Is it Better to Renovate or Move?

For those that aren’t entirely happy in their home, it’s clear that something has to change. When it comes down to it, both of these will cost you time and money – but which one is best for you? Let’s take a look at the key differences, pros and cons of these. Is-it-better-to-renovate-of-move


Both of these will cost you money, though renovation can be cheaper than moving for most people. When you’re moving house, there’s a lot of costs to concern yourself with, from remortgaging fees to legal advice. Moving house is a very costly process and it takes a lot of your time too.
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While renovating comes with some costings, they are slightly reduced. You also get to use the money on making the house exactly the way you want it, instead of buying one that has already been renovated. This allows you to make your own mark and create the home that you want.

If you’re shopping for a new home, then you may also have to renovate when you move in. There’s no guarantee that everything will be exactly the way you want it, so you may need to spend more on renovation on top of the move.


The time that you take to move and to renovate are roughly the same, depending on the amount of work you’re doing. If you want to ensure that you’re reducing time and costs while renovating, protect your home and furnishings with additional safety equipment from companies such as TRIMACO®, who are renowned for their industrial standard of surface protection equipment.

Moving and the legal processes that go along with this can take a lot longer than a renovation. If you’re spending time looking for the perfect property, before lining up the paperwork then this can take a lot of time.

Either way, you have to be ready to invest your time in updating your home or moving to a new one.


The results that you get from a renovation or a move will depend on the time that you put into them. Renovations can change up a home a lot more than you think, especially if you redesign one of the key rooms of your home, like the kitchen or the living room.

When you go for an entirely new home, you might not know what to expect with these either. What you see on an open day can be very different to what you get when you move in. New homes are notorious for being misleading or taking a lot of time to do up, even when you initially thought everything was already taken care of.

The results that you get will be based on the amount of time and money that you put into renovating or moving. Don’t settle for a new home if you think you could change your existing one to be even better.

It’s entirely up to you whether you feel that changing your home or buying a new one is for you. Take your time to evaluate all of the prospects before you settle on your final decision.

5 Things You Should Know When Buying Home Insurance

5 Things to look at when selecting your home insurance company

When it comes to selecting a home insurance company, you need to look at different things. Your home insurance will serve as your protection in case any incidents happen such as burglary, fire, or a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Choosing the right home insurance company that provides the policy that best fits your needs is important to your house won’t be left vulnerable. 5 Things To Look At When Selecting Home Insurance

Here are five things to look at when selecting your home insurance company.

  1. Policy coverage

The first thing that you should look for when selecting a home insurance company is their policy coverage. Most insurance companies offer several policies. The first thing that you should check is the details of their policy coverage. Does it cover everything that you need for your home? It is important that the company recognizes and acknowledges what you need as a potential client.

  1. Has been in the industry for awhile.

When it comes to choosing an insurance company, reliability is important. We all want to work with people we can trust. We want an insurance company that has been proven to be trustworthy and reliable in the industry. One way of determining this is by checking if they have been in the industry for awhile. Insurance companies that have been operating for several years have already built their reputation. They also have gained more experience and feedback from their clients. Insurance companies that have been operating for a while compared to new ones are often considered more reliable since they have gained more clients over the years. Research the company’s service history. Sometimes, a lot of insurance companies may offer big discounts which will prompt you to sign up immediately, but you might want to know if they provide the best customer service to their clients.

  1. Look for home insurance companies that offer discounts.

Upon discussing with an insurance agent, inquire if there are available discounts that you can take advantage. Also, if you are looking to get an insurance for your car, some insurance companies offer a huge discount if you link auto and home policies. And if you have a good credit history, many home insurance companies offer better rates. So if you are on the lookout for a home insurance company, check if they provide discounts you can take advantage.

  1. Know if they do annual increases.

While we cannot avoid if there are times when we can’t control the increase of rates on home insurance policies, know beforehand if the company does this on an annual basis. It is always better to know beforehand. While the rebuild costs of your home increases when the policy increases, you should ask details about it before signing up to avoid surprises.

  1. Service

No matter how much discount or perks they offer, nothing beats excellent service. Choose a home insurance company that is proven to provide great service to their insurers. Know beforehand if they have a reputation for slow claims processing. Find out as much information before you sign up.

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Top 4 Considerations That Help You Choose New Residential Windows 

What you should consider when replacing residential windows
Top 4 Considerations That Help You Choose New Residential Windows

Are you ready for new residential windows? As you discuss different replacement window options with a contractor, think about what you hope to gain by getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Here are four points you should consider closely before making a decision about what sort of windows will grace your home.

Your Home Style

Have you ever wondered if a different window design would work just as well or even better with the style of your home? Now is the time to find out. A contractor can point out several different designs that would blend in nicely with the home’s style. Some of those designs for Kitchener windows may be ideas you never considered before. If one of them catches your eye, take the time to explore it in more detail. It could turn out to be the right choice for your home.

Energy Ratings

You may think energy ratings are for things like furnaces or major appliances, but they also apply to windows. As you consider different designs, ask about the energy rating. You want materials and features that make it easier to heat and cool your home while consuming less energy. The right mix of materials that create a tight seal coupled with double or triple pane glass will make a huge difference in the amount of energy it takes to control the temperature indoors.


Do some of your windows stick? Are you tired of having to raise sashes? How would you like windows that glide along a horizontal track instead? Perhaps an awning window that swings out from the bottom would be a good fit. Whatever design you choose for those replacement windows in Kitchener, always go with one that you can open and close with ease. Not struggling just because you want to open a window and let in a little fresh air should not be a chore.

Special Features

As the contractor will explain, many window designs can be augmented with special features. Would you like to open and close a window with the press of a button? You can have this along with a manual crank as a backup during power outages. Tinted glass is another feature that would lend more privacy and still allow you to enjoy the view. If there’s something special you have in mind, bring it up. The contractor may have just what you want.

Remember that investing in new residential windows requires more attention than buying a new sofa. The windows are a permanent part of the home itself and should be something you can enjoy for decades. Take your time and go over all the options that would work for you. It won’t take long to compare the qualities of each one and settle on a design that offers all the benefits you want.

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The Secret to Clean Hardwood Floors at Work

Whether your office is big or small, clean floors are a must if you want to impress clients.

A successful business is not just about hitting monthly targets and running a successful marketing campaign. It is just as much about keeping your base of operations (that is, your office) tidy and conducive for work.

The office is an extension of your identity and branding as a company, so you should always keep it clean. You cannot expect to make negotiations and close deals in a space that looks intimidating. Conversely, a professional-looking office encourages a relaxed atmosphere.

Aside from that, your office is one of the places where people spend a lot of their time. Studies show that an office’s layout has an effect on an employee’s productivity. The relationship between objects and physical spaces contributes to visual stimuli. For example, having a few things in a room will make the room look bigger, giving the impression of free movement.

Clean floors contribute to clear thinking. Hardwood floors, in particular, should be kept polished and spotlessly clean. Many people come and go, and dirt from outside the office will likely be left on the floor. A simple floor mop can actually make or break your reputation as a business.

Whether your office is big or small, clean floors are a must if you want to impress clients. How do you keep your hardwood floors classically beautiful then? Read this inforgraphic for an extensive guide on cleaning hardwood floors. HowtoCleanHardwoodFloors

The best cleaning practices are just as valuable as the best business practices are. Your physical office spaces are also your investments to make the company look good. Make an effort to keep your floors sparkly and immaculate.

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