8 Fashion Accessories Every Girl Should Own

A person’s personality is reflected through their outfit, the wrong outfit can destroy your outlook and image, while a good outfit can enhance your overall personality.

In today’s society, both men and women want to look good. It is important to be presentable to succeed in life. Plus, looking good has its own benefits as well. It does not only help you in your professional career, but also boosts your self confidence and makes you happier.

There are several ways of looking good. You should be fit and wear clothes that look good on you, but other than this you should also make sure to have the right accessories.

To help you in this regard we have compiled a list of eight fashion accessories every girl should own to keep her fashion game up. Fashion-Accessories-Every-Girl-Should-Own

  1. Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces like this Gold Labradorite Star Necklace, are a must when it comes to outfits as they can be worn with every outfit. They can make any plain shirt pop and can give you a classy look.

You can get metallic necklace as they are the most affordable one, but if you have money then you may opt for gold or silver as well.

Other than this, you may also opt for other neckpieces and be a little creative as well. Many agencies even offer customized name necklaces that can add zing to your look.

Just shop around and pick something that looks good on you.

  1. Oversized Watch

There is something about empty arms that just doesn’t feel right. Metallic bangles and oversized watches are just the right accessories to up your fashion game.

An oversized watch goes well with almost every single outfit you can think of, from formal apparel to casual wear. Watches can be very expensive. You have brands like Rolex making watches that cost in thousands, but some affordable options are also available.

  1. Metallic Bangles and Bracelets

Metallic bangles been in since a long time and still pull outfits together beautifully. They come in a variety of different metals and go with almost all kinds of outfits.

You can enhance any outfit by adding colorful metallic bangles. They are durable and also very affordable. Other than this, you can also try bracelets thare available in formal and semi formal designs.

  1. An Oversized Bag

Clutches just don’t do it unless you’re heading out on a date. A girl needs an oversized bag for all of her everyday essentials from makeup to other important things she needs throughout the day.

There are expensive brands like Hermes and Gucci making great bags, but they are out of the reach for most people due to the heavy price tag. However, there is no need to worry because some affordable options are also available from other brands like Zara.

The trend to wear replica bags is also in, but we would not suggest you to go for replicas as they are low on quality and also look cheap.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must when you step out. They can add a unique zing to your overall appearance. There was a time when sunglasses were used to protect the eyes against the sun, but these days they are used as fashion accessories.

You may opt for an oversized paid as they are quite in these days. However, make sure to pick one according to your face.

  1. Scarf

A scarf can do a lot for you. It can cover your head if you’re too lazy to go for a super hairdo. You can also wrap it around your neck for a cool look or just use it to protect your body against extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, if you want to look hip, then you can opt for a colorful scarf that can also be worn around the waist.

  1. Heels

Make sure to have a nice pair of heels in your wardrobe. Heels can add to your personality and enhance your overall appearance by highlighting your outfit s well.

  1. Rings

Rings are affordable and can be bought in different colors and designs. Pick colors that go well with most outfits and flaunt it like a pro.

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Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?

The issue of buying expensive shoes is a contentious one. While some people have no problem buying very expensive shoes, others feel that it is unwise to spend huge amounts of money on shoes. The term expensive is broad and relative. What may be expensive for one person may be affordable to another. For example, one person may find Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that cost $1,100 to be expensive and another one may find them affordable. Are Expensive Shoes Worth It?

Expensive Shoes are Worth it if They Meet Certain Criteria

Not all expensive shoes are worth the cost; some shoes are expensive for nothing. As compared to cheap mass produced shoes, expensive shoes are distinguishable from their artistry, quality, comfort, durability, stitching, and brand. There’s nothing worse than seeing a man in a well-fitted suit wearing some awful corrected grain leather shoes.

Expensive Shoes are Worth it When They Meet an Array of Conditions

  • The shoes should meet the buyer’s expectations.

If you desire a shoe to last a decade, it should accomplish that. If you want to look sassy and lavish, the shoe should help you achieve that. Some people wear shoes with unique desires as a symbol of status and wealth. Generally, an expensive shoe is worth the trouble and cost if it meets the buyer’s expectations. You can get shoes that meet your expectations using discount codes and attain massive cost savings.

  • An expensive shoe is worth it if it is comfortable and fits well.

The cost of a shoe should be proportional to its comfort. A person’s feet deserve a lot of attention because they bear the whole body weight. A majority of foot disorders emanate from wearing the wrong shoes. For example, wearing a shoe with a poor fitting or the wrong shoes at the wrong time causes foot problems. Therefore, an expensive shoe should fit well and be suited for the right time to avoid foot disorders.

  • Expensive shoes should be well made, excellently stitched, and durable.

This is the catch for many expensive shoes. The craftsmanship and quality of expensive shoes should be superior and impeccable. Expensive shoes should be made using the best materials by professional artisans. For example, although Allen Edmonds shoes are expensive, they are best value and quality. Also, the company offers recrafting services.

  • An expensive shoe should be distinguishable from cheap mass-manufactured shoe especially in terms of quality and durability.

The shoes’ design, brand prestige, and hype should be noticeable. Sneakers that cost above $300 are said to be extra comfortable, high quality and durable.

