Tips to Help You Excel in Your Cornhole Game

Cornhole games will make your time fun and competitive, whether you are just playing with friends or family or in a high-stake tournament. You will enjoy the adrenaline rush as you will have to think quickly and be more creative throughout the game. Whether you are an expert player or you are just looking forward to a game with loved ones, these playing tips will help you excel in this game. Tips to Help You Excel in Your Cornhole Game

 Ensure your bag is flat

If you keep the bag bunched up when holding it in your hands, it will tumble all over, making it difficult to go through the board. You should avoid wadding the bag up like a ball when tossing it. This is because you will have challenges trying to get it through the board’s hole. Make sure the bag is flat on your palm, with four fingers at the bottom of the bag and your thumb at the top.

Fling four ways

Every cornhole player should master four crucial shots: the slider, push, air mail, and blocker. The slider involves landing the bag on the board front approximately 6inches from the hole and then sliding it in. Blocker is just dropping the bag close to the hole to prevent your opponent from using the slider. Air mail is sending the bag directly through the hole. And the push is just nudging the bag into the hole or knocking a blocker out of your way.

Always aim for the middle of the cornhole board

This may seem obvious for most people because the hole is located in the middle of the board. Whether the bag is going into the hole or not, to win this game, you need to consistently aim at the middle of the playing board. This way, the bean bag toss replacement bags will not be on the opponent’s side. This is a defensive strategy called a blocker shot and is mainly used in professional games.


If you want to excel in a game of cornhole, you should keep practicing consistently. This is because you will only get better at this game if you practice consistently. This will help you learn new strategies that you can use whenever you play and you will also become better with continuous practice. So get out there and keep playing.


When playing cornhole game, it is crucial for every player to relax. Just like any other sport, the major obstacle for winning this game is usually in your head. Most players will lose different games because of a mental breakdown and not lack of skills or energy. Whenever you think too much about the game or winning, you will get nervous. Relax your body and mind and have fun with your friends or family.

To increase your chances of excelling in cornhole game, you should utilize double-sided bags when playing. These double-sided bags are mainly used by professionals and they will feature a suede side for better sticking shots on to the board and a canvas side that boosts speed. With a double-sided bag, you will be able to counteract most of the things that can block you from winning and you will have a higher chance of excelling in this game.

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How To Have Fun With The Kids At The Playground

Whenever a kids get freedom to pursue anything and play freely, it generally the happiest moments for them. A kids become full of joy when he or she is taken to the playground. With rising pressure of studies burdened on children, they are not getting enough time to relax and indulge in outdoor activities. These activities not only develop the kid’s physical characteristics, but it also helps in developing the child’s mental abilities.

But to make the best enjoyment for your kids you also need to have an exciting playground decoration and playing ideas. Only expensive toys or fancy equipment’s can’t make outdoor play area that will thrill your kids. You can also have enough fun in your local playground especially if there’s rubber playground surfacing.

Here are some quick guides to on how you can make fun with kids on playground:

Swinging and Cross Kicks:

Every playground must have a swing. You and your kids can sit on swing and hold the chain. Lift your legs so that they’re parallel to the ground. Cross one leg over the other, then switch, maintaining your balance. Do this for sometimes can be a great way to have fun.

Slide Climbing:

Hold on to the sides of the slide, scramble to the top as quickly as you can, then slide down. This is a great fun. But be safe to get rid of accident. It will also have health benefits to your children body.

Play Football with kids:

Playing football on the playground is also a great way to have fun with your kids. It will also a good practice to tech your kids to play this game. Play Football with kids


If you can arrange a water slide setup on the playground. It can be a great way to have fun. Your kids can have a great fun with this. It will not cost you much but will be a great way to have fun. Waterslide

Bring a jump rope:

Not all of the fun has to be on the equipment. Find some smooth ground in the dirt and show them how to jump rope. If it is just you and your child, you can show them how to jump and hold one end of the rope at the same time. This is great for the heart and lungs and you’ll have a lot of fun. Bring a jump rope to the park to get kids involved

Hide and Seek:

Most parents have played with their kids, since hiding and finding is a common interest of small children. I’ve heard of all kinds of variations on this game. Sometimes you count to twenty, sometimes ten, sometimes one hundred. Sometimes there is a home base that you can run to and tag, becoming “safe,” sometimes you just wait to be found. The general idea is that one person is “it,” that person closes his or her eyes and counts to a certain number without looking and then he or she tries to find the others.

Freeze Tag:

This is a variation of Tag where if the person who is “it” tags you, you have to freeze where you are. Another participant can tag you to unfreeze you.

Find Hidden Objects:

Most of the kids love to play this. You can have an object and hide this is any place of the playground and kids need to find out this. This is also a great idea to have fun.

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