Ultimate Guide To Custom Hoodies Made of High Quality Cotton

Ultimate Guide To Custom Hoodies

Hoodies are simply awesome in so many ways. They are one of the most adaptable pieces of clothing and as long as you’re wearing it, you don’t have to think about outside weather conditions. Besides the fact they are very warm and usually made from high-quality cotton, you can also use them to protect your head from wind, rain, and snow.

                But besides the fact they are so great in terms of its properties, they are also very fashionable!Ultimate Guide To Custom Hoodies Made of High Quality Cotton

Nowadays, people are wearing hoodies to meetings, proms and all other social events. It is no longer a piece of clothing primarily meant for a younger audience; middle-aged men and women can wear them and no one will think bad about it. Of course, they are also great for seniors as they can save them from various weather conditions.

Because of their popularity, companies all over the world are creating new styles. One of the recent, most innovative types of hoodies is custom hoodies.

What’s so great about custom hoodies?

Nowadays, everyone is selling their own custom hoodies and t-shirts. Just check YouTube or numerous blogs on the web. Every company has something of their own which is not only great for branding but also allows them to make extra profit. Of course, we can also create our own custom hoodies. Just find a print that you want to use and there are a lot of manufacturers willing to create just the right hoodie for you. Then, you can choose the right color and design to complete the process.

Custom hoodies are perhaps the best fashion items. They give you a lot of freedom in terms of color combinations and design. Most importantly, it isn’t strange when there is a goofy print on a hoodie. This is a youthful item and you can print an image on it without looking corny. Naturally, you can also go with a more serious version.

Custom hoodies are especially great for deep winter when people are restricted in terms of their clothing options. With these products, you can easily lighten up your environment and bring something cool to the table.

Custom zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies

Custom zip-up hoodies are among the more popular sub-types of custom hoodies.

Zip up hoodies is very similar to jackets due to their zipper. You are able to wear them open or closed which provides another weather option but also increases your cool factor. They are especially popular among the younger population and they can be worn and combined in different ways. Some of the most popular combinations are t-shirts with hoodies or tank tops with hoodies. Both of these mixes are casual and youthful and can even help older people look young.

Pullovers are a bit more restrictive by comparison but awesome nevertheless. They are much warmer, easy to wash and can be really durable. Another thing with pullover hoodies is that the focus is on hoodie itself instead of other pieces of clothing that you might wear that day. This makes them ideal for lazy days when you don’t want to think too much about your clothing options and simply want to rock your favorite hoodie.

Main fabrics for hoodies

As already mentioned, hoodies are mostly made of cotton. However, other materials can be used. Cotton is pretty resilient during winter making sure you stay dry even when it’s raining. At the same time, it allows the fresh air to stay within shirt which is why your skin can breathe. All in all, you will feel comfortable in it regardless of the outside temperature. Cotton is also great for athletes because of the perspiration and the ability to put something on your head if it suddenly starts raining while you’re outside.

If you’re worried about the print; don’t be! Cotton is great for prints and modern technology makes sure they will stay there for a long time. No longer will you have to worry whether or not the image will fall off or crumble after being put in a washing machine.

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5 Tips to Edit Your Wardrobe and Personalize Your Style

 Learn how to “edit” your wardrobe by looking
through photos in your phone or social media 

5 Tips to Edit Your Wardrobe and Personalize Your Style
Source: Pixels

Someone fashionable and famous once said that fashion something you buy, but style is what you do with what you buy. The simple truth is that no two people share the same style. You can put two women in the same dress to style themselves, and you’ll end up with two very different looks after they’re finished. Your personal style is one of the most personal things about you. Your style is how you present yourself to the world. It’s what you say about yourself without saying a word. Does your personal style tell the story you want it to tell, or are you telling a story that jumps from chapter to chapter with no clear indication or where the story is going? If you feel like the latter, it’s time to edit your wardrobe efficiently.

Go Through Old Photos of Yourself

This might be the most important part of your wardrobe edit. You need to take some time to sit down and go through old photos of yourself. Whether it’s photos on your phone or that you’ve posted to social media accounts, go through them and make notes. You know which photos of you are your favorite. What do you love about those photos so much? It’s not about who it is in the photos with you or where you are, it’s about what made you decide that photo of you was good enough to post on the internet for people to see.

