Essential Tips for Designing a Modern Kitchen

Even though the economic downfall took a bit of the steam out of the home renovations market, it has definitely recovered and so has homeowners desire to improve or change their space. With this renewed vigor to create unique and welcoming homes, some new trends in home renovations have also emerged. Choosing a company like mannetta industries will allow you to get the best possible results from your home renovations. Some of the most notable trends in home renovations that you will see are detailed here.


Modern Kitchens
Just a few years ago when a homeowner remodeled their kitchen there was a good chance they were going with the rustic motif, featuring warm colors and wrought iron accessories. However, the tables have turned and now the most popular options are modern styles with gray or white cabinetry, countertops that are simple and a space that features a minimalist design. Additionally, you are much more likely to see appliances that blend into space or that are hidden from view to create a sleeker appearance.
Brass is quickly making a comeback. Even though this is not a new material, it has received a bit of a facelift. Bright, highly polished brass is a thing of the past and the modern trend is leaning toward hammered, dull and rustic looking brass. This new look is able to be used in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in the door hardware and lighting throughout the entire house.

Havertown Petite Kitchen

Updated Bathrooms
Modern trends show that the bathroom is the second most renovated room in a house, only falling behind the kitchen. The trend for bathrooms is moving away from the vintage, wainscoting and claw foot tub style to more of a resort style. This option will feature things such as larger walk-in showers, several shower heads, heated towel racks or floors and bathtubs with jets. For style and coloring, glass tiles will be the most popular option and the entire space will be in neutral cool colors such as off-white, light blue and ash gray.

ASID Showcase House 2014 - Twin Girls

Vivid Colors
Even though kitchen and bathrooms are moving toward neutral colors, designers are thinking something completely different for other spaces in your home. Bright, vivid colors such as orange, yellow and turquoise that were recently popular have now received a new twist. Now they are being designed to offer even more of a focal point with colors such as Rouge Red, Nectarine, Lemon Zest, and Green Flash. Chances are you will begin to see these options on accent walls, as the main color of paint and even on the ceiling or floor. If you are considering a remodel or renovation, it is a good idea to learn about the recent trends that are being used.

Contemporary Kitchen in Fulham

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How You Can Save Money by Installing RTA Kitchen Cabinets 

 How-You-Can-Save-Money-by-Installing-RTA-Kitchen-Cabinets Most people care about how much money they spend to remodel their kitchen. After all, a new kitchen can cost a pretty penny and if you are on a tight budget, you want kitchen cabinets that are cost-effective, yet gorgeous. While cabinets made from exotic woods featuring ornate details can hit your pocket boos, you can get high-quality design, material and finish in ready-to-assemble(RTA) kitchen cabinets, but save money on cost. If you want to save money on kitchen cabinets and at the end of the day still have the kitchen of your dreams, RTA kitchen cabinets are a great choice. Here’s how you can save money by installing RTA Kitchen Cabinets. 

Assemble the Kitchen Cabinets Yourself
RTA kitchen cabinets are prefabricated and generally designed to match the standard sizes, style, shape, and color of cabinets. These cabinets are called ready-to-assemble for a reason and they live up to their name. There is a certain degree of ease when it comes to installing RTA kitchen cabinets. An instruction manual is given with the cabinet pieces to guide you through the process of assembling the cabinets. If you feel like you need help beyond the manual, online video tutorials are helpful resources that can give you a visual of the process and help to make assembly even simpler. If you do the work yourself, you don’t have to spend money hiring a contractor. 

Look Out for Sales
A good sale is a great way to cut costs on kitchen cabinets. It is common for RTA stores to have many sales, promotions, and discounts throughout the year. You can get reasonably priced RTA cabinets that are great quality and stylish. If you can be patient and wait for sales opportunities, you may find that you can save at least 20% or more on RTA kitchen cabinets. A worthwhile sale could leave more money in your pocket and you could get the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. 

Save on Shipping Cost
Another area you can save on cost when buying RTA kitchen cabinets is shipping. When you purchase fully assembled cabinets from retail chains they are often shipped in large packages. To protect the product, they have to completely cover the surface of the assembled cabinets. This means that during shipping you are paying for empty space, which you don’t have with RTA kitchen cabinets where the pieces for assembling are stacked. These cabinets are typically packed flat for shipment, fitting in one pallet. This cuts shipping and delivery costs. 

Variety Amounts to Flexible Price
Most of the time RTA cabinets are more affordable than fully assembled and customized kitchen cabinets. The prices of these cabinets can vary depending on a number of factors, including material, brand, style, size, and finish. Compare prices and see if you can find the RTA cabinets that you need at a price that suits your needs and taste. 

When it comes to cost-saving, RTA kitchen cabinets are a favorable option. You can save money on shipping and installation, and with the variety of RTA cabinets on the market, you can find affordable cabinets among the lot and even get a discount along the way. RTA kitchen cabinets are the budget-friendly options to consider. 