  • An expensive shoe should make a statement for you.

Shoes tell a lot about someone, their personality, income, and sense of style. They also communicate to others your sense of fashion and dressing. For an expensive shoe to be worth it, it should speak on your behalf. A shoe tells a story and is a mirror to a person’s inner being.

Expensive shoes are worth it when they are comfortable, meet your expectations, quality, durable, and uniquely designed. They should also make a statement for you. Your feet are important, take good care of them, and invest in quality and proper fitting shoes.

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What to Wear with Flats During Your Workday Weeks
Over The Moon
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What to Wear with Flats During Your Workday Weeks

Even though the majority of people often picture successful business women in formal outfits with the inevitable high heels, the truth is that wearing heels isn’t the only way to show your dominance and power in the business environment. On the contrary, things you wear don’t define who you are, so be sure to feel good in your own skin in the first place. Wearing flats is therefore becoming more and more common among the ladies, who simply can’t stand uncomfortable high heels that pinch their feet (remember chief Miranda Bailey in Grey’s Anatomy?) and opt for their favorite flats instead.What to Wear with Flats

If you’re one of them, make sure to keep on reading, because we have a few useful tips on what to wear with your flats during the workday week. Check them out and enjoy!

A pair of gorgeous flats + a midi pencil skirt = a match made in heavenA pair of gorgeous flats + a midi pencil skirt = a match made in heaven

Businesswomen from all over the globe know that a well-tailored midi pencil skirt is one of the most important wardrobe staples they simply have to own, which is exactly why you should get one as soon as possible, too. Even though a lot of ladies think that these skirts make a good match only with sky-high heels, which, truth be told, really contribute to a feminine silhouette, the fact is that you can match them with a pair of trendy flats as well. A white button-down tucked into a floral pencil skirt is undoubtedly a fantastic combo, so all you have to is to slip into your favorite flats for an even better visual effect.

You can always combine them with a pair of pants…You can always combine them with a pair of pants…

On the other hand, if you aren’t really into skirts or you simply don’t feel comfortable in such garments, you should definitely go for a stylish pair of pants in one of your favorite pastel shades. This color palette is a huge hit this year, as ice cream pastels have taken over the fashion industry and became omnipresent everywhere – from the haute couture runways to street style fashion. Speaking of the style, wide-leg pants are this year’s go-to piece, which is why you should give them a try. So, pick a pair in millennial pink, soft lavender, pastel yellow, or muted blue, match it with an ordinary button-down and flats in a similar shade, and voila – your office-friendly combo is all done!

Or with fabulous shirt dresses… Or with fabulous shirt dresses

Shirt dresses are one of the biggest hits this year, too, and these are raved about and featured by a large number of fashion bloggers, celebrities, and street style lovers. Such dresses made from lightweight fabrics that allow your skin to breathe will be an absolute must this summer, and guess what? These will an essential piece for your business attire, too, so don’t skip them this year. As you may already know, there’s a plethora of women’s clothing online, and a lot of garments are perfectly appropriate for the business environment – from perfectly tailored pants and stunning tunics to adorable dresses and figure-flattering skirts. And all of these can be matched with your favorite flats in order to come up with a comfy and stylish combo that can be worn in the office. Well, a modern shirt dress is one of such pieces, so be sure to rock it this summer no matter what!

Pantsuits in airy fabrics are an absolute must, tooPantsuits in airy fabrics are an absolute must, too…

Speaking of lightweight fabrics that are most appropriate for summer, we simply have to mention cotton, chambray, and linen, which are definitely the most frequently picked ones during the hottest season of the year. If you’re a woman who loves formal wear, especially when it comes to her work attire, you should give pantsuits a try this year.

Menswear-inspired suits are making a huge comeback in 2018, so pick these if you want to make a statement and be perceived as a strong, powerful woman who really means business – both in her personal and professional life. Of course, suits made from the aforementioned fabric will be the best choice, as they’ll allow your skin to breathe and feel comfortable during the day. As for the colors, neutral tones like black, dark grey, and navy are a fantastic choice. What’s particularly amazing about these is the fact that they look equally stunning both in combination with flats and high-heels, which is exactly what makes them so versatile.

As well as stunning button-down dresses… As well as stunning button-down dresses

If you’re a lady who loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends and incorporate some of the hottest pieces into her everyday style, we’re sure that you’ll absolutely adore simple yet effective button-down dresses which are one of the biggest hits among the fashionistas these days. Such dresses come in all lengths, from midi to maxi, but we can all agree that mid-knee length is probably the most appropriate one for the business environment. Even though a lot of similar dresses go perfectly well with high heels, the truth is that this particular model actually looks way better when paired with stylish flats. Apart from adding a touch of elegance to your office outfits, the good thing about flats is the fact that they are extremely comfortable – especially when compared with high heels. That’s exactly what makes this button-down dress + trendy flats combo so irresistible!

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to incorporate your favorite flats into your office-friendly outfits, so be sure to stick to our tips if you want to come up with flawless, trendy combos everyone will adore. Each of these five suggestions is beyond fabulous, and you won’t make a mistake whichever you choose!

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