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T-shirts are made of different kinds of fabrics. Each kind has its own characteristics and own advantage and advantages. Choosing the right one for your own use can help you enjoy the quality and comfort of your clothes. T-shirts are a staple garment for all kinds of people. There could be no person, in this lifetime, who has not worn a t-shirt at least once. Men, women, adults and children wear t-shirts.

The T-shirts are comfortable and casual. Anybody can wear them, of course with consideration of the appropriateness of the occasion. It would not be proper to wear t-shirts, no matter how comfortable and chic they are, in weddings, cocktails, or a formal event. Still, just like any apparel, these are worn in proper places and occasions.


The fabric used is paramount to the quality of t-shirts. It also matters in its designs and prints. Some are super design and print friendly, while some need more special handlings. If you know the difference in fabrics used to make t-shirts, you can make better decisions relative to the creation and care of a good t-shirt. Click here to learn more about fabrics and textiles.


Cotton is the most common fabric used in making t-shirts. There are also different types of cotton that are used in creating this clothing.

  • Combed cotton – this is after the fabric is rid of short strands and combed to straighten the fiber strands. It becomes smoother, softer, and stronger; this kind is good for printing.
  • Organic cotton – is a popular option, it is comfortable and softer. It is also more expensive, softer, more comfortable and a preferred option. It cost more than regular cotton.
  • Pima cotton – is said to have the highest quality. Fibers are extra-long fibers that make very soft fabrics. It is durable and will resist fading, stretching, and pilling.
  • Slub cotton – is created before weaving cotton. It is unique, airy and light. Fabrics made of this need no ironing.

Advantages of cotton fabrics are as follows:

  • The material is natural;
  • The source is renewable;
  • It is good for those who have sensitive skin;
  • It is breathable so it is not warm to the skin;
  • It is soft.

The advantages are:

  • Production is expensive;
  • It needs more water during production;
  • Growing it needs land;
  • Products made of cotton are more expensive for customers.

Other Fabrics

  • Linen – comes from flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) which is intentionally cultivated for its fiber, as discussed in It has a textured weave and is best for summer clothes because it is lightweight and breathable, it dries of moisture quickly, but it can easily wrinkle.
  • Polyester – this dries quickly and is not prone to mildew. It can maintain its shape without being stretched. This is often used in athletic clothes. It is synthetic and has nylon, acrylic, and acetate in it. It is fast dry and durable; cost-effective, flexible, can blend nicely with cotton, and it is recyclable.
  • Rayon – this is also used in athletic clothes and is affordable than silk but it can be an alternative. It is made of fiber made from trees, cotton, and plants. It is breathable, silky to the touch and drapes with less effort. It also is dye friendly and is absorbent.
  • Lycra – in reality, is Spandex. It is used to made t-shirts more stretchy and is found in athletic wear more than anywhere else. It allows moving so easy.


Manufacturing fabrics are costly so products are therefore expensive. But some manufacturers cut corners to keep their prices down. Either they pay their workers with low wages or skip steps in the process of manufacturing. Forcibly low-priced fabrics create affordable t-shirts, but they compromise the quality of the product. This is often noticeable after several washes. This also means some factory workers were oppressed and unjustly paid. Realizing all these, perhaps you are wondering now how much wages were cut off form how many workers.

Some individuals always go for famous brands and whatever is in the current trends. But do we know if the fabrics used in these clothes are of good quality or not? What is meant here is that, expensive does not always mean quality, and quality products do not always have to be expensive. There are many small manufacturers and designers that offer products with so much more quality than the famous brands but do not cost as much as the price of the branded ones. You just have to be an intelligent buyer.
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Ways to Maintain a Puffer Jacket

Ways to maintain a Puffer Jacket-SMA puffer jacket always comes in handy during the autumn and winter seasons. It is a stylish way to go for adventures, dates and any other occasions you are invited to. You can pair it easily with denim pants and hiking boots and a hat for that hiking trip. Alternatively, you can layer it over a dress shirt with peep-toe heels for a coffee date look. However, it is important to take care and store your puffer jacket properly so as it serves you for long. Some of the challenges after going camping, hiking or on a coffee date with your puffer jacket that you may face are stains, tears, feathers poking out. And this affects how long your puffer jacket will serve you. As a great add on to your wardrobe, you must keep this jacket in top-notch condition. Here are some of the ways to maintain your puffer jacket to have it for many winter seasons.

