5 Fashion Color Trends for Summer 2018

Finding the right outfit can be a great confidence boost. If you are someone who keeps up with current styles, though, you know that fabrics and cuts only make up a fraction of current trends. In addition, there are certain colors that will help keep you on trend and make your outfits pop. Today, we are going to look at 5 fashion color trends for the summer of 2018.

Primary Colors

The first trend that we are going to look at today is the use of primary colors on the runway. With this trend, designers have gone back to the basics and gotten back in touch with the use of “Crayola colors”. In designs following this trend, we see the basic colors – bright yellows, brilliant reds, and cobalt. As the “Crayola” name suggests, these colors take a lot of inspiration from the standard crayons that we all used when we were kids.

Image Source: Tom-Lorenzo-Site

The interesting thing about this trend is that it affects other trends on this list. Because they make up the basics, by playing with the hues and intensity of these colors, you end up with other trends that we will look at today. Check out this short sleeve maxi dress in a wide range of colors:

V-Neck Kimono Batwing Dress-www gcgme
Image Source: www.gcgme.com


The next trend on our list is a summer 2018 look that leaked over from the spring season where it usually stays. If you aren’t aware, pastels are toned down colors. For example, baby blues, lavenders, and pale pinks would all fall into this category. Think of just about any traditional color for an Easter egg and you have a contestant for this color category.

These are beautiful options in their delicacy. Traditionally thought of as a more feminine trend, the summer of 2018 will be a little different because these colors are likely to dominate men’s clothes as well as women’s clothes.

Bright Colors

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the idea of bright colors trending. Like many trends lately, this color trend is a comeback that we’ve seen before. Namely, the decade of the 1980’s was dominated by the use of neons in fashion.

While today’s fashion might not call for Cyndi Lauper’s teased hair, her experimentation with bright colors is something that would still be applauded on today’s runways. This trend is all about being bold and eye-catching. The great part is that, with a little confidence, almost anyone can pull this daring look off.
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Solid Colors

A trend that uses the trends we have talked about so far is the fashion statement of wearing one color. Typically, this style has been reserved for muted or darker colors. For example, a solid black ensemble has been relied on by everyone from a business woman’s suit to the original punk bands of the 1970s.

However, this season, you can elevate this idea by rocking a solid pastel or even bold colored ensemble. The daring look is bound to turn a few heads as you walk down the street and, for most of us, it provides a shocking change to our usual wardrobes.

Prints and Mixed Colors

On the other hand, though, just because solid colored outfits are in doesn’t mean that patterns and paired colors are out of style. In fact, you can get a lot out of a patterned outfit this summer. At the most basic level, you should try out using a couple different colors together. For this look, experiment a bit – if you play around a bit you will find what colors look good together and what colors look good on you.

Also, popular this summer are certain patterns. Checkered or flannel patterns, for example, are a rather trendy option.
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4 Creative Ways to Make Your Outfit Unique and One of a Kind

Choosing an outfit to wear sounds like an easy task but it’s not always so. There so many things to consider when stocking up your wardrobe. If you choose the wrong clothes for yourself, you could end up embarrassed. Clothes can make you seem classy an approachable or cheap and dull. In a world where there are so many companies that produce clothes, you need to know what works for you. this will ensure that you are always looking your best. You don’t have to go and shop for a whole new wardrobe. Instead, you can use the following tips to glam up the outfits you have:

  1. Body shape

When dressing, it is important to wear what suits your body shape. In order to do this, you need to understand your body. Generally, there are four body types. There is the pear shape, hour glass figure, inverted triangle and rectangle. A pear shaped person has a smaller bust but is bigger at the hips while an hourglass figured person is who is proportional big at the bust and hips but small at the waist. For a person to have an inverted triangle figure, it means that their top half is wider than the hips. Sheknows.com describes one with a rectangle figure as one whose shoulders, waist and hips are roughly of the same size.

