How to steal the limelight in winter by following some cool fashion ideas?

 How-to-steal-the-limelight-in-winter-by-following-some-cool-fashion-ideasIt may sound unrealistic but in winters you have a wider range to choose clothes from. Many people take summers as their fashion season but, in actual winter can be the real king. There are many types of clothes that can help you in enhancing your personality.

Those items that can make you look like a fashionista are going to be the center of attraction here. Pick up some cool ideas from there and then rock the look.

The best you can wear for winters

There are a lot of items that can increase the prestige of your winter wardrobe. Some of them are:

  • Let boots be the show-stealer: To wear boots in winters with any skirt, long coat, jeans, and other bottoms will make you look the best out of all. You can have low or high-heightened boots to steal the limelight. Moreover, if it’s snowy or cold outside, then the boots are surely going to help you by providing the much-needed warmth.
  • Belt your coats: You may get bored by wearing the coats or jackets in the same style daily. Why not make them stylish using belts? To wear belts on coats is such a cool idea to go with. It will refurbish the look of your coat and it will look like a newly purchased cloth. The fabletics workout clothing stuff has the potential to ace your looks also giving you the much-desired comfort. The icing on the cake is that it has the flexibility to rock itself with any type of coat. It is a must-have in your wardrobe. Recommend this idea to your loved ones as well.
  • Say yes to Fur: Fur was earlier extracted to be used as a warming element in winters. But, gradually it has been seen as a fashion statement symbol. Clothes made with fur make you look like a dapper. You can feel the ecstasy wearing fur with any type of cloth. You can rock a fur stole, fur collars, or fur mittens to live your winter look. It will inspire others also to copy your look. But, will they be able to match your sparkling look?
  • Nod for a happening hat: apart from boots, a hat can also enhance your looks by holding your hand in the winter season. It will not only provide you warmth but will also raise your styling standards in front of everybody.
  • Go with scarfs: Scarf is an accessory that every woman lives for. No matter what the season is, scarfs will continue to give you the required support by giving you a niche look. They are available in so many pretty and vibrant colors. The best way to use a scarf is by tying it around the collar. You can embrace your looks by attaching it with a long coat or any other desirable stuff.


It has been seen already what types of clothes will suit your personality in winter. Add this stuff in your bag and you will witness astounding applauds by the people who will get inspired.

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5 Plus-Size Fashion Myths and Misconceptions, Debunked

 5-Plus-size-fashions-Myths-and-Misconceptions-DebunkedIt’s an undeniable fact that curvy women all over the world have been relegated to shapeless shifts and oversized sweats for far too long. Like old wives’ tales passed from generation to generation, a set of so-called “rules” has dominated the conversation about plus-sized fashion for decades. It can be said that those “rules” are a product of their time, but you’ll find them still being believed today, keeping curvy girls from fully expressing themselves through their clothing.

In this article, we’ll call them what they are: myths. The truth is that there are no rules about what a woman can or can’t wear, regardless of her size, shape, or the color of her skin. Below, we’ll debunk the most common myths surrounding plus-sized fashion:

Myth #1: The one about wearing horizontal stripes

One of the oldest, most enduring myths in plus-size fashion is “horizontal stripes make you look wider”. While it’s true that wearing horizontal lines can have a certain visual effect, it isn’t really enough to warrant warning an entire population of women off of buying one of the most popular and prevalent styles available.

Curvy women can absolutely wear horizontal stripes if they want to. Renowned style blogger and influencer Gabi Fresh recommends going with thicker or wider lines, so as to create a sense of proportion on a bigger figure. Go for stripes that at are at least two inches wide and you should be golden.

Myth #2: The one about leggings

The debate about whether leggings can be classified as pants or not has been going on since at least 2017. People feel very strongly about the issue as well, writing long, impassioned essays for or against the matter on sites like Medium or HuffPost.

Our take is that leggings can be whatever you want them to be. Stretchy, breathable, and utterly comfortable, it’s a skin-hugging article of clothing that can be very flattering on a curvy body. Go for plus-size leggings that have distinctive stylish details to set them apart from the pairs you wear at home on the weekends. They should also be opaque enough to pass the underwear test. If they’re too thin, you can still wear them with a long dress or shirt to cover up the unmentionables.

Myth #3: The one about wearing prints

This myth comes from the same school of thought as the first one on this list. Plus-size women have consistently been warned against wearing bold, busy patterns since apparently, they can make you look bigger. In fact, a good handful of these supposed rules have to do with making sure that a woman looks smaller than she actually is by camouflaging and concealing “problem areas”.

As above, there can be a certain visual effect to wearing prints. However, just as above, we can’t justify it as reason enough to restrict an entire group of women from wearing prints if they want to—and which prints, anyway? Why is it a bad thing to draw attention to a “problem area”?

There are some questions that we don’t have answers to, but we can tell you that you’re free to wear prints as a plus-sized woman. The key to making them look fabulous is by infusing contrast into your ensemble: try a printed top with a solid pair of trousers, or mix and match patterns in the same color family.

Myth #4: The one about wearing dresses that cling to every curve

There’s really no word for the way plus-sized women have been induced to following these fashion myths other than “shamed”. The fashion industry and society at large have shamed gorgeous ladies from wearing anything that shows off their unique and beautiful shape. Instead, they’ve been bullied in the other direction and needlessly forced to hide their bodies in layers of fabric and huge clothes.

