4 Ideas to Wear Religious Jewelry in Style

Stylish religious pendants are some of the best jewelry pieces to consider wearing, but striking that balance of what to wear when may seem tricky. One of the best things about pendants with religious designs is how many choices there are, from ornate to casual. Many of them are suited to outfits in more than one style. Because of the versatility, you’ll be able to wear your jewelry in a range of settings. 4 Ideas to Wear Religious Jewelry in Style

Buying a piece that’s suitable for both day wear at the office and a dressy outfit at night is a perfect way to make a statement. Religious pieces are in such popular style in many locations that they are far from a novelty.

Regardless of whether they’re worn as more of a faith or a style statement, these pendants are certain to attract attention. You’ll enjoy plenty of compliments, as well as being able to eliminate having to think about what to wear in a variety of settings.

Perfect for the Office

If your employer has a dress code that includes button-down shirts or blouses, cross pendants are a perfect complement. White- or yellow-gold pendants on simple chains will likely conform to most office dress codes.

Most employers are more concerned with the clothing their employees wear than trying to restrict the use of accessories. With the flexibility offered in most work settings, you can make your selection with confidence.

A pendant that uses a subtle diamond pattern will go nicely with a formal or smart-casual dress code. Jewelry of this type draws positive attention to employees, making them look more polished. The pendants will help bring attention to employee style without being overwhelming. A company with employees who take pride in their appearance is a company that demonstrates confidence.

Great for a Night Out

Many people prefer more subtle jewelry options when they’re going out for an event, such as a concert. Stylish pendants that use diamonds in an understated way are perfect for pulling this look together. One of the significant benefits this option offers is allowing you to wear something that goes with any outfit.

Dresses or tops with drape or scoop necks are fashionable for nightwear in many locations. Even in venues that require patrons to dress up a little, these clothing styles will likely fit the criteria. Stylish pendants fill a need for women who want to add a little sparkle to their outfit or don’t want to overdo things with a top that already has a decorated neckline.

Bridal Options

Even though the main focus is always on the dress for a wedding, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of religious jewelry. Accessories only add to the perfect dress but should be worn in a way that doesn’t detract from the neckline or other features of the dress. Stylish religious pendants help add a bit of sparkle without overwhelming the dress’s visual effects.

Another way these types of pendants are suitable for weddings is as accessories for members of the bridal party. Pendants worn on chains will match most dresses very nicely, regardless of the color and style. If the wedding takes place in a formal church setting, beautiful pendants will help add to the look.

Celebrating a Faith Milestone

Most people probably don’t think of events like baptism or confirmation as opportunities to wear jewelry, but rather to receive it as a gift. However, for older kids or adults undergoing either of these rites, a beautiful pendant is a perfect form of expression. Wearing a religious necklace is an ideal way to highlight one’s faith.

Wearing such jewelry during the service itself is an excellent form of expression, as well as during a reception following the service. When a newly baptized or confirmed person wears a pendant to celebrate their commitment, they are showing the rest of the world what the commitment means. Choosing to wear a pendant with a dress or outfit for baptism or confirmation encompasses both style and religious expression.


Religious jewelry, especially in the form of pendants, is a great way to showcase personal style with a faith-based twist. Because there are so many ways to wear these styles in different settings, you’ll enjoy the maximum versatility.

These types of pendants never go out of style, ensuring that you’re making a smart style choice. If you have frequent opportunities to wear favorite formal or professional outfits, you’ll enjoy having pendants like these to wear with them.

Choosing your accessories wisely always makes a difference, no matter what you are trying to do with the style you are expressing. Regardless of whether the pendants are for work or play, you can be sure that they will make the right impression every time. The right jewelry for the occasion will give you the confidence that you need for any event.

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How to Choose a Gold Chain

Gold chains are one of the most popular forms of jewelry that both men and women can wear on different occasions. They vary in weight, style, and length, and come in different percentages of gold purity. Gold chains are sold in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Because of the seemingly endless options for gold chains, it can become a challenge to actually pick the one that will fit your style. How To Choose Gold Chains-Know What Your Looking For

To help quicken the experience of choosing a gold chain, consider the following when shopping for one:

  • Know what you are looking for – There are different types of chains that are designed for different purposes. When looking for a gold chain that will fit your style and personality, ask yourself whether you will use it for daily wear, to hold your favorite pendant, to use only in special occasions, and so on.

