What a New Mum Needs to Care For Her Baby

7-Things-Every-New-Mum-Needs-to-SurviveOnce a woman gives birth, a lot of changes will occur physically, emotionally and mentally. Suddenly, everything you know and understand about life can get turned upside down as you take on the responsibility of caring for a new, fully dependent human being.

This period takes up a lot of energy. There has been a lot of progress that has been made in developing baby products that will remove or at least reduce the amount of stress that new mums go through with their newborns.

These things make it easier to look after your baby while giving you enough energy to appreciate your new baby and the experiences that come with parenthood.

I have seven things that are essential for a new mum:

Good support system

Taking care of a newborn is a tasking journey that should not be undertaken alone. The advice, assurances and assistance that are provided by your closest friends and family can go a long way in ensuring that you do not suffer a physical or mental breakdown.

You should not hesitate to ask for help when you need it.  From experience it really is a good idea to make friends with other mothers who have been through similar experiences. Not only will you get tested and proven advice, but your confidence will also be bolstered by the realization that you are not alone.

Breast Pumps

If you decide to breastfeed your baby exclusively, breast pumps are a crucial piece of equipment. Your new baby would need sustenance every few hours and trying to feed him personally every time can be physically taxing.

Pumping and storing your milk is a great way to reduce the stress on your part as another person can take over the feeding task for a while. This gives you enough time to rest and regain your strength. You can also take some time to run some errands or do some exercise without worrying about your baby’s feeding.


There are a few times when holding your child in your arms can be difficult or getting in the way of your activities. Trying to go for a walk or getting groceries will be much easier and faster with the use of a child stroller.

The stroller not only relieves the burden of carrying your child at all times, but the movement also soothes your child and can help them to relax or even sleep. You can also consider getting a practical baby carrier as a helpful addition to your baby inventory. Check out this UK baby carrier guide for some ideas.

Good nutrition

A baby usually takes up a lot of time and energy, sometimes making it hard to prepare and sit down to a good, balanced meal. However, it is necessary to take the time to eat well, even if it is once per day.

The importance of proper nutrition for optimal health of mother and baby can not be overemphasized. A daily intake of all the food groups will provide sufficient energy for the mother. It will also ensure that the baby is getting all the necessary nutrients through breastfeeding

Swaddle blanket

Swaddling is a relatively new technique that imitates the confined space of the womb. It gives babies the intimate space they are used to and helps them to relax and is very soothing. Wrapping your baby snuggly in a soft and comfortable blanket will enable them to sleep better.

This may enable your baby to sleep more soundly and allow the chance of getting some decent rest and downtime also.

Car seat

If you want to take your baby out and about, investing in an excellent car seat is a great idea. Not only will your baby be adequately protected from harm, but the car seat can also be converted to a carrier for easy transportation of your baby.


There are a lot of unknown things that can happen to a baby and cause undue stress for the parents. Although most of these things are usually normal and harmless, they can very well frighten a new mother.

Having a pediatrician who will prescribe the necessary medications and techniques for dealing with most conditions is a good idea. You will be reassured about your baby’s health and be able to fend off undue worry due to ignorance

While there are moments that prove difficult for new mothers, there are also precious moments with your newborn that make all the stress worth it. Hold on to these moments, and they will help you during the difficult times.[…]
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 5 Easy Home DIY Projects for Expectant Mothers

5 Easy Home D.I.Y. Projects For Expectant Mothers
Source: Pixels

Congratulations! Whether it’s your first baby or not, welcoming this new family member can be an incredibly happy and exciting event. So exciting, in fact, that you may find yourself buying baby-related items every time you go to the mall even if you don’t intend to do so.

While there are essentials that you must get for your new baby, you must admit that your baby probably won’t need all those shoes, hats, and toys. Instead of channeling your enthusiasm via impulsive baby-things shopping, why not use your energy to make something special for your baby? Try these seven easy DIY projects for expectant mothers.

Personalized Onesies 

Onesies are the go-to attire for babies. It’s easier to put on and take off on a fidgety infant and provide full-body cover that doesn’t stifle or irritate their sensitive skin. Onesies may not be high fashion, but they can be personalized to add fun and style.

Use baby-friendly fabric dyes to create exciting prints and patterns or sew cute accessories and decorations. You can make every onesie your baby wears one of a kind.

Fleece Baby Booties 

Baby Booties-Bluprint

Your baby won’t be walking for several months, so they won’t need proper shoes until then. Instead of spending money for a pair that your baby is likely to outgrow in a short time, you should just make some out of felt.