 Cleaning the puffer jacket 

As an autumn must-have jacket. The puffer jacket is best maintained by knowing how to clean it. Understand the materials that were used to make your puffer jacket, and the fabric as well. This is by checking the label on the jacket to best know how to wash it. By going through the product description it will help you take important measures that will prevent any further damage. Well, most puffer jackets other than the silk-based ones are machine washable. They can also be washed by hand, however, separately from other clothes. Also, avoid harsh detergents like bleach and those that are highly scented. This will prevent any adverse effects on your puffer jacket’s technical functions.

Holes on a puffer jacket 

Depending on where you were wearing a puffer jacket. It can get a tear or a hole in it. If this happens to use a seam sealer or fabric glue that will help attach the edges back together. This will repair your jacket hence maintaining it. Sometimes, it is a larger tear and this is best repaired by using tenacious tape, for it is affordable, in many forms and it gives your fabric a fresh look for you can customize the look too. You can buy the customized tenacious tape with animal characters, flowers starts to give your jacket a unique look. This is the best alternative that maintains your jackets in comparison to having to stitch a puffer jacket for it will create more holes eventually.

Handling messy spots 

After hiking, shoveling the snow or doing some farm activities with your puffer jacket. Your puffer jacket from these strenuous activities can get some messy spots. Handling these troublesome spots effectively will help you maintain your jacket. For instance, grime and sweat is the most common. Therefore, you are required to wash using liquid detergent and water and after this solution is thoroughly dissolved. Spray the solution directly on stained spots and allow it to sit for half an hour. Do this in the specific areas then wash your puffer jacket to keep it clean and free off this troublesome spots. However, avoid soaking the puffer jacket as most would it is not necessary unless it is really dirty.

Feathers poking out 

When feathers are poking out your puffer jacket. It is such a frustrating experience knowing how your trusty jacket serves you. Fortunately, stiff quills can easily return inside the jacket. This is done easily in a less complicated way to repair it. However, avoid pulling them out no matter how tempted you are, for it will create a bigger hole. To solve this problem and maintain your puffer jacket. Turn your puffer jacket on the opposite side and grip the feather from this side and tag it carefully back inside. Plus, it will help you minimize any damage to the exterior fabric of the jacket.

Storing a puffer jacket 

Most people find storing a puffer jacket quite a challenge. However, there are some simple tips to follow to ensure that you store your jacket properly to maintain it longer. Firstly, you must clean your puffer jacket before you store it. Although you can wear it multiple times without washing. It is important in preparation for summer that you clean your puffer jacket before storage. Plus, do not stuff your jacket in a small space or wrapped in a plastic seal. It should air out and breathe in an open space. Otherwise, it will cause the feathers to clump into lumps and the jacket will lose its puffy effect. Cover the top of the jacket with a paper to prevent dust and light damage.

Machine washing techniques 

To maintain the signature puffy look of this jacket. You need to know how to maintain the down and the air that they contain as well. Therefore, if you opt to wash it by machine and not hand. Push the jacket down to prevent it from floating. Ensure the water is warm not hot to avoid melting seams and the outer shell fabric through a wool cycle setting. For drying set to tumble use as delicate. Then for the redistribution of the jackets filling and preventing any clumping add a tennis ball to the dryer. Do this in half-cycles and then ensure you hang it in a well-ventilated area to prevent it from smelling stale.

In summary, by following the above-mentioned ways you are sure that your jacket is well maintained to serve you for several years. Whether your jacket is new or old keep it in good condition. If it is mishandled it will cause unevenness and lumps and also it decreases its insulation potential. This will lower its quality, function, and style. It is therefore important to avoid any mistakes that can destroy your puffer jacket at all costs. It is a simple task to maintain a puffer jacket with proper procedures. This will maintain them from one winter to another and it will last as an essential jacket during freezing weather. 
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Points To Remember When Buying Men’s Printed T-Shirts

For creating a long-lasting impression in the first go, you have to dress the right way. You can achieve that with simple outfits quickly. Women are at an advantage in this respect because of the vastness of choices. However, men need to be a bit clever with their picks. Shirt designs have not evolved much since ages, so the one primary option that remains with them is the t-shirts. Like other men, you can also exploit the latest trends in t-shirts to create your fashion statement. The Print Bar

Customize your t-shirts with witty texts or famous sayings

Your personality dictates your taste for garments, and you can express it vividly with digitally printed t-shirts. If you like joking around or dropping in hard-hitting one-liners, you can select t-shirts that come with funny, humorous, or intelligent quotes. If you are a guy who loves TV shows, then you might opt for the ones that depict famous dialogues from there. These types of t-shirts can come in handy when starting a conversation with a new person. That way, you can keep an eye on the different possibilities that suit your taste and persona. It can be an easy winner for you in terms of fashion.