Most of the time, you’ll find that it was something you were wearing. Once you’re done making your notes, go through them and see if there is anything that stands out to you. What does each of the photos have in common? Perhaps you are wearing a fitted wrap dress in most of them. Maybe you have high-waist skinny jeans on in most of them. You may be wearing heels and classic pieces in each of them. Find the connection, and ask yourself how you feel in those items.

The point of this process is to get to know your personal style. Some people don’t know it. You can ask your mom, friends, sisters, and even coworkers how they’d describe your style if you want, but it’s figuring out what you feel good in that matters most. You know what fits you well, what makes you feel the most confidence, and what makes you feel gorgeous when you put it on. Now you know what to keep and what to get rid of when you clean out your wardrobe.

Go Through Your Closet

You cannot edit your wardrobe without going through your closet, but this doesn’t mean simply standing inside and looking around. This means spending the proper time going through every piece of clothing you own. You must take everything out of your closet to do this correctly. You can find a system that works for you, whether it’s going through one section at a time or pulling out all your dresses at once followed by skirts and so on. The point is that you must go through every piece of clothing you own if you want to edit completely.

Now it’s time to create boxes. You want a box of items to donate because they are in beautiful condition. You want a second box of items to throw out because they’re stained, ripped, torn, or worn to the point of no return.

Try On Everything You Own

The next step in the editing process is to try on everything you own. From gingham and heels to formal gowns and jeans, you cannot leave anything out of this try on session. If it’s an item you have not worn in at least one year, either throw it out or donate it. If it’s not something that fits anymore, get rid of it. If you have items that don’t go with anything else, get rid of them. They don’t belong in your closet because you’ll never wear them again. If they still have tags on them from years ago when you bought them, donate them.

Maintain a Capsule Wardrobe

Every woman needs a capsule wardrobe with certain pieces, even if you have a distinctly different style than other women. Basic tee shirts, dark wash jeans that fit well, tailored pants, and a little black dress are a great place to start. Your capsule wardrobe is the one that’s basic and to the point. It’s the pieces that are well-made enough you can wear them forever. It’s beautiful winter coats, a great blazer, and that one dress you can wear to work, to a wedding, or to church. This is where you start putting things back in your closet.

Capsule wardrobe pieces are basics, and they don’t have to be expensive. However, they should be high-quality items, and they are typically timeless. This means pieces you can wear today that you also wore a decade ago that you can still wear in a decade because they never go out of style. If your missing certain basics, it’s time to make a shopping list.

Organize What You Keep

Now that you know what you’re keeping, it’s time to organize your closet. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but there are some suggestions that might give you a good place to start. Start by organizing clothing by items. Try organizing all pants in one area, dresses in another area, and tops in another section. You can take that a step further by organizing those items by color. Another helpful tip is to organize them by season. For example, winter dresses, long sleeve tops, and sweaters go in the winter section. Your summer dresses and summer tops go in another section. The beauty of this process is you get to do this your way.

Editing your wardrobe might seem intimidating at first, but it’s essentially a chance to play dress up as an adult. You get to see what you love and what you don’t love, and you get a chance to get to know yourself all over again. You can cultivate the kind of style you want, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. This is your story to tell, and your wardrobe is an important supporting character.

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How to Create an Amazing Wardrobe-Without Going Broke

Learn how to have a great wardrobe without emptying your pocketbook maximizing your credit card

Everyone wants a killer wardrobe. Man, woman, child, it doesn’t matter. Your clothes tell the rest of the world who you are. The trouble comes when we try to reconcile our bank accounts with our desires. Most people can’t afford to splash out on expensive clothes all the time. How to create an amazing Wardrobe Without Going Broke

The good news is that you don’t have to! You can still look amazing even if you barely spend a dime.

Here’s how.

Be Patient

The key to making it work is to trade something else instead of money. You can find good deals if you’re willing to spend time searching for them.