Fleece is easy to find and very workable, and it comes in different colors too. The materials retain heat well, so your baby won’t get cold feet even on cold days. If you have old fleece blankets or clothing, you recycle them into baby booties. 

Swaddle Blanket

Ensuring your baby is warm and comfortable is part of every parent’s instinct. Before your baby arrives, why not make them a blanket to not just to keep them warm but also to let them feel your love and care?

That said, there are many ways you can go about when making a blanket. In between preparing for the new baby and attending parenting classes, you can start a crocheting a baby blanket. Or if you want something less demanding wise skills and timewise, you can make a quilt.

Don’t know where to start? Here are 12 DIY baby blankets you can make for your bundle of joy.

Handmade Baby Hat

Making Baby Hats-Patterns and Instructions

Hats are essential baby accessories. Not only do they protect your baby’s delicate head, but they’re also incredibly cute and stylish. Making baby hats is the perfect DIY project for expectant moms who don’t have a lot of sewing skills. These hats are relatively easy to make, require less time, and don’t need sophisticated tools to create. Try your hand at making these cute DIY baby hats.

Bump-to-Baby Book

Preserve all your precious memories before and after your child is born in a bump-to-baby book. You can write a journal or create a personalized photo book of your pregnancy and parenthood journey, and when the time comes, you can share all those moments with your child.

Making one can help you connect with your child, as well as assist you in dealing with all the changes that pregnancy has created in your life. Later when your baby grows up, you can browse through the book and look back on all the happiness and excitement you felt all those nine months.

Getting Ready for the New Baby

Preparing for the new baby also means making space in your home for another person. The baby will need their own room. And with an additional person in the house, an extra toilet and bath would be more convenient.

Making one can be a hassle with the drainage and pipes, but you can lessen the hassle by opting for an up flush toilet, like the SaniAccess by Saniflo, which allows you to connect the sink, shower, and toilet drain to a singular tank that links to your main sewage system or existing septic tank.

Welcoming a new member (and a new baby at that!) in the family takes a lot of preparation. But the most important kind of preparation is making sure that you’re physical, mentally, emotionally, and financially ready to raise a child. When you’ve ensured all those, you know you’re on the right track to be the best parent you can be.

What have you found that works for you, have you made things for an upcoming baby?
Was there a special carrier or baby stroller you would recommend?

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How To Budget For a Baby: A Guide For New Parents

Once you bring your baby home from the hospital, you’ll quickly find that a child is expensive. From clothes to diapers to food to childcare, it’s not cheap to raise a child these days. In fact, estimates show that the cost of raising a child tops out at over $233,000. With that in mind, it’s important when to budget before your baby is even born. Here’s how to do it.How-to-budget-for-a-new-baby

Budgeting Basics Still Apply

You may have heard that Europe’s childcare costs are higher, but it’s pricey to raise a child anywhere. That’s why you need to break out your basic budgeting skills and get to work. It’s important to anticipate child-related expenditures and budget them into your monthly spending. A simple spreadsheet is the easiest way to stay on track. A simple log of income and buying will help you balance your child’s needs with your paycheck. budgeting when preparing for a baby seems non-existent but it can be done. By following these steps in articles prepared by
Financial Priorities: Retirement vs. College Savings

Most financial experts will tell you that it’s more important to save for your own retirement than your child’s college. That might not be a comfortable thing to consider, but most college students have access to loans and grants to get them through. The same cannot be said for retirement and you must be prepared for your later years by putting money away now, even if that means you can’t fund your child’s college education.

Practice Living on Less

One of the best ways to save on anything, including child-related expenses, is to live below your means. That means not moving to a bigger and newer house every time you get a raise and not buying your child the latest pair of pricey basketball shoes. Living on less enables you to save money for the future and teaches your child a valuable lesson about financial responsibility.

Anticipate Ongoing Changes to Expenses

While you can expect to spend some amount of money on your child each month, those expenses change. For example, your teen child is going to cost a lot more money in groceries than your toddler. However, you won’t need diapers once your child hits preschool and is potty trained. You’ll also need to take into account school fees for your kids as they get older. Anticipating these changes makes it easier to budget accordingly so that you aren’t coming up short at the end of the month.

When There Just Isn’t Enough

It’s no secret that raising kids is expensive, but there’s help out there if you find there isn’t enough. Public assistance programs can help you find affordable housing and provide you with enough food to feed your family. Other ways to make ends meet include finding a part-time job to supplement your income, cutting unnecessary costs, such as cable television or your morning Starbucks run. You might also consider shopping for clothes and other items at second-hand stores where you can save a lot of cash on stuff your kids need.

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This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

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