Looking Your Best: A Fashion Accessories List for the Well-Dressed Man

Fashion Accessories List for the Well-Dressed ManThere’s an old saying that “clothes make the man”, but I would also argue that accessories can make or break a man’s ensemble as well. The right accessories can pull together an entire look and be used to dress up or down a wardrobe.

The good news is sales of men’s accessories are booming. Worldwide, men’s accessories revenue is expected to rise as more men want to look fashionable.

If you’d like to know what accessories you should own to always look your best or if you’re a woman seeking gift ideas for the man in your life, read on. Here is the ultimate Oh My Heartsie Girl fashion accessories list for men.

Source Pinterest: The Well Dressed Man
Source Pinterest: The Well Dressed Man

An Umbrella

Forget the dinky umbrella with the logo on it that you picked up at a trade show five years ago. A man needs a serious umbrella that will not only protect him from pelting raindrops but also provide shelter for two people. Just think of how you can save the day while out on a date if the skies decide to open up.

Look for an umbrella that’s wide enough for a companion, but yet is compact enough to take on trips. If you really want to make an impression, choose an umbrella with a wooden or decorative handle.


Nothing will make you feel like James Bond faster than a classy pair of cufflinks. It’s a simple piece of men’s jewelry that somehow makes a man appear wealthy, professional, and worthy of respect.

Cufflinks can also express a man’s personality. You can find cufflinks in whimsical shapes that suggest a favorite hobby or just something you think is cool; there are cufflinks in the shape of skulls and dinosaurs, for example.

They can be used to add a little extra oomph to a special occasion suit.

A Wallet

Has your wallet seen better days? Has it become so tattered and worn that you’re shocked it still holds bills and credit cards?

Then it may be time to upgrade to a well-made wallet that can safely hold your money, cards, photos of loved ones, and more.

Pulling out a new wallet makes a good impression at social functions rather than holding onto one that’s falling apart at the seams.


Sure, sunglasses should always be designed to protect the eyes and eye area from harmful ultraviolet rays. But there’s also no better way to complete your look with the right pair of shades that compliment your face.

As a rule, square-shaped faces look better with rounded frames while the opposite holds true for softer shaped faces. No matter what your face shape, you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic aviators. Freddie Mercury’s favorite choice will bring out any man’s inner rock star.

A Watch

Most people today prefer to tell time from their mobile device. But you can break the mold and bring back a bit of old school style by sporting a timepiece.

Watches are another piece of jewelry that can be casual, like Timex, or on the higher-end, more luxurious side like Panerai Radiomir. One thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to choosing a fashionable watch, we’re not talking about fitness watches. Spring for a wristwatch that has moving hands and some style to it.

 JORD Watches for Men
Source Pinterest: JORD Watches for Men

An Overnight Bag

Resist the temptation to pack for weekend getaways and vacations using your gym bag, which can get smelly and dirty. Whether you’re involved in a long-distance romance or headed to a summer bachelor party destination, you could use a good overnight or weekend bag in your closet.

Overnight bags come in a multitude of materials and styles for your particular needs. If you need one for plane trips, opt for a lightweight material with interior pockets that can hold your travel documents or footwear. You never know when a weekend bag will come in handy.

Ultimate Packing List For Men
Source Pinterest: Ultimate Packing List

Black Dress Shoes

A good pair of leather black shoes should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe. Wear them on job interviews and to weddings and funerals. Black goes with any color suit, any time of the year.

In between wearings, keep your shoes looking clean and presentable with a basic shoeshine kit. It may not be a fashion accessory, but it’s a good grooming item that should be in everybody’s home.

A Belt

Our weight can fluctuate from day today, and it can be frustrating to have to keep tugging our pants up on days they feel looser. A proper belt is a solution to prevent that sliding down feeling. It’s also an ideal men’s fashion accessory that works with any outfit, whether it’s an interview suit or jeans and a t-shirt.

You can’t go wrong with a leather black or brown belt, which works with any color pants and should last for several years.

