5 Tips to Transform Your House Into a Home

After a long day of work, you deserve to go home to a space that makes you happy. If you’ve recently moved or if you’ve outgrown your old sense of style, now is the time to transform your house into a personalized paradise. Customize your home (at a discount!) by following these five steps.

Buy some art.


Better yet, buy some art supplies to combat quarantine boredom and beautify your space at the same time! Nothing looks chicer than a big abstract canvas that perfectly captures your individual style. Have no fear, you don’t need years of experience to create such a masterpiece. Houston-based artist Amy VanHoy founded paintloose.com to sell art supplies and to teach courses that center around loose, expressive painting styles. If you already know that painting is not your thing, pull out that credit card and commission a unique piece just for you. Either way, customized artwork is right at your fingertips.

Hide the clutter!


Does your house cause you to stress? Could your stuff fill an entire zip code? Need some extra space but can’t stand to throw away your precious belongings? Welcome to the life-changing magic of storage facilities. Whether you’re in a rural or metro area, MN, or TX, living in an apartment or an RV, find the lowest price for nearby storage facilities by entering “cheapest storage units near me” in your search box. If you’re looking for business storage, vehicle storage, climate control storage, or 24-hour access storage, all are options available to you. The world of storage units is your oyster. Happy de-cluttering.

Build DIY furniture.


Here is another opportunity to fight off quarantine ennui while creating the home of your dreams: building your own furniture. Start small. First, figure out how to put together that bookshelf you ordered online. Next, refurbish an item you find at a thrift store or garage sale. Paint it a different color, change out the knobs, or replace the fabric with something that matches the painting you created (see what I did there?). Eventually, you might graduate to full-on carpentry…or not! You don’t need years of experience to customize your belongings. Some of the most valuable items in your home will be the ones you bought at the biggest discount.

Give it some curb appeal.


The outside of your home can be as important as the inside, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors. If you don’t have time to devote to the landscape construction of your front or backyard, hire a professional to turn your outdoor living space into a heavenly retreat. If you’re worried about not having time to maintain your landscape investment, find someone that also offers maintenance, like this company for landscape design in Denver. If you’re a new homeowner and are looking to start small, plant a shrub! Tend a small garden. It doesn’t have to be a huge project. Find what works for your lifestyle.

Have a friend over.


It can be easy to avoid spending time somewhere new, especially when it doesn’t feel like home yet. Even in the era of COVID-19, you can invite a friend over for socially distant house-warming in your exquisitely designed outdoor space. Not only will this create a deadline for you to finish your projects, but also your friend may have ideas on how to further personalize your landscape project. So light a candle, open a bottle of wine and break in your home. The more time and energy you put into it, the more it will feel like yours.

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How To Find Out If Your Old Silver Is Valuable

Out of all of the precious metals that we use, silver is one that is both abundant and affordable, so it is common to have silver objects around your home. Whether you go out and buy these or you inherit them from friends or family, they can often go overlooked and even removed from show to spend their time on storage. However, you may have quite a stash in your home that could be quite valuable, especially if it is sterling silver, and if you have ever wondered the value of your silver, below is some guidance to help you work out if it is valuable or not.

How-To-Find-Out-If-Your-Old-Silver-Is-ValuableImage Source: Unsplash

Look For A Hallmark

The first thing that you should do is look for a hallmark on each piece of silver that you wish to value. Hallmarks are stamped onto the silver by the assay office. They will tell you where, when, and who produced the silver, and the purity of the silver. To the layman, the hallmark is just a bunch of symbols, but these give detailed information for people that are in the know. For more details of hallmarks as well as your local assay offices, the British Hallmarking Council website has a lot of information that you may find useful.

Do Your Research Online

Another excellent way to get an idea of the value of your silver is to do your research online and try and find similar items. You can also find information on antiques dealers online at LoveAntiques.com as they pack their listings full of all the information that you need, including the origin and hallmarks. The auction websites are a fantastic source of information, and you can also see what similar items have sold for in the past, giving you all the information that you require.

Speak To An Expert

The most reliable way to find out the value of your silver is to speak to the experts and take your silver items to an antique dealer or jeweller. They will be able to give you a valuation of your items based on the quality, age, and collectability, and depending on where you take them, they may also offer to buy them from you there and then. You will want to ensure that you speak to more than one, as you will no doubt see that they value them slightly differently, but you will find that some shops will have a small charge for this service.

Do Not Forget Sentimental Value

Image Source: Pixabay

There is one value that only you can place on an item, and that is the sentimental one. If you have no emotional connection with the silver, then you may as well sell it and enjoy the money or pay off some bills. However, if this is an heirloom or a gift, it may hold a lot of sentimental value, and no amount of money would be enough to tempt you to part with it. You still may be curious as to the value of your beautiful silver, but it does not mean you have to sell it though.
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5 Reasons Why Graffiti Wall Murals Are Trending in Decor World

Graffiti-Wall-Murals-Are-Trending-in-Decor-WorldWhat happened? Are you bored to see the same walls around you? Don’t worry; adding a little change to your place can be useful to enhance the beauty of your surroundings.

