketing catching on there’s not a day go by I don’t see ads on all social media.

Tend to meticulous cash flow management Tend to meticulous cash flow management

Managing cash flow is another crucial element of a financially-sensible blogging venture, aside from all the other daily tasks of a blogger. You need to know how much money is coming in and going out of your company at all times to be able to make plans for the future, expand your business, and ultimately invest in the lifestyle of your dreams. To achieve all of this, you will first need to put finances to paper.

Note down all of your overhead monthly expenses. These are all of the costs of running your business. Next, add your living expenses. And finally, add your ideal expenses based on your long-term personal goals. This is the number you need to bring in every month in order to one day reach your goals. Now take a look at what you’re currently making and assess whether you need to improve your monetization game, or simply maintain your current cash flow.

Put your money to good usePut your money to good use

Idle capital is wasted capital, always keep that in mind. To run a successful blogging business and to achieve your life’s financial goals, you need to use your extra cash wisely and reinvest it towards other goals that will, in turn, allow you to build the life you crave and deserve. After all, to progress in your personal and professional lives, you need to invest money, time, and passion.

As a blogger, it’s imperative that you direct capital towards growing your skills and broadening your professional horizons. Use your extra cash to learn complementary skills such as social media management, search engine optimization, and image editing and optimization in order to boost your blog’s digital presence as a whole.

Save up for those gig-less days Save up for those gig-less days

Establishing an emergency fund is another one of those financial goals you shouldn’t postpone, no matter how many other priorities you might currently have. No matter how much you monitor the industry trends, or how much you forecast into the future, you can never be 100% sure that you won’t need to dip into a financial stash at some point.

Don’t let the rainy days of the year catch you off guard, but rather invest in a financial safety net while your blogging business is on the rise. That way, even if an advertiser decides to leave, or a company you’re working with decides to pull their products from your site, you can maintain your day-to-day operations until you find new partners.

Start investing in your retirement plan Start investing into your retirement plan

Investing in your professional future is not the only thing you should do, as it’s equally important that you start thinking about your retirement as early as possible. And remember, it’s never too early or late to start investing in a comfortable silver age.

For example, you can start investing in a life insurance plan in order to get a lump sum of cash at the end of the term, or even have the cash paid out in installments as a form of salary. Don’t think that you’ll be working forever, instead, make sure you have your silver years covered.

Final thoughts

Blogging is one of the most lucrative vocations nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that the competitive industry will just let you achieve your financial goals without putting up a fight. Be sure to follow these steps in order to avoid the common financial pitfalls and pave the road to an affluent future in the blogging realm.

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E-Learning Tools For Virtual Online Proctoring From Remote Location

For Online Proctoring a supervisor will be involved in the test from the remote location

E-learning goes on to transform the educational field. The latest technology together with the development of novel e-learning tools has incorporated swift changes into the manner students attain knowledge and acquire skills. Students are nowadays in a position to take full advantage of a virtually flawless experience at the time of acquiring skills, getting degrees, and keeping on professional progress. There has increased the need for answer-ability and transparency with the growing fame of e-learning. As a result, online proctoring is turning out to be a vital consideration related to corporations and institutions that immensely use e-learning.

E-learning shall be used in a multitude of dissimilar ways. With regard to educational institutions, learners do enjoy the choice to complete their course through an online method that may take in an array of different examinations, interviews, projects, and a lot more. Within companies, e-learning can be utilized throughout the complete employee life-cycle, right from the moment of hiring drive to take them into a job to offering training and continued professional advancement.

Remote proctoring which is as well called virtual or online proctoring, indicates a lot of technological tools put into use in an internet-guided testing process which carries out functions comparable to those of actual human invigilators or proctors having the aim of making sure contender verification, keeping up test security and keeping check on cheating at the time of examinations. These tools take in programs that regulate the utilization of the exam-takers PC, along with browser and computer lockdowns, recognition technology process to verify the exam-takers verification and webcams via which the actual invigilators sitting at a distant place can supervise the exam-takers and the environs at the time of exam administrations. Seeing that remote proctoring is gaining fast fame in the education field, where it happens to be introduced fruitfully within a number of universities and colleges, a lot of human resources experts are these days considering whether this technology makes a workable choice for hiring exams or not.