Here are some of the common types of gold chains:

Ball chain – this type of chain has round beads of metal that are either connected closely together via short lengths of wire or spaced with some distance. Ball chains are typically used to hold dog tags for men.

Box chain – This is made up of square links that resemble a box, and is typically worn as a necklace that holds charms or pendants. It can also be worn as an accessory on the wrist with watches. The great thing about this type of chain is that it can easily be repaired in case the “box” breaks. Simply reattach the broken chain to the remaining links, and you’re good to go.

Cable chain – Strong and attractive, this type of chain is oval in shape, and is typically used to hang charms on. The links on cable chains are made from flattened wire or round wire. Cable chains are produced in smaller sizes for women and bigger sizes for men.

Figaro – this is another popular link chain that is perfect for use by both men and women. Figaro incorporates alternating patterns of two to three small circular links, and one longer link. It looks similar to cable chains, but the difference lies in the elongated link in the pattern.

  • Consider the thickness of the chain – If you are wondering which chain is the “best” for you, the answer is that it depends on what you intend to use it for. As a general guide, try to avoid gold chains that are less than .65mm thick, as these chains are likely to break more easily. Also, keep in mind that not every gold chain is going to match the style of the pendant that you want to hang on it.

If you want a gold chain that is not too thin, but is still on the delicate side, look for one that is at least 1.25mm in circumference. Also, pay attention to the thickness of the links’ metal, and do not hesitate to ask your jeweler if the thickness is sufficient to withstand wear and tear from everyday use.

Pick the length of your chain

There are a wide variety of sizes that you can choose from when shopping for gold chains. Shorter chains will fit most women like a choker, while a 16 inches necklace will fall perfectly like a collar on the base of the neck. Gold chain necklaces that are at least 36 inches will hang below the bosom, and is a perfect accessory for elegant business attire.

Choose between solid gold chain and gold filled chain

The purity of gold is measured in terms of karats. A 24 carat gold is 100% pure gold because no other metals were used in producing it. This is what we refer to as solid gold.

Solid gold is more valuable compared with lower carat golds, but since no alloy is used to strengthen it, solid gold can prove to be very soft and less durable than a 14 karat gold chain.

On the other hand, gold filled is still composed of gold but with the addition of other metals. It’s an affordable alternative to solid gold, and is ideal for everyday wear because of its durability.If you need help in selecting a gold chain that will be best for you, you can always reach out to your favorite jewellery store like Fraser Ross to give you all the assistance you need.

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A Trusted Guide For Selecting Online Jewelry Stores

A Trusted Guide For Selecting The Best Online Jewelry Stores

Jewelry pieces are the ultimate sign of enduring devotion and love. The significance of jewelry can be intensified by their aptness and conformity to the personality and style of the recipient. To get high-quality pieces that will be appreciated by the receiver, you need to buy them from the right online store that will make the selection process much easier. Here are a few qualities to look for in the best jewelry store.

Licenses and certificates

Today, counterfeit jewelry products are rampant in the market, and this is why buyers should be vigilant when acquiring jewelry pieces. Permits and licenses are an indication that the seller has satisfied all legal requirements put in place to guarantee proper service delivery. State departments that oversee these regulations must be gratified that a specific jeweler has excellent quality products before they are allowed to operate. Compliance with all legal requirements is an indication of reliability and great professionalism.

Excellent customer service

It is essential for you to engage a virtual store that understands basic service delivery and etiquette. Excellent customer care will help in your selection of the perfect jewelry. Great stores will also offer the best ambiance to help you get adequate know-how of their jewelry pieces. This way, you will be able to choose the perfect jewelry pieces at your prescribed price. The best jewelers will focus more on serving your unique needs instead of profitability.

Certified and Experienced Pros

You will want to buy from a jeweler that has experienced and certified professionals on staff to answer your questions, offer custom services and repairs that you may need. You should look for credentials such as GG, CJAP, CSA, RJ, or CG. Any of these accreditations shows training from leading industry educators, such as the Gemological Institute of America and American Gem Society.

