Looking for a Burnaby HVAC Company? What You Need To Know

 Buying-an-HVAC-Unit-can-be-expensive-what-You-Need-To-Know.We all want to have a safe and comfortable home. No matter if we rent or own it, it is important that your family likes to stay and feel safe in your own home. There are a lot of ways we can achieve this. We can increase the security in our homes to secure ourselves and belongings. Cleaning and maintenance are also important since this prevents the formation of bacteria and dirt around the house. If you don’t have a regular schedule for cleaning, this can lead to a lot of problems. On the other hand, you can also install some appliances to help you make your home comfortable.

One of the best systems that you may want in your home is an HVAC system. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is important in any kind of home since it helps in regulating the temperature in any household. Heating is very important especially here in Canada, where the winters can be harsh and long. Most foreigners are even surprised by the cold since winters in most countries don’t reach the negatives. In some parts of Canada, a -30 degrees Celsius is considered normal. Even the summers can be quite cool in the beginning, and temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius are already warm.

Most Canadian homes already have an HVAC system already installed in their homes because it is actually a need. Aside from this fact, it is important to regulate the temperature inside a home as well. It should not be too cool for anyone since the surroundings is already freezing. At the same time, it is not too warm as well that it is already uncomfortable for everyone inside. The temperature can actually affect the growth of certain bacteria and viruses inside the house. Even molds can form when the temperature and humidity are right.

Three Main Parts Or Functions Of An HVAC System:

  1. Heating

This refers to the way the device can increase the temperature in a certain area. There are a lot of ways that this can be achieved. For one, furnaces or fireplaces were once used by the people of the past to warm their homes. There are still people who use them these days, although some would prefer the electric furnaces since it is safer and better for the environment. Heat pumps are also used in HVAC systems and have been improved ever since its conception. It releases the humid air and circulates it around the area which affects the temperature.

  1. Cooling or Air Conditioning

As the term suggests, it lowers the temperature in a certain area using the process of condensation. It release’s refrigerants or cooling particles that aids in this process. Some Air conditioning systems also use heat pumps but in a different way than the heating system. The science behind air conditioning systems is also similar to refrigerators; it’s just applied on a wider surface area. Once it releases the refrigerants, it will also absorb the heat using its internal condensing coil. There are other processes involved until it cycles all over again. Read more about this here.

  1. Ventilation

This involves the balance of temperature so that it will make the area even better for living. It also regulates the quality of air inside that area. Ventilation includes cleaning the air out of impurities like bacteria, dust and other particles which can be harmful to humans. This may also refer to the way the air vents and other open areas are designed to maximize the flow of air. You don’t need to have sophisticated equipment in order to have good ventilation. However, the weather can be quite unpredictable so this important as well.

These three do work together to control the temperature, humidity, and pressure in an area. If one of these do break down, it can be quite difficult to deal with since not everyone has the experience to fix it. HVAC systems can be quite complicated to work with because some of the parts might not be familiar to you. Also, you need to have the right tools for this one since you can do more harm than good if you are not careful. This would also mean that you might be spending more for something that should be simple.

If you are having trouble with your HVAC system, it would be easier for you to call someone to help you with these problems. There are a lot of companies in Burnaby that can help you with your HVAC needs. They are professionals who can help in diagnosing the problem and looking for solutions. As the temperatures here can go to the extreme, it is important to have it fixed immediately. It can be infuriating if your HVAC breaks down in the middle of the winter. Fortunately, modern technology also provided modern solutions. You can always contact them or you can check them online like this website: https://quickcool.ca/

On the other hand, you also need to know what’s going on with your HVAC. This will help in pinpointing the problem immediately by the ones who will fix your system. For example, you need to list down everything that you know about what’s going on. Is leaking or emanating a lot of weird sounds? That may be a problem. It can also be as clunky with the temperature control, and the buttons might not be working as they should be. If you relay all of this information to the repair person, then it would be a faster service for you. Must Check out this article Best AC Leak Sealer Stoppers Reviews from Amazon

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is important in every home because it can be a life-changer for everybody. If you still don’t have one in this weather, it can be rather surprising since not everyone can survive in this weather without a temperature regulating system. It is important that you will acquire an HVAC system with the best quality so that it will last longer and perform better.
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Top Reasons To Have Your Ducts Cleaned

As summer approaches, many Floridians start turning on their ac units to cool their warming homes. The air traveling through the ductwork may not be as clean or cool as you’d like. Cleaning the ducts in your home can lower indoor pollution, reduce mold growth, remove clogs and deliver clean cold air throughout your home.Find the right air conditioner for your home. Start your research now and get ready to install a new AC in the spring.


Clogged ductwork doesn’t deliver the air where it needs to go. One way to determine if there is a potential clog in the system is to check the air vents. If no air comes out of some but others are fine, consider having a technician look at the system. Sometimes the fix is as simple as duct cleaning Tampa. Other times, the lack of air flow could indicate a much larger problem. A certified HVAC technician can determine the cause.

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Mold Growth

Mold can grow inside the ductwork as the air is condensed to create the cool temperatures. The moisture attracts mold. A leaking pipe, wet insulation or leaking ductwork can allow mold to get inside and grow. Mold can also grow on other components of your ac system, so have the technician thoroughly inspect the system for potential mold. Not everything that looks like mold is mold. Sometimes debris or other substances have a similar color but are relatively harmless. A lab analysis can identify the substance for sure.