For instance, you can pick up brand new American apparel wholesale clothing for less than $7 a t-shirt. Try to pick up designer brand clothes whenever you see them at affordable prices. They’re often made with higher quality materials, which means they’ll last longer. Constantly replenishing your wardrobe will quickly grow expensive.

Finding deals won’t be easy. If you don’t want to put in the cash, you have to put in the time. That means searching online, hitting up antique stores, and visiting thrift shops.
Daily Boutique Deals

Plan Your Life

Your wardrobe needs to match YOU. A fabulous set of outfits might be dazzling when an actress wears them on TV but they’re useless if they don’t mesh with your life. Write a list of everything that you do in a day, then try to figure out what outfits you need to accomplish your goal.

Are you planning on working out? Time to invest in athletic clothes. Are you a homebody that hates wearing heels? No need to clutter your closet with little black dresses that you’ll never wear. Instead, choose clothes that make sense.

Add Accessories

The same outfit can be dressed up multiple different ways. A strong statement piece like a bold necklace can be paired with endless tops and dresses. So, one way to add life to your wardrobe is to pick a few bright accessories.

You can spend less than $20 on the project and still be perfectly happy. You might even be able to find a few pieces for less than $5! Costume jewelry can be a lot of fun.

If jewelry doesn’t interest you, try looking into scarves, hats, etc.

Create a Style Board

Inspiration doesn’t come easy. When you spot something that you like, take a picture! Try to create a collage of different images that appeal to your eye. Eventually, you’ll start to notice a pattern. Perhaps you tend to gravitate toward flowery, feminine fabrics. Or maybe you like a more rugged style.

Once you know what your style is, you can focus like a laser on finding pieces that suit you. You won’t have to waste money buying things that look great on the rack but that you’d never actually wear.

Separate your style board into different general looks so it’s easier to sort through.

Think Small

Your wardrobe won’t be built in a day. It’s a constant, never-ending effort. Old items should routinely be replaced while new ones are shuffled into the mix. This gives you space to save up for your dream items. It’s often better to splurge on one or two extremely well-made pieces than try to revitalize your whole closet at once.

You can grow your wardrobe with deliberate choices. That’s why the previous steps like having a style board are so important. If you have no idea what you want to do, you’ll flounder.


You’re never too old to experiment with your style. Pink hair, ripped leggings, a sweater vest. It’s okay to try anything and everything until you settle on a look that you love.

Keep your eye open when you walk around in case you spot an intriguing style. Even small towns usually offer up a lot of diversity in dress. You’re not copying the person. You’re not even imitating them. Style is meant to be adaptable. Nobody owns it.

Wardrobe concerns are often dismissed as being foolish or not worth thinking about. After all, some people argue, there are more important things to think about than clothes. While that’s obviously true, it’s a mistake to say that clothes don’t matter. Some people take joy in crafting the image they present to the world. Others delight in beautiful fabrics.

There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s okay to want to be well-dressed. Achieving your goal on a budget takes some finagling but it’s doable.

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you make a purchase using an affiliate link.
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5 Trendy Bathing Suit Styles For All Body Types

All bodies are not created equal, but still, as women, we spend a great deal of time criticizing every piece of our body. The last thing we should be doing during the summer season is dreading putting on a bathing suit, when we should be soaking up the sun and enjoying ourselves with friends and family.5 Trendy Bathing Suit Styles For All Body Types

Just like not all bodies are created equal, not all bathing suits are made equal either. Whether you are petite or plus-size, there is a flattering bathing suit for your body type! I’ve generated a list of 5 trendy bathing suit styles for virtually any body shape and size:

Long & Lean

For a long and lean body type, finding bathing suits with patterns, ruffles or other designs are key. Finding a top with ruffles, fringe and busy patterns will give the illusion of a larger bust and the same goes for bottoms. Push-up detailing and padded bikini tops will be your best-kept secret! Here are a few bathing suits that are perfect for a long and lean body:

Lace Up Bikini Set

This chic blue printed bikini set is perfect for a slim figure as it features a vibrant color pattern with a removal padded bra. It laces up the back and has cutout detailing on the front. The bottoms feature the same space pattern with a bit of a high-rise fit.