Yes, you absolutely can wear a body-con dress as a plus-size woman. Why shouldn’t you? Ashley Graham and Rebel Wilson do. Choose a nice, stretchy fabric and go for pieces with eye-catching detail, such as a side-knot or ruching over the front. You can also accentuate your waist with a wide accent belt.

Myth #5: The one about only wearing black

Many curvy girls tend to keep to a monochromatic wardrobe, having been told all their lives that black is the only flattering color on a larger frame. It’s a claim that can only be described as “patently untrue”. There are no shades that are off-limits for a plus-size woman!

If you love a color, go for it. Bright, vibrant shades won’t make you look any bigger or smaller, so don’t be afraid to embrace a shade that you love. A good tip to keep in mind is to wear colors that complement your skin tone, but it’s applicable to anyone regardless of their size.

There’s really no good reason why plus-sized women should keep believing these restrictive myths. Breakaway from them, embrace your uniqueness, and celebrate the attributes that make you beautiful!
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A Collection of the Best Ways to Shine Out Your Personality Through What You Wear

You don’t need to attend New York’s Fashion Week each season or only shop at the high-end clothing stores to know that what you wear is important. What you wear reflects your personality and your level of comfort with yourself and where you are at, physically and emotionally.Your Personality Through What You Wear

You can add cute rings and other accessories to accent your mood and your outfit, but the actual clothing is what sparks personality.

Here is a collection of the best ways to shine out your personality through what you wear.


Men – When men wear suits, the nice, 3-piece or just a jacket and matching pants and button up shirt, they are seen as well adjusted, authoritative and trustworthy. Even if they forgo the tie, they are still respected.

The men are also assumed to be more proficient at their jobs, successful in life, and create more income than men in regular jeans and a T-shirt. And the biggest assumption of all is, men are better in all areas than women.

Women – When a woman wears a fitted suit, she is seen as confident by most standards. There will be some who think she should dress like a woman, but a tailored suit on a woman, where they pants fit just right and the jacket is also forming-fitted, but not tight, gives her a confidence boost.

Women should wear women’s suits and not try to fit into a suit made for a man. If you are going for a look of “manly” you would still want to wear a women’s suit, just change the color to something darker and what a man would not wear. Most men do not wear yellow, orange or red suits.

Dressing to Impress

Depending on what you are wearing and where you are going, many people think they need to dress to impress someone. This could be a future spouse, a supervisor or boss, or someone you would like to get to know better.

Dressing to impress implies you are trying to be noticed and want the person you fancy to favor you because of your clothing. If this is what you are thinking, you will miss the mark no matter what you are wearing.

People are impressed by the quality of the person, not the quantity and value of their clothing. Of course, what you are wearing is the initial “eye catcher”, but in order to maintain a relationship, you will need more than fancy clothing.

Naturally, you would want to wear something completely different when you are dressing for a job interview versus a ball game or event for singles. Dressing to impress can be achieved in many cases by simply wearing what you are comfortable in and to make sure your clothing is clean.

Bright Colors

When you wear bright colors, you are projecting a personality of fun and lightheartedness. This is good when you are out with your friends, with your family or participating in any number of activities alone.

You will not want to wear bright colors to work or visiting a friend in the hospital. Bright colors are trend-setting most of the time, but you won’t be able to match a color in the next two seasons.

Abstract Patterns and Prints

If you enjoy bold patterns and prints, that may not make much sense, then your fashion sense is known as bold. You like to take chances in most of the aspects of your life.

This type of fabric will tell people you are open and speak your mind. You are expressive and creative and don’t like to be told what to do at each step of the way.

Slogan T-shirts

You are not afraid to express yourself, and you do so with the choice of shirts you wear. You may also enjoy drawing attention to yourself in a way most others do not.

Although you are not inappropriate with your T-shirt choices or where you wear them. You are respectful of others and express your opinions in a humorous manner to avoid conflict.

You know better than to wear one of your T-shirts to a funeral or a job interview and that is part of what sets you apart from the rest of the slogan T-shirt crowd.

Fancy Dresses

As a woman, you want to flaunt that you have been working on getting in shape and healthy. You may wear a sleeveless dress to promote your new, sculpted arms or a shorter skirt to highlight your shapely legs.

Wearing a fancy dress may be the only option, depending on what you are attending and where the venue is located. Weddings, funerals, and office gatherings should find yourself in a nice dress. A ball gown is not always necessary, you can save them for a formal affair like a fundraiser for your favorite charity.

Men can wear their very best for weddings, funerals and charity affairs; however, it is more acceptable to be dressed down as a man than a woman.

Tight Fitting Clothing

For those who wear tight-fitting clothing, you are projecting a conservative vibe about yourself. One may assign you the label of narrow-minded, and you would be the one to stick close to social norms.

Loose Fitting Clothing

One school of thought on individuals who wear loose-fitting clothing is that they are conservative, open-minded, and you come across as someone with liberal thinking and values.

Of course, these “rules” about clothing are not steadfast and set in stone. You can wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident without worrying about what others think.

There are a few places you will want to dress your best and not go against the grain. This would be job interviews, meeting your new partner’s parents and friends, funerals and may be an important meeting regarding your business future.

All the other times, wear what you want and how you want to wear it. Clothing is a part of each individual. Unless you are attending a private school, you will be able to dress like what and who you want.
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