Vermin Infestation

Rodents such as squirrels or raccoons can get into your home and wreak havoc on the duct work. If they can pry open the outdoor ventilation, they can move in leaving behind excrement and debris from rummaging around. All of that is then filtered into your home through the supply registers. Be sure to have vermin extricated prior to calling and having the ac fixed. If they can still get in, they can still cause a problem. Insects can cause damage to the system too. Exterminate them prior to having the ducts cleaned.

Increased Efficiency

Clogged ductwork decreases the efficiency of your ac system. Removing clogs, fixing leaks and repairing damages all increase the overall efficiency of the system. The home is cooler with less work and less energy usage. Your utility bills automatically are lower when the ac uses less energy.

Indoor air pollution awareness is on the rise. If you decide to clean your home’s ductwork, use a licensed, reputable HVAC company to clean your home’s ductwork. Obtain a quote and ask them to clean all components of the system. They should look beyond cleaning the ductwork to ensure the whole system operates as expected. Once they’ve cleaned the system, you can enjoy cool, clean air throughout your home.
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Home Heating Space and Energy Efficient Option With Radiators

Terma Radiators-Designer Radiators and Towel RailsI remember in a few apartments when I was first married that had radiant heat and that was many years ago, I’m sure there are older homes and apartments that still have this type of heating. But now they have improved the aesthetic look of the units. I couldn’t believe how they can actually enhance a wall and provide heat at the same time, take a look. They even wrap around corners, whoever designed this was smart. Some are made to warm up towels before getting out of your shower or bath, that would be nice. Kids and babies would love those warm towels!

Terma Angus Vertical Radiator | Modern Designer Radiator

 There are so many designs see here: Terma Radiators - Designer Radiators & Towel Rails

With the Terma Designer Radiators, you can have many designs to choose from. And they all come with an 8-year guarantee!  They are designed to stand out from the crowd and create an eye-catching feature which will provide you with years of aesthetically-pleasing heat output. They are energy efficient made of aluminum, luxury stainless steel or even glass radiators. New Terma Range Radiators

These types of heat through radiators are energy-efficient and can be used in every room in your home, the first that comes to mind is the bathroom, then the bedroom, kitchen, and family rooms. Anywhere you need some extra heat, how about out in the garage or a she-shed or he- shed, that would be perfect warm up those guys. And these are great for the DIY’er. There are so many designs I was amazed. Many of our radiators can also be converted into an electric radiator or a dual fuel radiator simply with the addition of an electric element and T-Piece. Choose from our extensive electric element range, which features Thermostatic Towel Rail Elements, Element Controllers, Element Timers and even Bluetooth Elements to control via your mobile phone!

Indulge yourself in our exquisite range of designer radiators and you’ll never look at radiators in the same way ever again!

But don’t take my word for it you can check out more options, read their Blog,  find them on Instagram or Twitter. Oh and check out the Video here: 
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Home Series: How to Find the Perfect Air Conditioner for Your Home

Did you feel the heat last summer? 2018 turned out to be one of the hottest years on record in North America, and there’s no relief in sight. Summer temperatures are on a continued upward trend, and that means more sweltering days lie ahead.Find the right air conditioner for your home. Start your research now and get ready to install a new AC in the spring.

That may mean it’s time for a new air conditioner. If the heat got to you last summer, now is a great time to get prepared by doing your research into new air conditioners.

First, there are several types of air conditioners you may want to consider:

  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Window-mounted AC units
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Ductless split air conditioners

An HVAC technician can help you decide which one is best for your home, but you can also check out important information about AC units before you make a call.

One thing to consider before you buy a new air conditioner is where you’re going to put it.

Where should you install your air conditioner?

With a central air conditioning system, the cooling part of the air conditioner will operate alongside your furnace system, using the same ducts and vents as your heating in the winter. But you need to install a condenser unit somewhere outside. That’s the unit that exhausts all that old, hot air and gets it out of your home. A condenser needs to be installed about 12 inches from any object and away from areas with heavy foot traffic (since it will be pumping out hot air). It should also be on an elevated pad, so that heavy rainfall and snowfall doesn’t interfere.

As for window-mounted AC units, your options will be limited, but in a house, try to find a window that doesn’t see much use, but occupies a fairly central area that will help it distribute cool air. In an apartment, your decision may have been made for you; just make sure you get a unit that can cool the entire apartment, as you likely won’t have space for multiple units.

Wall-mounted ductless AC systems give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to location, as they have multiple indoor air handlers. These handlers are located in different rooms, allowing you to control temperatures on a room-by-room basis. You should locate ductless air handlers:

  • 7 feet above the floor
  • 6 inches below the ceiling
  • Where the wall is sturdy enough to support the unit for several years
  • Away from sunlight and heat sources like ovens
  • At least 3 feet away from cables, Wifi modems, and electronics

Another factor to consider before you make your purchase is how powerful the AC unit is, and how much square footage it can over. Here is a general guide to BTUs per square footage:

400-450 square feet:      10,000 BTUs per hour

450-550 square feet:      12,000 BTUs per hour

550-700 square feet:      14,000 BTUs per hour

700-1000 square feet:    18,000 BTUs per hour

Above 1000 square feet, you’re looking in the 20,000 to 30,000 BTUs per hour range.

Find the right air conditioner for your home. Start your research now and get ready to install a new AC in the spring.
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