It’s time to turn your simple painted walls into a modern and stylish piece of art. For this, you don’t need to pay too much money to transform your walls into a unique art form. If you’re in search of some exclusive ideas, murals can be a good option.

There is a wide variety of mural designs that you can use according to your taste and style. Like, if you are a teenager, looking to add a realistic and artistic touch to your place, graffiti murals will be perfect for you. Graffiti is a beautiful way to add some colors to your place, make it more exciting and a part of fashion with some innovations. Here are some reasons why graffiti murals are trending in the décor world.

Give Inspirational Look

If you are looking to add something which gives an inspiring look to your place, these graffiti murals can help you. They are so attractive and provide a unique look to catch everyone’s eyes. They are also the right choice if you desire to change the entire feel of a particular area that can capture the attention of your guests as well. They look elegant at any place like on the entrance of any site, or in a living room.

Vibrant and Wide Range of Designs 

Graffiti murals are usually made of vibrant and bold colors, especially for those who are fed up to see the same monotonous walls. These walls can be transformed into fantastic color schemes and designs. There is a collection of these murals that go according to your taste and style. If you want to choose the trendiest ones, you may visit this page muraledesign. Here you can find the best murals for you with the satisfaction of high-quality products.

A Form of Expressions

These murals are the source, especially for a teenager to express their feelings and thoughts uniquely. They provide an opportunity to add your personal touch in your room by displaying your artistic talent and thinking. Some people are using them to tell a story or to refer to any event and preserve any memorable day. The growing popularity of the graffiti murals shows that it will turn into a more reliable form of expression in the coming days.

Give Modern Touch

If you want to modernize your décor according to imaginative touch, graffiti murals are the most artistic option. They give a modern look to your walls. Where everything is going to be digital, so why not these excellent décor materials? There are many digital and innovative graffiti designs that you can use to give your place a modern touch and décor it in a particular way.

Promote Creativity

It is the most effective way to promote creativity and bring innovations in your place. These murals can be used in offices and workplaces to boost the energy of people. They are designed in a way to feel you more creative and realistic. They are a great platform to enhance the imaginations and creativity in the décor world.
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Different Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Different-Types-of-Outdoor-Lighting-Fixtures-that-are-aesthetically-pleasing-to-outdoor-lightingOutdoor lighting features at your home not only provide security by lighting up the darkened areas of your yard but can also provide you with aesthetically pleasing lighting for spending an evening outdoors. There are numerous options available in outdoor lighting, in terms of utility, design, and style. Let us take a look at the various options available which should help you narrow down your choice of outdoor lighting for your home. 

Lighting for Home Security

Security lighting is an important feature in a home. While it acts as a deterrent for would-be trespassers or intruders, it also provides the homeowner with a clear view of his yard at night. Security lights are available in many options with both manual and automatic controls. Security lights for pathways or floodlights are available with motion sensors that allow the light to switch on if there is any movement within the sensor range. Adding a timer to the lights allows the homeowner to customize the scheduled switching on and off. Solar lights are also available in this category, as are dawn to dusk lights. These types turn on and off based on ambient light intensity. Another type available is dark skylights which minimize unnatural blue light. However, this type of light has to be shielded from the elements.

With a large number of options available in outdoor lighting, it can be confusing for the homeowner to decide on the correct type for his needs. Companies with expertise in outdoor lighting such as www.allenoutdoorstl.com can help guide you and ensure that you get the best value for your money. Selecting the correct type of lighting is as important as selecting the right type of power options that will be used to operate the lights. This will depend on your location and the availability of different options. Check with the experts before making your decision.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be bright or subdued, depending on the requirement. Available as wall lights, flush-mounted lights, post lights, and spotlights, these are used to highlight the different aspects of the landscaping around your yard. Use wall lights or spotlights to highlight the architectural features of your walls. Flush-mounted lights can be installed near sitting areas or on the decking. Wall lights and spotlights turned upwards can be used to illuminate trees, shrubs and flower beds. These lights provide a sense of depth to the landscape. However, remember to install lights that are weather-sealed to ensure that they do not get damaged due to exposure to the elements.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting can be used to create an ambiance for a soft romantic sit out or a party. Post lights, string and rope lights are examples of decorative lighting. However, unless they have been installed in a covered area, it will be prudent to take them down afterward as exposure to the elements will certainly cause damage to them.

A Final Word

It is very easy to go overboard with lighting the outdoors of your home. Taking advice from an expert will help you to get the optimum lighting fixtures within your budget.