How To Turn Your Photography Skills Into Money with camera or smartphone

Getting Married Wedding Videography Is Something You Definitely Want 1 comment
Till a few years back, a wedding photographer seemed to be enough to capture the moments of a wedding. The photographs provided the couples with fond as well as sad and nostalgic memories of the day. Photos provided the only avenue for them to relive that beautiful day. However, over the years, the trend of hiring a wedding videographer has […]

Getting Married Wedding Videography Is Something You Definitely Want

Top three wedding photography styles to choose from
Weddings are always special. It’s a day that serenades not just your love for your partner, but also your bond. Deciding to spend your entire life with someone is indeed the most beautiful feeling in the world. And your wedding is an occasion that celebrates your moments of togetherness. Pictures are the best way to capture all these fond moments. […]

Top Three Wedding Photography Styles to Choose From

Five Necessities for Your Baby's Milestone Photo Session Gymboree
Organizing a milestone photo session can be overwhelming especially because you want it to be perfect and exactly how you want it to be. Luckily for you, there are five major necessities for your baby’s milestone photo session, and if you’ll be able to organize them well, your baby’s photo session will certainly be a success. Cute and Smart Attires […]

Five Necessities for Your Baby’s Milestone Photo Session

Your financial health
There are ways to plan a military wedding on a budget Every young couple has issues to cope with when it comes time to prepare their wedding on a limited budget. If the bride or the groom is in the military, there are additional challenges. These unions are steeped in tradition and are moving and touching. But, before you begin […]

Having a Military Wedding on a Budget

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 Actress Melissa Bolona: BTS Shoot With Chris Shintani Melissa Bolona has had a busy several years. Between her philanthropic work, her variety of roles, and flying back and forth between her two homes in New York and Los Angeles, the actress and model also managed to squeeze in a few photo sessions. Here is what you want to know about […]

Actress Melissa Bolona: BTS Shoot With Chris Shintani

Wedding Pergola 1 comment
Backdrops For Wedding And Anniversary Every culture has its own way of celebrating important events and they have certain set of rules to observe. Most cultures have their dos and don’ts, what they must do or must not do so as not to offend their older family members or the gods they worship. All these are to be observed so […]

Wedding and Anniversary Location Ideas

smartphone use for photography 1 comment
How to turn your photography skills into money Photography is a fantastic hobby. You can enjoy the great outdoors while using your creativity to capture magical moments and stunning scenery. Photography is enjoyed by a great number of people across the world, from people who like to take family snaps to put into photo frames to digiscoping for birders, there […]

How To Turn Your Photography Skills Into Money

Taking Great Photos for Your Blog If you are not using a multimedia approach to how you run your blog or website, you are missing a huge source of interest for today’s readers. Blogs no longer have to vie for internet bandwidth so photos and videos shouldn’t be an afterthought. In today’s environment, if you don’t have visual media, you […]

4 Tips Taking Great Photos for Your Blog