The need for online proctoring

Utilizing not scrutinized e-learning, it entails the possibility that a student may utilize unverified tools or non-permitted tools in similar PC screen to assist them in the online examination. With the purpose to allow students to act more honest, an escalating count of e-learning administrators is integrating online proctoring mode into the e-learning approach. Through online proctoring, students can be scrutinized using a proctor who supervises any sort of doubtful behavior. The invigilators or the proctors are capable of hearing and watching the contender through webcam and is able to observe the contender’s actions over the screen.

Further, then automated digital cheating prevention and high accessibility, you will discover numerous various upsides that online proctoring process shall provide tutors. With its embracing graph beginning to go up, you better learn the main traits of the technology.

Simple access for invigilators and students

As online proctoring is included with learning portals, they are in the capacity to offer applicants and invigilators simple, mere pushing a button for assessment. The contenders need to complete is register into the learning portal to set off the proctoring tool, meant for one sign-up experience.

As invigilators are setting up the online assessment or test, it is not required to get ready a spreadsheet having learners IDs and names- these forms all for the learning portal. They are in a position to compose the assessment as is done in normal conditions and feed the whole of the needed applicant data by pushing a button.


Online proctoring is capable of aiding invigilators to aid students who are handicapped and require having special accommodations simply by permitting them to participate in the online exam right from home as per their ease.

Student identification

To take part in the online proctoring, learners should set up a profile and a virtual ID by utilizing a webcam along with identification technology together with biometric facial detection, to match whenever the student’s login. This permits invigilators to simply make out the learners’ identities to understand who are sitting in the exam, to know their learning patterns and their facial recognition.

View into learner learning patterns

These online proctoring solutions do generally offer invigilators with examination recordings regarding each contender who participates in the test utilizing the proctor software and also all-inclusive reports that keep vigil over the contenders’ behavior throughout the process of the exam. Invigilators are in a position to utilize this data to observe the manner learners exam and make analysis of the test to take note of their learning patterns, such as in  case there come up particular issues that cause problem to some contenders, or in case a class is not able to act in response to some query or question.

Expert review via human proctors

Utilizing online proctoring does not always mean to utilize algorithms. Several as well hire human invigilators to audit and offer expert reviews regarding the results pertaining to the automated solutions to do away with bogus positives or any activity that may be against the standards of the assessment reports.

You will find three chief kinds of proctoring as given:

Live online proctoring

Recorded proctoring

Advanced automated proctoring

 Live Online Proctoring

Within this kind of proctoring, an expert proctor supervises the contender’s video-audio feeds within real –time. Generally, the proctoring service provider allows several individuals who are well-versed to make definite learner verification to sit at a distant place and put a stop to red flag such as cheating.

Any proctor can supervise nearly thirty-two contenders simultaneously which does rely on the service provider. The main benefit of this mode of proctoring can be said to be that it eradicates the geographical restrictions of proctoring.

In the glitches are that this kind of online proctoring still needs examinations to be scheduled and it involves human intervention just like offline proctoring it is very costlier and is not scalable.

The Proctor and exam-taker may be at two different places but connected through the internet.*I’m sharing a few tools and journals for students and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

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Blogging Without Google+After Massive Data Exposure

Google + Comments is Going Away April 2nd

Do you use Google+? What do you know about it? Want to use it? I have been using it for years and it has served its purpose for comments here on my blog and for sharing to G+ in communities to help promote my blog posts and events of all kinds. I bet you have too! I have spent hours growing my G+ followers and following hundreds no actually thousands of bloggers. You see when you post something and use the + you could add the person’s name it helps to show up in their stream, kinda like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Well if you have been thinking about joining its too late. Yep, that’s right no more Google+. As of April 2, 2019, it will be gone, actually, it has already started in some parts of Google+ and that will also mean comments on your blog, they will stop working.

