Electric Bikes for Women

Womens Electric BicyclesIt is a fact that electric bikes might not be for everyone and some people might not even need one as they love to rely on pedal power. However, for all those who need that additional boost quite frequently, the e-bikes were invented. Women’s electric bicycles are the standard bicycles that are available with an additional battery which is quite helpful as one pedal’s.

If you are a woman and you are thinking about buying an electric bike you need to know that you do not need a women’s bike. The e-bikes which are labeled, branded and marketed as ‘women’s e-bikes’ usually have a small frame size, the wheelbase length is short, and they usually have a unique step-through frame.

In case you do not like the step-through frame, you can easily select the uni-sex model. A folding electric bike is also a good option in case space is quite a problem or if you wish to carry your bike in the car. There are many women’s electric bicycle’s which are available with some additional features which are found to be quite useful.

Selecting an E-Bike:

If you are looking for an e-bike, considering the specifications will be important. There might be a number of technical details which you should know about.

  • Motor and Battery: When considering battery and the motor you need to consider facts like watts and volts. In case you are not worried about it, you can enjoy.
  • Miles Covered Per Charge – A lot depends on the motor and the battery. The miles covered per charge figure helps you to know how much your e-bike can travel after it is fully charged. Such a figure usually varies from 10 miles and can go up to 100 miles.
  • Suspension and Tires – You need to consider the surface you will be traveling to.  In case you will travel regularly to the tarmac roads then any tires can be helpful. Speed bumps need to be considered as well. If you are traveling on your regular route and there are is no suspension, you are going to have a really tough time.

Check the Accessories Included: 

The accessories which are available with an e-bike do make a difference for the price. In case you desire to buy the accessories, you need to do a bit of research and find the accessories which are available with universal fittings. Of course, we would like to pay for some additional extras which might be in the form of front basket or pannier.

If you’re passionate about improving your cycling endurance and skills, you may also want to invest in training gadgets and tools, including a power meter, fitness tracker, and bike computer.

A fitness tracker will help you keep track of heart rate, time, and location. In case of an emergency, you can use it to contact the authorities.

A power meter will give you an accurate measurement of the power you expend on the pedal, transmit the data to your bike computer or smartphone for analysis, and provide valuable insights on your performance.

There is a wide range of power meters available in the market today, so choosing the right one for you can be challenging. Check out this power meter buying guide to help you find the most suitable one for your needs.

There are tons of amazing accessories available for e-bikes and normal bikes. You don’t need to get all of them, but some of these gadgets and tools can improve your riding safety, comfort, and experience. Choose accessories that have both form and function.
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4 Things You Need To Do After an Motorcycle Accident

4 Things You Need To Do After a Motorcycle AccidentAfter being involved in a motorcycle accident, once you’ve brushed yourself off and gotten back up to your feet, you have to take particular steps to ensure that you make a full recovery and get the compensation that you deserve. Even the smallest of actions could have serious repercussions going forward, so it is essential that you gather your thoughts, remain calm, and stay logical.

Put the following advice into practice as soon as you can in the wake of your motorcycle accident

Check yourself for injuries

 The most important thing that you must do in the aftermath of your incident is to check yourself for injuries and perform first aid if needs be. Everything else can wait at this point — your health is the most important thing. If you feel that you or anybody else involved in the accident are in desperate need of medical attention, phone for an ambulance right way.

 Rest assured, calling for help will in no way see you be held responsible for the incident that has occurred.

 Take photographs of the scene

Provided it is safe to do so, and you are not suffering from any ailments, you should take photographs of the scene of the accident. By taking snaps (from a variety of angles, if you can), you will provide yourself with stone cold evidence with regards to what has transpired. This means that nobody will be able to extort the truth should your insurance company or the courts get involved at a later date.

When taking photographs, it’s important that you do not tamper with the scene (either inadvertently or not). If you are found to have tampered with the evidence, not only will your claim be thrown out of the window, but you could also find yourself in hot water with the authorities.

Call the police

If you phoned for an ambulance, then the police will arrive on the scene as standard. If you did not call for medical assistance, however, unless they just so happen to be driving past at the time, the police would not turn up. You need them to be there, though, as the official report that they draw up will constitute as being a comprehensive piece of evidence. No matter how severe or innocuous you deem your accident to be, then, be sure to get the police on the scene as soon as you can.