Body-Shapes from All Day Chic
Image: All Day Chic.com
  1. Bright colors

Bright colors can bring any dull outfits to life. Before wearing bright colors, you need to establish if they look good on you and match with your skin tone. You can do this by adding pieces of different colors to neutral outfits. For example, you can try out several jackets and bags. When dealing with bright colors, be careful not to overdo it. If you do, the whole outfit will look cheap. Instead, let them be there to add character to your outfit. Pantone Colors 2018

  1. Jewelry

The piece that you choose to complement your outfit can be what is missing to tie it all together. You need to be careful when choosing jewelry to go for what suits you. everybody has their own taste. Don’t feel pressured to blend in where you are not comfortable. There are very many types of jewelry. Find your niche and work with it. For example, if silver jewelry suits you better, you can experiment with different silver jewelry such as silver byzantine jewelry. Make sure to accessorize based on where you are and what activities you plan on undertaking.

  1. Shoes

Your shoes should complement your outfit. If you are wearing dark colors, you can spice it up with a brighter color for your shoes. There are many types of shoes including heels, flats and boots. If you match your shoes and outfit correctly, you will end up looking beautiful. Most people prefer to wear boots when it gets chilly because they provide warmth. Flats can be worn if you want to be more comfortable than fashionable. Heels are versatile and can be worn for all occasions. It is advisable to wear closed toe heels with formal outfits and save the open toe heels for casual occasions.




A Complete Guide To Staying Fashionable This Season- A Must Read For Fashionistas!

Each year, the world of fashion comes together to give fashionistas a healthy dose of inspiration as well as style. It is a widely accepted fact that fashion as a word comprises of a plethora of hidden aspects. Individuals follow the way to avail a healthy dose of advice on how to express them. Following fashion assumes great importance as it helps in proving your identity. On the other hand, there is no point in denying the fact that expressing thoughts and lifestyle by following certain kinds of fashion trends greatly helps in staying confident. Interestingly, fashion also does not mean to wear something which is usually worn by the supermodels in ramp shows. If you are a fashionista, you should always have the freedom to express yourself.

Enticing fashion trends for fashionistas this season

As a fashionista, your ardent passion is always to stay on top of the coolest and newest fashion trends. On the other hand, it is also a widely accepted fact that 2017 was the introduction to some cool trends. However, the year 2018 also promises to be that kind of a year where you would have the liberty to express yourself with bold fashion. Here is the complete list of all the fashion trends that would help you to hog the limelight this season. Here is the list of style trends that would inevitably dominate the fashion headlines of 2018.

Chain Sunglasses

Sunglasses as accessories are hogging the limelight for the past few seasons. In this context, it is important to note that the Matrix-Style frames with the bright hues have already won many hearts last season. However, this season, they have been made more eye-catchy with the addition of a chain. It is one of the funkiest of the trends that are expected to grab headlines once you sport it. Hence, this summer, not only protect your eyes from the atrocious sun rays but also hog the limelight.


The shaded yellow

Fiery colors have always had an appealing aura among the fashionistas. Colors like oranges and reds have always been able to compliment your looks if they go with your complexion. However, the newest fashion trend is in the form of the yellow color. You can try the bold trend with a yellow coat over a simple sweater to make an enticing appeal.


Berets are one of those outfits that are expected to garner increasing popularity with the passage of time. It has grabbed significant headlines in 2017 and is expected to be on trend in the year 2018. Berets are one of those outfits that look cute and easy to wear. Also, they can transform a simple look into a fashionable one. This is the reason as a fashionista; you should always opt for this outfit.

Statement earrings

They had made eyeballs role in the previous year when they were launched at the end of 2017. However, the notable aspect of these statement earrings lies in the fact that they are still trending in 2018. One of the phenomenal top wear that goes aptly with them is Kurtis. You can pair the statement earrings and kurtis with a pair of aptly detailed leggings. A light colored sandal would complete the look in a fulfilling manner.

