Treating Skin After Radiation Therapy – Useful Guidance To Follow

One can make peace with not having the best features and a chiseled jaw-line when one has flawless skin. However, sometimes, life conditions go rough and toxic, which makes us lose our skin elasticity and glow. One such condition is radiation therapy to cure cancer. The survivors of this chronic ailment often have to complain about their damaged and darkened skin texture, which is a noticeable side effect of radiation therapy. And these people want to heal their skin back to normalcy again by opting in for the best treatments. Camwell Herb to sooth a dry skin formula

Fortunately, today, you have some best skin cures for skin that has undergone radiation. These are advanced and high-end skin repair serum and cream that heals the skin layers from within. With regular use, the darkness gets removed, and the skin regains its old form. Even if it doesn’t look the same, before the radiation therapy, the improvement is remarkable. To know more about this, you can check out the advanced and new age natural cream for radiation burns.

Other than applying these crèmes, you can also follow other measures. They are as follows:

  1. Get back to a good sleeping cycle and drink water

These two things are essential for excellent skin condition. During therapy, your sleep cycle gets disturbed, which in turn disturbs your hydration levels. So, ensure to drink plenty of water in a day and sleep for close to seven to eight hours. Gradually, you will find that your skin is healing. Read about therapy.

    1. Bath in lukewarm water

It is essential to treat your skin correct! Bathing in hot water might affect your already treated skin. Hence, ensure that you make use of lukewarm water to clean your body during your bath. Lukewarm water has a soothing impact on your skin. It doesn’t increase the skin burns or add irritation in any way. Instead, it gently cleans the skin and helps to heal it gradually.

  1. Do not experiment with soaps and other crèmes

Make sure that you only apply soap and crème prescribed to you! When you are in the healing phase, you shouldn’t be experimenting with random products that you see on the shop shelves. Instead, stick to the product prescribed to you and ask for doctors’ guidance from time to time. It’s also a good practice to stay loyal to a single soap type, as your skin doesn’t respond well when you change your skincare products too often.

  1. Make use of moisturizer daily

People with right skin conditions stay hydrated and use a good moisturizer. Other than drinking the correct quantity of water throughout the day, you should also use the medicated moisturizer prescribed to you. Radiation therapy can make skin patchy and dry. The moisturizer has a calming effect on your skin, and it gradually takes away the harsh side effects of radiation.

It is essential that you choose your products well. Today, many brands promise their crèmes would heal your skin after radiation. Not many brands can keep to the promise. Make sure to choose a brand that has a useful review and high-end products as well. Also, make sure you are not overpriced for the product.

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5 Beauty Resolutions You Should Make For 2019

5 Beauty Resolutions You Should StartIn the vast universe and long lists of New Year’s resolutions, all of which probably contain major changes of lifestyle, perhaps a change of career or deciding to eat healthier, beauty resolutions seem like the ones that are the easiest to keep. However, in the light of the fact that many of us still have certain beauty habits to adopt, and adopting a new habit is not an easy feat to achieve, we’ve decided to bring you a list of five vital resolutions. Some of them are brand new, while others are friendly reminders of the healthy beauty habits you intend to adopt every year, but somehow always fail to.

Since this is the year of skincare and emphasizing natural beauty, we will mostly be sticking to skincare resolutions because amazing skin equals beauty. Always has, always will.

I shall remove it all I shall remove it all 

Wearing makeup and playing with different makeup looks and techniques is great – that’s what makeup is for, to play and express ourselves. However, no matter which healthy ingredients your makeup products contain, or how tired or perhaps even lazy you are, you simply must take off your makeup when the night comes or when you have no intention of leaving your home for the day. If you don’t, not only will your pores get clogged and skin irritated, you’ll also be facing an acne attack, not to mention that you risk premature skin aging – the last thing you want.

So, cleanse your skin thoroughly in the following manner. First comes the makeup remover – choose wipes, micellar water, lotion, whatever suits your skin. As the post-makeup routine calls for a triple cleanse, proceed with washing your face with a suitable wash for your skin type (this is highly important). After that comes the toner. Not only does this little miracle worker even out your skin tone, but it has the power of removing residual dirt that you didn’t even know was there. Now, let’s move on to care and pampering.

