Must Have Items When You’re Planning a Ski Trip

Planning a ski trip is unlike planning any other type of holiday, especially if you’re going during the Spring and Summer months. It almost seems like blasphemy to mention cold weather clothes and accessories just as the sun is showing its face, but if you’re going on a ski trip, they’re a necessity. Here are some items you should never forget to pack. Must Have Items When Going on a Ski Trip


Ski suit and boots

Arguably the most important items to take with you are your ski suit and ski boots. They’ll keep you warm and cosy while you’re out taking part in activities in the snow and because they’re often so padded, they’ll help to protect you if you fall as you’re learning to ski. You can get all in one suits or purchase separate bottoms and jacket. However, if you don’t want to purchase these items before your trip or you end up leaving for a trip spontaneously, you can hire suits, boots and skis from the majority of resorts.


If you’ve never been skiing before you may be naïve enough to think sunglasses aren’t an important item to remember. After all, it’s cold and wet, why would you need sunglasses? Well, the sun at ski resorts can be just as hot as it is during the Summer; sometimes even more so. You’re still at risk of sun burn and heat stroke when you stay outside in the sun all day, so it’s important to take protection with you. Just remember to take breaks while you’re on the slopes. The last thing you want to come home with is big white rings around your eyes where your goggles have been. Warm Clothing When Going On Ski Trip


Warm clothing

You won’t spend the entire time on the slopes when you go on a ski trip. You may want to visit local attractions or dine out in the evenings. When the sun goes down, it can get pretty chilly, no matter where you are. Pack some wool clothing that you can rely on when you need to. A few woolen jumpers, hats and scarves should keep you nice and toasty when you need them.

Extra socks

It may sound like it’s hardly worth mentioning, but once you’ve been on a ski trip you’ll understand why it’s important. It’s near to impossible to avoid some snow getting into your boots, even if you’re just walking around. That often means you’re left with wet and cold socks that will need to be changed quickly. If you leave them on for too long, you’re at risk of catching a cold, or worst-case scenario- frostbite. Take plenty of thick warm socks in your travel bag.

Snow chains

If you’re planning on driving to your destination, the last thing you want to find is that you’re not equipped to drive in the snow. Your vehicle will need a lot more grip than normal to reach most ski resorts so it’s always a good idea to have snow chains on hand just in case you need them. Remember to have the contact number for the resort at hand if you get stuck in the snow.


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If you ride motorcycles take safety precautions, wear proper gear

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