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Understanding How to Install Doors and Windows

Understanding-How-to-Install-Doors-and-Windows.Windows and doors Oakville play a significant role in your home. They are not just elements for entry and exit. They enhance the curb appeal of your home, provide natural light to your home, and improve the security of your home. Understanding how to install doors and windows is essential in case you need to DIY. Still, even when you are hiring someone to do the work for you, this knowledge is quite crucial.

The best thing is that as long as you have the right equipment and time, you can learn how to install windows and doors Oakville on your own using online door installation tutorials and YouTube. There are few simple steps involved in windows and doors installation.

  1. Priming The Space

This should be done before any work of installing windows and doors starts. In most cases, this encompasses getting rid of the existing hardware and installing the new one. However, there are some cases where you need to start from scratch.

  1. Doors

Installing know doors is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your home. Luckily, it is easy to replace your exterior and interior doors. To start, you will need to get rid of the hinges and then the frame of the door.

However, sometimes you don’t have to remove the frame, especially if it is in the right conditions. All that you need is to fix your door in the frame. This process will only take 2-3 hours. However, for full-frame door installation, the process may take longer than this.

The tools you will need include: hammer, tape measure, level, saws, nails, and carpenter’s square.

  1. Windows

There are plenty of reasons why you should know how to install doors and windows. Maybe you have damaged pane, and you want to install a new unit, or you want to get rid of all the old windows and install new ones.

Regardless of the reasons why you need to do home renovations, the process of installing new windows and doors Oakville is the same.

For the windows, you will need to start by removing the siding on the exterior side of your house. If possible, reach the nailing fins. Once you get the nailing fins, get rid of the caulking and the nails using the cat’s paw tool. Then, get rid of the entire old unit.

  1. Hanging Doors

If you want to hang a door, there are several factors you ought to look at. First, you need to consider whether you are doing it on the interior or exterior door. This is because the installation of these two doors varies, and therefore, it makes sense first to gather the right tools that you are going to use.

Nevertheless, it is easier to install interior doors compared to installing exterior doors, especially if you are carrying out full-frame windows and doors Oakville installation.

In conclusion, with the right tools and necessary skills, you can accomplish doors and windows installation flawlessly. To learn more about doors and windows installation in Oakville, reach out to Total Home Oakville.
Why Home Renovations are Crucial in the Real Estate Industry
Minor Home Improvements For A Massive Difference

Why Home Renovations are Crucial in the Real Estate Industry

 Why-Home-Renovations-are-Crucial-to-breaking-up-large-rooms-for-familiesHome renovations have grown in popularity over the last two decades. It is now common to find a house undergoing some improvements. Many factors are inspiring tips and trends that are arguably the most influential for improvements in a home.

The Need for Sustainable Spaces   

One of the notable developments in the twenty-first century is that people have become eco-conscious. The perspective now challenges them to adopt practices that contribute to the wellbeing of the environment as this will benefit the current and future generations.

Homeowners are working towards the achievement of the goal by coming up with eco-friendly homes. For existing houses, this requires an overhaul of some spaces. This has created the need for effortless, expertly created home renovations since it is one of the best ways to deal with awkward spaces.

The spaces within the home that are usually targeted by renovations are the kitchen and the bathroom. The main reason behind the practice is that these two make use of most of the water and energy needed at each home. Therefore, making them sustainable is the best way to minimize the wastage of these crucial resources.

Renovations of home spaces involve coming up with new designs, making use of sustainable materials, and the installation of new and efficient systems and appliances. All this contributes to the creation of a sustainable home.

The Need for Increased Functionality

Families keep changing, which then influences the functionality of a home. For instance, there comes a time when more rooms are needed due to an increase in members. Time may also come when the available rooms are too many. In such cases, renovations have proven to be vital.

Homeowners use renovation services to divide large spaces to create more rooms. For example, they may decide to turn a large bathroom into two to accommodate and make it convenient for the growing number of occupants.

When there are extra rooms that are no longer needed, renovations are being used to convert them into a space that can be used for a different function. For instance, a bedroom may be changed into an office or storage room.

To Add Value to the Home

Real estate has become a more competitive industry. This creates the need for agents and homeowners to ensure their homes have value.

Among the aspects that reduce the value of homes are outdated layouts and inefficient systems. Renovations offer a solution to the issues where they allow homeowners to modernize their homes. This involves making the necessary improvements, such as changing the layout of the house and overhauling the kitchen and bathroom to meet the needs of a modern family.

Keeping up with home trends through renovations helps to increase the worth of a property in a highly competitive market. Thus, it becomes easy to find a buyer whenever the need to sell arise.

In summary, the desire for houses with sustainable spaces increased functionality, and high value has created the need for effortless, expertly created home renovations. This is an indication that renovations are crucial to the real estate industry.

Keeping up with home trends through renovations helps to increase the worth of a property in a highly competitive market. Thus, it becomes easy to find a buyer whenever the need to sell arise.

Thankfully, many home renovations can be done without the help of a contractor by using the proper equipment. There are many online platforms that review and recommend the best renovation equipment like Renovation Dojo.

In summary, the desire for houses with sustainable spaces increased functionality, and high value has created the need for effortless, expertly created home renovations. This is an indication that renovations are crucial to the real estate industry.

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