Cotton Jeans

Jeans have always been there in the top fashion trends. Quite interestingly, the no stretch denim trend is one of the latest trends which you should opt to follow in the year 2018. Pieces of Denim are timeless, and if you buy them from a reputed and classy brand, they would always worthily depict your style statement. Moreover, if you are on the lookout to get on the capsule wardrobe train, then you should always opt for types of denim. You can pair your cotton jeans with a fashionable tee and bold earrings. It would be easier for you to grab headlines when you are dressed in branded jeans.

The wide leg trousers

These categories of trousers are here to stay. Moreover, this year also, they are also grabbing various headlines due to their sheer brilliance in making you comfortable. From the wide-legged cropped trousers to the waist-high pants, the wide leg trousers have indeed come a long way. You can also opt for these cool yet trending bottom wear throughout 2018. It is guaranteed that you would find a lot of these trousers in major online stores. You can also buy the pleated wide leg trousers from various super brands too.


Sheer socks 

It is one of the impractical trends which you would notice during the year 2018. However, they are too magical, and you can grace any occasion with them. Just make sure that you wear bottom wear by exposing the ankle. On the other hand, these sheer socks are available in lighter shades. Thus, it is essential for you to select dark-colored bottom wear so that it is able to provide you with good contrast. You can pair them up with a pair of ballet flats so that you can always sport a new look. Also, you can opt for the ankle length boots to make sure that you are at your comfortable best.

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5 of The ‘Plus Size Fashion Rules’ you’ll definitely be breaking this summer

Double denim, mixing different prints, wearing black and navy together – these are only a few of the most common fashion faux pas you’ll probably have heard at some point in your lifetime.

5 Of The Fashion Rules You Will Be Breaking This Summer-1
Source: Pexels.com

However, when it comes to plus size ladies, they seem to have to battle an extra set of fashion ‘rules,’ giving them even less freedom about what they can wear and feel good in. Thankfully, the majority of clothing brands have started to embrace plus size fashion, breaking all of the sartorial rules one garment at a time.

5 Of The Fashion Rules You Will Be Breaking This Summer-2
Source: pexels.com

“Horizontal stripes make you look bigger”

We’ve consulted the scientific facts, and the truth is, horizontal stripes don’t make you look larger at all. Anyway, what you wear shouldn’t be a way to hide your body; it should be about expressing your style. So, whether you want to wear thick stripes, wide stripes, rainbow stripes or monochrome, embrace the pattern this summer season in dresses, skirts, and even swimsuits.

“Crop tops are only to show off abs”

Crop tops are chic, regardless of how hard or soft your tummy may be. It’s not the 90’s anymore; so don’t feel pressured into wearing your crop with a pair of low-rise jeans. Today’s modern style calls for high-rise skirts and trousers, allowing you to show only a small amount of skin. Sites like Ashleigh Plus Size allow you to stay on top of your trend game, so you’ll never struggle for outfit inspiration.

“Patterned pants highlight your thighs”

To this rule we’re saying – so what? Patterned pants are the ultimate summer wardrobe staple so why would you hide away in boring colours? If you’re not feeling as confident, try choosing a pair that has a smaller print and match them with a plain tee. Staying low-key with your print means that you can wear them for a formal event, or an important interview, teamed with a pair of sleek heels.

“Bodycon shows off your flaws”

There’s a trick to picking the perfect bodycon dress. You want one that hugs to your figure in all of the right places, showing off your best assets but what you don’t want is a dress tight enough to feel like a second skin. Try a midi dress in a bold colour that will show off your pins perfectly, no matter what type of footwear you choose.

“Bikinis are only for swimsuit models”

These days, plus size swimwear isn’t all tankinis and skirts. There are plenty of designers, both luxury and on the high street, with plus size swimwear on offer in a whole range of styles. Of course, you can still choose a classic one piece that will help to highlight your hourglass figure or high waisted bottoms that will tame your tummy, but nothing is stopping you from baring all in a bikini the next time you hit the pool. 

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