How to Help Your Teen Prepare for Graduation

The end of high school is an exciting time. Teens legally become adults at age 18, and it’s right around that time that they finish high school and decide what to do next with their lives. As their parent, you’re likely feeling a little bit sentimental right about now. Weren’t they just running around in diapers?

While they might legally be an adult any day now, that doesn’t mean that they’re prepared to handle life on their own–yet. You as their parent have a few opportunities to show your love and help prepare them for the real world, and the life ahead of them. Without further ado, here are some of the ways you can help your teen prepare for graduation.  Graduation.
Help Them Choose a Career
Probably the biggest decision facing your teen is: what am I going to do now? It’s hard to pick your life path when you’re only seventeen years old. For your teen, they may have a clear idea of what they’d like to do, or they may feel completely lost. Instead of sitting them down and pressuring them into a certain career, help them understand their strengths. It’s never too early to start noticing and complimenting your teen’s strengths. (They might be unaware of them.) “You really have a gift for empathy.” “You communicate really well.” “You’re amazing with numbers.” These small encouragements could help your teen understand what career is best suited to their skills.
Teens-Making-Their-First-Attempt-At-A-JobHelp Them Choose a School

Once a career path is chosen, your son or daughter will need to decide what college or tech school they’re attending to acquire their education. Their career choice and savings will help determine what they can afford. Remember, in the last few years of high school, to encourage them to volunteer and take leadership at school. Those kinds of activities could help them win scholarships and save on tuition, making a better school available.

Encourage Independence

While there’s nothing wrong with a student living at home, college will be a formative time for them, and you may want to encourage them to spread their wings completely. If you can help them out with the gift of a car, that will allow them to further exercise their independence, by living on campus or regularly attending campus activities. You can buy a car from your local dealer, whether that’s 1232 Hylan Blvd. Sl, NY, or anywhere else nearby. Besides encouraging them to live on-campus, you can also help them out in the year or two before graduation by teaching them about finances, car repair, and other basic “adult” skills. Don’t pick up their socks; don’t do their laundry. If your teen is going to thrive as an adult after they graduate, they should be facing the responsibilities of one well before that. Student-Buying-Their-First-Car

There are many ways you can help your teen prepare for graduation. The three biggest are helping them choose a career, choose a school, and encouraging their independence. Once you’ve helped them in these areas, they’ll be well on their way to a bright future.
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5 Healthy Habits for a Positive Credit Score

5 Healthy Habits for a Positive Credit Score

Maintaining a health score is way easier than improving a bad one. This is why you need to give up your bad spending habits and change your lifestyle. You need to give up on your shopping frenzy, and crazy purchases.

Following,we are naming a few healthy habits you should adopt to keep a healthy credit score. 5 Healthy Habits for a Positive Credit Score

  • Keep Track of Balance

It’s important to know how much revolving credit you have as compared to the one you use. To elevate your credit score, you need to keep paying back your balance and maintain a low percentage.

If you have more than one credit card balance, then you better consolidate them all in one personal loan. Merging multiple small loans in one big loan puts you on the right path to recovery as you now have only one debt to focus on.

Even after you have paid the balance in full after a month, your utilization rate will be higher than what you expect. You can avoid this if you check whether your credit card company accepts multiple payments or not.

  • Get Rid of Credit Card Balance

You need to get rid of small credit card balances to improve your credit score. Check how many credit cards you have, and calculate your total debt in detail with the current amount of each card.

You need more than one credit card but don’t pile them up. Starting paying back the ones with thelowest interest rate, and amount to clear your mind, and try to stop polluting your credit card reports.  Some best credit repair companies advise you against credit card debt, and they are right.

  • Put the Calendar to Good Use

If you are searching for a loan, search for different rates offered in themarket.

When you apply for credit, it leaves a mark on your credit score. However, three loan types including student, mortgage, and auto give you some breathing room. These loans suggest theneed, instead of bad spending habit.

Still, if you fail to keep up with your payments for a while, it will have adverse effects on your credit score. It will take you some time to clean it up.

  • Pay Bills on Time

If you want to make a major investment, you need to manage the finances. If you are struggling with your bills, you don’t want to make late payments. It will have severe effects on your credit score even if you have some savings.

On time payments is the key to a positive credit score. Yes, you can burrow a loan,and it won’t look bad on your credit sheet. The moment you startmake your payments late, your credit score will drop, and you will have to pay for it in the long run.

  • Don’t Obsess

A healthy credit score is like healthy living; it’s a lifestyle, not a goal. Yes, you have to change your habits to improve and maintain your positive credit score. This is why you need to work with best credit repair companies as they will help you see your shortfalls, and make necessary changes.
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