Find Google Announcement Here

So what now, what do you do? But first, let me tell you why it is shutting down.  You see in about in March of 2018 there was a security breach, a massive data exposure of up to 500,000 users and while Google tried to quell the news, Wall Street Journal reported it in March of 2018. The company found a bug that allowed People API’s access to Googles + profiles which included names, emails, gender and age. Note: For privacy Google only keeps API’s for 2 weeks, but during the time of the problem, they could not tell actually who it impacted.  So last year Google stopped the long-standing practice of scanning email for advertising purposes. Yes, they were snooping in your email to see what kinds of things you like to shop for, for their advertising purposes.

So Google+ is considered a [social network] for consumers but will no longer be available after April 2nd! Some features are already being affected.  But Google is keeping it for enterprise customers who use it. Called Google Posts…more later

So what does this mean to a blogger, well it means you will need to remove the G+ icon from your blog, newsletters and email anywhere you have it displayed? And for comments on your blog you will need to switch over to your own blogs comment system or find a commenting system that will work for you. Suggestions are your own blog’s comments, Akismet, Disque, Facebook, and there are others which has the option of sharing to FB. And there are others, but you will need to decide. But if you are on WordPress you can check your Plugins and activate one.

If you are currently using Google comments on WordPress, that means deactivating that plugin.

But there is more about Google+ , it also means that all those communities you joined and have been using….Go Away… But if you take action now you can download and backup your data, it just depends on if you want to or need this information. You can read more in-depth on

And for bloggers that use Blogspot, I found a tutorial on the Widgets that have been available on your blogs. the 1+ Button | Google Followers | Google Plus Badge as those will all be going away and you need to know how to handle this. I have other blogs on Blogspot too so I will be making the necessary changes by using the tip sheet I was able to make the changes in just a few minutes. The Latest Tips on Blogger 

Also on the Tips On Blogger, there are other tips to help you with your blog so be sure to go through and read as there are tweaks you can use on the Blogspot blogs.

BUT WAIT. I’m not done yet, remember I mentioned Google created Google Posts, so what Google is offering is a Google Business Listing for those that want their business to be found, watch for my next article on ways to promote your business. You do want your business to be found right, drive more sales? Want my next article signup here so you wont miss it.

What kind of blogging platform do you use, Blogger or WordPress? At this point what commenting system have you been using and what have you found that works best?

This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

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Fotor Photo Editor Collage Maker~Discount Code Included

What program do you use to produce banners and graphics for your blog to make them stand out? For years I have either used Publisher on my computer, Canva or PicMonkey and they have all have served me well. But of late I wanted more sophisticated banners and graphics and was ask to review Fotor. Fotor is a Photo editing and Collage maker, where you have control and can be as creative as you like. You can make basic banners using just one picture or create a collage grouping showing off your baking, business or family photos.

I know there are other photo editing programs out there like Adobe Illustrator and I tried my hand at that one year’s ago, it was just too technical for me. Many people use that one for their business in creating products for sale as you find on Etsy, calendars, labels, planner downloads.  I needed a program that was easy to learn in one setting and get to work. As in the picture below, I learned how to make this collage in minutes. Especially if you have used one of the other photo editing programs this one just has some newer options that really will make your banners, graphics stand out.

Fotor is offering my readers a 20% discount code for you: B535D2, and it will expire on 1, Apr
Just click on any of the links to signup and use the discount code!!

Everyone Can Be a Successful Indoor Gardener (1)

Fotor is offering my readers a  20% discount code for you: B535D2, and it will expire on April 1st 

Create Touching Photo Montages Online In Few Clicks!

Fotor Pro can be used both online and Windows Fotor Pro can be used both online and Windows
Fotor is offering my readers a 20% discount code for you: B535D2, and it will expire on 1, Apr
Just click on any of the links to signup and use the discount code!!
Here is a screenshot of the different options you can choose from:
Fotor Features

They have templates for all social media so you don’t have to guess the size to make a banner for Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest covers. YouTube, Etsy. Making cards, certificates, book covers, etc., the list goes on.  Including all holidays for use in creating your banners for social media.  Then you don’t have to guess. You will see examples within the program. Fotor Banner Options For Social Media 

The options are unlimited and are only limited to your creativity! And with the Fotor Editing Program, it can make
all the difference in blog posts and share online! Update banners in your older posts to give them a fresh look.

You can signup For Free and Upgrade Anytime.  Best free online photo editor, collage maker and designer!

This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you clicking on a link.

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