I shall give my skin only the bestI shall give my skin only the best

The skincare industry never sleeps. It works tirelessly to bring us new innovative products that will rejuvenate our skin, make it younger, and help combat premature aging, acne and a whole array of issues. One of the newest innovations in the field is the incredible facial serum, which, according to dermatologists, every woman is doing herself a disservice if she isn’t using.

If you’re not in the know, serums are powerful liquids that penetrate and nourish the dermis. They are lightweight, penetrate the skin with ease and are packed with more active ingredients than any moisturizer on the market. They contain powerful antioxidants and vitamins, and in the spirit of minding what we allow to penetrate our skin, it’s best to use those that contain the highest number of natural nourishing ingredients, such as for instance jojoba oil. Serums are meant for nighttime, when our body and skin reboot themselves, so after the triple cleanse, apply your mighty serum, seal the deal with a great moisturizer that nourishes the epidermis and hit the hay.

I shall exfoliate regularlyI shall exfoliate regularly

This is one of the things we most commonly forget to do – at least, we don’t do it as frequently as we should. The harsh winter weather dries our skin and that’s how dead skin cells that hinder that coveted glow are made. The same happens during summer, due to the heat. Hence, all year round exfoliation is a must. Underline this and put it in front of your vanity if you must – exfoliate your skin three times a week.

This is a sufficient number as any more frequently than that, you run the risk of irritating your skin. The goal is to remove the dead cells and reveal glowing and fresh skin, not strip the skin of natural oils and cause more harm than good. Be sure to use gentle, non-abrasive exfoliators. They will powerfully remove all the dirt, unclog pores and remove dead cells without causing irritation.

I shall stock upI shall stock up

The amount and variety of amazing and hydrating sheet masks has never been larger. These masks are simply incredible. You pop one on, get on with your day for 15 minutes, and after you remove it, your skin is instantly more glowy, plump and smooth. There is absolutely nothing not to love about these masks as they all have the same goal – to bring added hydration to your skin, and if you know anything about proper skincare, you will know that there is no such thing as too much hydration. These masks are so safe that you are highly recommended to use them on a daily basis.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to stock up exactly that much, three times a week will suffice, so hit the stores and start masking.

I shall protect my precious skinI shall protect my precious skin

Again, said by dermatologists hundreds of times, and we are still oblivious. Of course, we are talking about SPF creams. Our Skin Needs Sunscreen All Year Long but those UV rays are still here even though the outside may look grey and cloudy. So please, when choosing your moisturizer, pick the one with the SPF of at least 30. From premature skin aging to skin cancer, these are all the possible consequences to sun exposure, so protect yourself at all times. Needless to say, broad-spectrum sunblock is absolutely mandatory during summer, when there is more skin exposure, so don’t let that ever slip your mind.

Be good to your skin in 2019 and every subsequent one.

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Genucel and The Best Way to Get Your Skin Ready for the Fall Months

Genucel and The Best Way to Get Your Skin Ready for the Fall Months

With fall fast upon us, it’s more important now than ever to take good care of your skin. As the temperatures outside begin to drop, you may find that the skin on your face feels dry, itchy and is red and irritated. This is often due to the number of cold winds that blow while we’re standing outside, but it also has a lot to do with the dry heat that we use in our homes. Because there is no moisture in the home while the heat is on, you’ll notice that your skin is a lot drier than usual. Genucel Plant Therapy


Because you’re probably using a heater in your home right now to keep warm, it is just as important to use a humidifier. This is a gadget that helps to add moisture into your home so that your skin is a whole lot less dry than it typically would be. You can purchase these humidifiers in virtually any department store and you can customize the way that it works in your home when you turn it on.

Cleansing and Exfoliating

You should always exfoliate your skin during the fall and winter months as this helps to get rid of dry skin flakes. You can use a chemical exfoliation like alpha hydroxy acid or you can choose to use a physical exfoliation like a scrub brush or peel. You will find that either of these types of products works well and are ideal for your facial needs. You will also want to make use of a high-quality cleanser so that it both removed impurities while also moisturizing the skin. 

Moisturizers and Lotions

In the fall and winter more than any time else, you need to be using a high-quality lotion and moisturizer. This should be enough to get rid of dry skin flakes and keep the redness at bay. You will find that there are dozens of different products on the market for you to choose, making it easier than ever to find the one that is right for your skin type and fall skincare needs. Don’t be afraid to try out different lotions before you find the one that works the best for you.