Choose your colours mindfully

Grey, white, navy, and black are some basic colours. You can always have them in your wardrobe when you want to play safe with your style. However, if you desire to add freshness to what you own, consider following the latest colour trends. For example, if you see pastel shades are doing better, then select something in that tone as the base colour for your printed tee.

Create volume with layers

Skinny men generally avoid wearing t-shirts for the fear that they might look leaner. But you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Just select a decent printed t-shirt of your choice and wear it under a matching shirt. It will make you look bigger in your arms, ribs, and waist area.

Turn the semi-formal mode on with a blazer

One of the best things about graphic t-shirts is that they can blend effortlessly with blazers. Those who are wondering how to get the semi-formal style quickly can try this look on them. Pick a printed image or text-based t-shirt and wear a blazer over it to attend office lunch invitation with co-workers or first dinner date. Generally, black and grey colours in blazers with printed tees make a common sight. These combinations can help you champion any trend without any difficulty. T-shirt, blazer, and denim – you can never go wrong with it.

Wearing a blazer over a T-shirt
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The Print Bar Sydney and other online and offline stores offer a good range of printed t-shirts. You can go to their men’s category to skim through the collection. From different fits to styles to prints and designs, you will be able to choose and personalize anything with ease. And if possible, don’t limit your imagination to a specific type of pattern. The more you experiment with elements, the more opportunities you will get to carve a fashion statement for different occasions.
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Ultimate Guide To Custom Hoodies Made of High Quality Cotton

Ultimate Guide To Custom Hoodies Made of High Quality Cotton

Ultimate Guide To Custom Hoodies

Hoodies are simply awesome in so many ways. They are one of the most adaptable pieces of clothing and as long as you’re wearing it, you don’t have to think about outside weather conditions. Besides the fact they are very warm and usually made from high-quality cotton, you can also use them to protect your head from wind, rain, and snow.

                But besides the fact they are so great in terms of its properties, they are also very fashionable!Ultimate Guide To Custom Hoodies Made of High Quality Cotton

Nowadays, people are wearing hoodies to meetings, proms and all other social events. It is no longer a piece of clothing primarily meant for a younger audience; middle-aged men and women can wear them and no one will think bad about it. Of course, they are also great for seniors as they can save them from various weather conditions.

Because of their popularity, companies all over the world are creating new styles. One of the recent, most innovative types of hoodies is custom hoodies.

What’s so great about custom hoodies?

Nowadays, everyone is selling their own custom hoodies and t-shirts. Just check YouTube or numerous blogs on the web. Every company has something of their own which is not only great for branding but also allows them to make extra profit. Of course, we can also create our own custom hoodies. Just find a print that you want to use and there are a lot of manufacturers willing to create just the right hoodie for you. Then, you can choose the right color and design to complete the process.

Custom hoodies are perhaps the best fashion items. They give you a lot of freedom in terms of color combinations and design. Most importantly, it isn’t strange when there is a goofy print on a hoodie. This is a youthful item and you can print an image on it without looking corny. Naturally, you can also go with a more serious version.

Custom hoodies are especially great for deep winter when people are restricted in terms of their clothing options. With these products, you can easily lighten up your environment and bring something cool to the table.

Custom zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies

Custom zip-up hoodies are among the more popular sub-types of custom hoodies.

Zip up hoodies is very similar to jackets due to their zipper. You are able to wear them open or closed which provides another weather option but also increases your cool factor. They are especially popular among the younger population and they can be worn and combined in different ways. Some of the most popular combinations are t-shirts with hoodies or tank tops with hoodies. Both of these mixes are casual and youthful and can even help older people look young.

Pullovers are a bit more restrictive by comparison but awesome nevertheless. They are much warmer, easy to wash and can be really durable. Another thing with pullover hoodies is that the focus is on hoodie itself instead of other pieces of clothing that you might wear that day. This makes them ideal for lazy days when you don’t want to think too much about your clothing options and simply want to rock your favorite hoodie.

Main fabrics for hoodies

As already mentioned, hoodies are mostly made of cotton. However, other materials can be used. Cotton is pretty resilient during winter making sure you stay dry even when it’s raining. At the same time, it allows the fresh air to stay within shirt which is why your skin can breathe. All in all, you will feel comfortable in it regardless of the outside temperature. Cotton is also great for athletes because of the perspiration and the ability to put something on your head if it suddenly starts raining while you’re outside.

If you’re worried about the print; don’t be! Cotton is great for prints and modern technology makes sure they will stay there for a long time. No longer will you have to worry whether or not the image will fall off or crumble after being put in a washing machine.

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