Lightly Lined Underwire Bikini Top

This bikini top provides amazing underwire support. It has natural shaping for an enhanced look and features a gorgeous orange and white floral print. It also ties in the back for added dimension. Pair this top with any solid bottoms or grab the matching set to complete the look.


High-waisted bottoms are totally on trend and work almost like spanx to provide comfort and control from your navel down. If you have a bottom-heavy figure, find bold patterns or colors on top that draw attention upward. If you’re wanting a full one piece, opt for bathing suits with a higher cut leg line. Here are a few great bathing suit options for a curvy body frame:

Color Block One Piece

This mix of black and lavender color blocking patchwork is gorgeous. The scrunched detailing in all of the right places make this swimsuit super flattering and stylish. It features adjustable straps for all bust sizes and a push-up style cup for added support.

Ruched High-Waisted Bikini Bottom

These plus size bikini bottoms feature tummy slimming, high-waisted ruched sides that are very flattering. This high rise style sits on your natural waistline. Pair these bottoms with a tankini top or a bikini top with patterns for a super cute and trendy look.


Expecting a sweet bundle of joy doesn’t mean you still can’t hit the sun in style this season. For a growing belly, opt for a low-rise style swimsuit to accommodate your belly comfortably. If you’re wanting a one-piece bathing suit, try finding one with a scrunched waist to support your belly and grow with you during the remainder of your pregnancy. Check out these super cute swim styles for any pregnant body:

Wrap Front Maternity Tankini

This tankini top is available in several colors and features a triangle faux wrap bust. The straps are adjustable and can easily be work a variety of ways for comfort and support. This tankini top has ruched sides for your growing belly. Pair this tankini top with the matching bottoms or opt for something more comfortable like low-cut boy short style swim bottoms.

Ruffle Trim Ruched One-Piece

This ruffle trim one-piece maternity swimsuit is available in black and lavender and features ruched sides for a flattering fit. It is double lined to prevent sheerness and has adjustable straps that are both convertible and removable for a variety of looks. This swimsuit also features padded cups on the bust for extra support. I’m really loving the way the ruffle trim really accentuates that sweet baby belly.


For an athletic build, the goal is to give the illusion of more curves and accentuate your toned legs. A monokini is the perfect style swimsuit as well as anything with embellishments that will add femininity to your frame. Here are a few super cute swimsuit styles for an athletic build:

Halter Style Monokini

This one-piece halter style monokini features a built-in fabric shelf bra, moderate rear coverage, and crochet detailing throughout. It has an open back and ties behind the neck and back. It’s available in multiple colors and designs to fit any style and personality.

Lace-Up Floral One-Piece

This swimsuit is such a chic design that fits and flatters all body types. The floral watercolor print is feminine, which is perfect for an athletic build and the crisscrossed lacing adds a plunging front. This swimsuit features a scooped back with the crisscrossed lacing continued to match the front. It has adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and removable molded cups to accommodate all bust sizes.


The key to finding the perfect swimsuit for a petite body frame is to try elongating the torso and add dimension to your top to balance out your shorter mid-section. Low-rise bottoms are perfect for making your torso appear longer and halter straps are great for drawing attention to your neck and shoulders. Here are a few of my favorite bikini styles for petite body frames:

Crochet High Neck Halter Top

Available in army green, black, blue and tan this high-neck crochet halter bikini top is the perfect style for a petite body frame. It features a hidden bandeau top beneath the crochet overlay and includes a molded foam cup with supportive underwire for a push-up look. It also ties behind the neck for a nice fit that will make people skim over your shorter mid-section. Pair this top with any low-rise bikini bottom to finish off your swimsuit.

Low Rise Ribbed Bikini Bottoms

These versatile, low rise bikini bottoms come in a ribbed fabric adding texture to such a basic swim piece. The low-rise feature provides the illusion of a longer torso, which is perfect for a petite frame. It is available in white, burgundy and red which will make it super simple to match with a coordinating top. Remember to find a top that accentuates your neckline and shoulders like a halter style bikini top or one with strap detailing.
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