Genucel and Their Line of Products Genucel Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Genucel makes a range of eyecare products that not only moisturize the skin around the eyes, but they also help to reduce the signs of aging. You can find more on their products by visiting the Genucel website. They use proprietary ingredients in all of their products to ensure that those who purchase the line are happy with the results that they are achieving. You will find that using the brand helps you to feel confident in your skin and you’ll notice a significant difference in the way that your skin feels during the drier months of the year.

The most important thing about taking care of your skin during the fall is getting into a solid routine. Taking care of your skin should become a habit and one that you do every single day. Once you get into the habit of taking care of your skin, you’ll find that you not only look better, but you also feel better because your skin is no longer tight, dry and irritated. Now is a great time to get into a routine that works for you and it is important to give a few products a try to see which one works well for you. From the variety of cleansers and moisturizers on the market, it should be easy to find one that fits your needs.

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Benefits of Castor Oil – How this Miraculous Oil Can Help you?

Our grandparents used remedies and that coming full circle “castor oil”

Castor oil is something we know thanks to our grandparents. Our grandparents used castor oil as the go-to remedy for a lot of problems. A vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant, the oil has now earned a reputation as one of the staple natural and home remedies.

You can use castor oil for your skin, your hair, and to improve your overall health. Most of the benefits of castor oil derived from the fact the oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Benefits of Castor Oil – How this Miraculous Oil Can Help you?

Castor oil benefits for skin

  • Apply castor oil to your inflamed skin using a cotton ball. The inflammation on the skin will be gone, no matter if it is caused by acne, dry skin, or sunburns
  • Helps slow down the aging process. When applied to the skin, the oil penetrates deeply and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two key compounds to young and fresh looking skin
  • If you have acne-prone skin, use castor oil to unclog pores, and make your face free of acne. Wash your face first to open up pores, and then massage castor oil in a circular motion on your face. Keep it overnight, and rinse in the morning
  • Castor oil has moisturizing properties, which are great for keeping your skin hydrated at all times. Just massage castor oil on your face after cleaning your face
  • Help with blemishes, and the results will be visible just after a while. Thanks to the fatty acids, castor oil will penetrate deeply into your skin, and encourage the growth of healthy tissue around, which will make the blemishes fade away
  • No matter the reason, you can treat stretch marks with castor oil. No matter if they are caused by pregnancy or something else, massage the area with castor oil. Pregnant ladies should use this treatment in the last two months of their pregnancy
  • The oil can help you reduce pigmentation of your skin and clear your skin of spots and marks. Even dermatologists recommend castor oil for uneven skin tone

Castor oil benefits for hair

  • Promote hair growth. All you need is to massage your scalp with castor oil, which will boost blood circulation to the follicles. The result is faster hair growth, but also thicker and longer hair
  • If you suffer from any scalp infection like dandruff, itchy scalp, or bald patches, massage the area with castor oil. Thanks to the antifungal and antibacterial properties, castor oil will fight microorganisms causing the infection
  • Use castor oil to prevent premature graying. We said castor oil can help with aging skin, but it can also help with aging hair. The oil will help your hair retain its pigment, and delay the graying for a couple of years
  • Some people like to use castor oil as a conditioner, which is helpful in treating damaged and dry hair. All you need is one teaspoon of castor oil. Add it to your regular conditioner, and use it after shampooing your hair

Castor oil benefits for overall health

  • Thanks to antibacterial properties, the oil can treat ringworms. Mix 2 teaspoons of castor oil and 4 teaspoons of coconut oil, and then apply to the affected area, no matter if it that is your feet, groin, scalp, or body
  • Use castor oil to disinfect wounds as a way of a first aid kit. You can treat any minor cuts and scratches to relieve the pain and speed up the healing process
  • One of the oldest uses of castor oil is as a laxative. It is still widely used due to this particular benefit. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which induces laxation. Consuming the oil will help you if you suffer from constipation
  • Take a piece of fabric and soak it in castor oil. Place on your joint, to reduce joint pain. You can also use this remedy for treating and reducing pain caused by arthritis
  • Boost your overall immunity by consuming castor oil
  • Treat back pain by applying it topically on the pain points of your back. Cover with a clean and soft cloth, and then place a hot water back on the back for an hour. This will help the oil penetrate to the inflamed tissues and relieve the pain. You can repeat the process for three consecutive days
  • Consume one glass of cold milk with a teaspoon of castor oil to promote stomach cleansing

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