Broad variety

A good Online Luxury Jewelry Retailer must provide a wide array of beautiful jewelry for their clients. Great product selection means that customers will be able to make a decision on the basis of variety instead of restricted options. A wide range of jewelry will ensure that clients get products from every preference and style.

Stand by their products

You should look for jewelry stores that offer reasonable warranties and return policies. Jewelry shops that are affiliated with the Jewelers of America have a genuine commitment to providing excellent customer service and will be there for you when you need repairs, custom designs, and even during future purchases. These professionals have signed and abide by a code of professional practices, so you can always shop with confidence and be assured of getting excellent products.

Great discounts

Most jewelry stores will offer discounts to their clients, especially during holiday seasons. However, you should be wary of jewelry stores that offer unbelievable discounts routinely, for example, 50% off or even more. Savvy shoppers may even discover that these discount prices are the average prices in other stores. Trustworthy and reputable jewelers will offer their clients fair pricing throughout the year.

It is best that you purchase fine jewelry pieces from businesses that you trust and know. The above-mentioned tips will help you choose the right online store that will assure you of high-quality pieces. Confirm that the website is secure and always pay using a credit card instead of a debit card. This way, in the event of anything, no money will have left your account, and you will have a way out.

Jewelry pieces are the ultimate sign of enduring devotion and love. The significance of jewelry can be intensified by their aptness and conformity to the personality and style of the recipient. To get high-quality pieces that will be appreciated by the receiver, you need to buy them from the right online store that will make the selection process much easier. Here are a few qualities to look for in the best jewelry store.

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Practical Considerations of Buying the Right Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Shopping and What You Should Know
Source: GIA

When you are preparing to purchase a diamond engagement ring, there are various factors that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you are making the right choice. These include the basic elements of the 4Cs of diamonds, types of settings, characteristics of metal, cut and shape, picking a diamond and more.


  • Being aware of the 4Cs is an important step in the process of purchasing a diamond. These refer to the carat weight, clarity, cut and color. The 4Cs incorporate the globally recognized standard that is used to compare different diamonds and evaluate their quality.
  • After understanding the meanings of each C, you can determine what matters most to you. Priorities will make it easier for you to eliminate certain diamonds during your search and focus on what will thrill the love of your life.
  • Taking some time to become familiar with the 4Cs is a worthwhile task. Understanding the language and descriptions of diamond quality empowers you to confidently buy a diamond.

Different Diamond Shapes, Cutting Styles and Quality

Before you begin looking around for that special engagement ring, it is important to comprehend the differences between the cut quality, cutting style and shape of a diamond.

  • Shape refers to the outline of the diamond when it is viewed from the top. Round is regarded as the most popular shape for diamonds. However, there are several other shapes that include the heart, square, rectangle, oval and pear
  • Cutting style is in reference to the arrangement of the facets of the diamond. Cutting styles consist of options such as the brilliant, standard cutting style, emerald cut and radiant cut. Find ID jewelry engagement rings NYC
  • The cut quality focuses on the interaction between light and facets of a diamond. Diamonds that are cut in similar styles and shapes can vary in terms of aspects like symmetry, polish and thickness. These differences affect appearances and cut quality.

Metal Options

The kind of metal that you choose for an engagement ring has an impact on the general appearance of the piece. Platinum and white gold have been considered to be popular choices for several years due to their modern and sleek look. They are good options for colorless diamonds as well. The diamond will have a yellower appearance if it is set within yellow prongs.

For people who prefer the gold color, white metal is usually incorporated into yellow gold rings that create an interesting contrast when paired with diamonds. One of the popular trends is rose gold that features a soothing and warm appearance.


Diamonds in engagement rings are held in place within a setting. Settings serve the roles of protecting the diamond form damage and highlighting its beauty. Different settings determine the level of protection. Common settings include prongs, bezels and halos.


A side stone is an eye-catching way to present an engagement ring. It provides a sparkle of elegance and creates a sophisticated look.

Lighting Conditions

Spot lighting, fluorescent lighting, candlelight and daylight are different lighting conditions that affect how a diamond actually looks. The facets of a diamond function like miniature mirrors that reflect their surroundings. Look at diamond engagement rings under various conditions.

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