 Get in contact with a motorcycle accident attorney

To give yourself the best chance possible of earning the compensation that you deserve (should you deserve it, of course), you have to align yourself with an attorney that practices solely in motorcycle accidents. This kind of lawyer, the likes of which can be found at 1800vincent.com, will have expert knowledge with regards to the ins and outs of this kind of case. This knowledge will no doubt make your life a whole lot easier going forward.

 As soon as you are clear of mind and ready to move forward after your motorcycle accident, you should put the above advice into practice.

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FlexiSpot Bike V9 Review

I was ask if i would like to try a all in one desk bike and since I dont get a lot of exercise and since I am always on the computer, I thought his would be perfect to incorporate some  much needed exercise while working. FlexiSpot Bike helps to combat a sedentary lifestyle and build strength in my legs. And at age 70+ I need all the help I can get and the FlexiSpot Bike will make that task fun and an easy way to do just that!! I’m all in!FlexiSpot Bike V9 Review

When the FlexiSpot Bike arrived I thought it was going to be hard to assemble but it took my son all of 5 minutes to put together. Comes with the tool and batteries to get started. It is built on wheels so it makes it easy to move from one place to another.

    • Part standing desk, part exercise bike
  • Multiple V9 desk bikes for Active Meeting™
  • 2018 CES Innovation Awards
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Adjustable Desktop
  • Can be used to stand at computer
  • Sleek Design 
  • FlexiSpot Bike will be a fun way to work on computer, read, catch up on social media.
  • Part bike part standing desk!

One thing I have read, is that if you have a computer that does not have rubber feet you might want to add a pad to keep your computer from slipping.

Quote: This elegant, clean machine is exactly what i was looking for and highly recommend for anyone who sits for work or at home engaged in leisure activities !, it will probably be an xmas gift for some family members as well !’ — Amazon Review

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Must Have Items When You’re Planning a Ski Trip

Planning a ski trip is unlike planning any other type of holiday, especially if you’re going during the Spring and Summer months. It almost seems like blasphemy to mention cold weather clothes and accessories just as the sun is showing its face, but if you’re going on a ski trip, they’re a necessity. Here are some items you should never forget to pack. Must Have Items When Going on a Ski Trip


Ski suit and boots

Arguably the most important items to take with you are your ski suit and ski boots. They’ll keep you warm and cosy while you’re out taking part in activities in the snow and because they’re often so padded, they’ll help to protect you if you fall as you’re learning to ski. You can get all in one suits or purchase separate bottoms and jacket. However, if you don’t want to purchase these items before your trip or you end up leaving for a trip spontaneously, you can hire suits, boots and skis from the majority of resorts.


If you’ve never been skiing before you may be naïve enough to think sunglasses aren’t an important item to remember. After all, it’s cold and wet, why would you need sunglasses? Well, the sun at ski resorts can be just as hot as it is during the Summer; sometimes even more so. You’re still at risk of sun burn and heat stroke when you stay outside in the sun all day, so it’s important to take protection with you. Just remember to take breaks while you’re on the slopes. The last thing you want to come home with is big white rings around your eyes where your goggles have been. Warm Clothing When Going On Ski Trip


Warm clothing

You won’t spend the entire time on the slopes when you go on a ski trip. You may want to visit local attractions or dine out in the evenings. When the sun goes down, it can get pretty chilly, no matter where you are. Pack some wool clothing that you can rely on when you need to. A few woolen jumpers, hats and scarves should keep you nice and toasty when you need them.

Extra socks

It may sound like it’s hardly worth mentioning, but once you’ve been on a ski trip you’ll understand why it’s important. It’s near to impossible to avoid some snow getting into your boots, even if you’re just walking around. That often means you’re left with wet and cold socks that will need to be changed quickly. If you leave them on for too long, you’re at risk of catching a cold, or worst-case scenario- frostbite. Take plenty of thick warm socks in your travel bag.

Snow chains

If you’re planning on driving to your destination, the last thing you want to find is that you’re not equipped to drive in the snow. Your vehicle will need a lot more grip than normal to reach most ski resorts so it’s always a good idea to have snow chains on hand just in case you need them. Remember to have the contact number for the resort at hand if you get stuck in the snow.