Pocket Square

Not every man has the guts to add a pocket square to their suit, but it’s one accessory that can deliver a certain amount of panache. What’s the difference between a handkerchief and a pocket square? Handkerchiefs are for blowing your nose while a pocket square is for show.

That doesn’t mean they don’t serve a purpose, however. They sit in your breast suit pocket and much like the cufflinks we mentioned earlier, they can add personality to a suit.

Pocket squares come in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures. Think of them as adding the finishing touches to your suit. They’re sure to make an eye-catching impression.

This Fashion Accessories List is a Must

You don’t have to buy everything on this fashion accessories list for men to always look and feel your best. But having a few well-chosen pieces available can make you feel ready to take on the day.

Here at Oh My Heartsie Girl, I love bringing you the latest fashion tips so you always look stylish. To help you save money when choosing clothing and accessories, check out my post on how to be fashionably chic on a budget
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Discover Undiscovered Italy: 7 Unbelievably Beautiful Places to Visit

7 Unbelievable and Undiscovered Places to Visit In Beautiful Italy

When you think of Italy, you usually think of the Colosseum. Or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Whatever sights spring to mind are well worth seeing. But as a unified country, Italy only formed in 1870. Its fascinating history stretches back centuries before that. That gives you plenty of places to see that aren’t packed with tourists. I’ve gathered 7 of the best places to visit in Italy. You’re covered whether you want the countryside, ancient villages, or quiet islands. Read on to add seven more places to your bucket list.

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Source: thejournal.ie
  1. Fiesole

One of the prettiest of the Italian villages, Fiesole is only 8 km away from Florence. It offers spectacular views over the Tuscan city. But it also has charms of its own, away from the bustle of the Ponte Vecchio. Its town hall dates to the Romanesque period. And they still hold events in the Roman theater. Archaeology fans will find plenty to hold their attention, such as the Roman baths. The Etruscan-Roman temple and Etruscan walls are also must-see attractions. Fans of medieval or Renaissance art will like the Bandini Museum. Plus, Florence is literally a short bus ride away. Fiesole makes a great day trip choice on a city break in the area.

  1. Torcello

    Burano in the North Lagoon, Torcello
    Source bitn.it

Carnivale is just one reason to visit the modern day Republic of Venice. But the city can end up packed with tourists in the summer. Want to see escape the throng and see the origins of Venice? Head to Torcello. It lies beyond the lace-making island of Burano in the North Lagoon. Torcello boasted more than 20,000 inhabitants in its heyday. It’s also where Venice began. Nowadays, it’s a quiet, peaceful island. Catch the number 12 Vaporetto (is a waterbus) to reach it. Torcello’s cathedral is Byzantine-Italian and dates to around 639 AD. Climb the bell tower for fantastic views.

  1. Veii The Bronze Age

In the early years of Rome, the mighty civilization had a rival. Veii, an Etruscan city-state, lay 17 km away to the northwest. Evidence even suggests the settlement has Bronze Age origins. Despite its might, the Romans wiped out Veii in 396 BC. All that remains are ruins in the Veio Regional Natural Park. Among others, the Porta Ponte Sodo (town gates) date to the 5th century BC. The Tomb of the Ducks dates to the 7th century BC. Sections of the ancient walls still exist too. But you can also see the Villa of Livia, a Roman building, and Isola Farnese, a medieval village.

  1. Pietrapertosa

    Pietrapertosa is one of the
    Source Google

Pietrapertosa is a gorgeous settlement in the Lucanian Dolomites. It’s also one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Many believe it dates to the 8th century BC. It’s also built on the bare rock on the side of Monte Impiso in southern Italy. The village spreads along the only road to its 9th-century Saracen castle. Head up to the fortress for truly stunning views. You’ll get a sense of the village’s age among its medieval streets. Trattorias and bars spoil you for choice. Take a thrilling ride on Il Volo dell’Angelo. This is one of the fastest zip lines in Europe. The zip line runs between Pietraportosa and Castelmezzano. It’s the closest you’ll get to flying.

  1. Atrani

    Source: Full Suitcase

Atrani is one of the best small towns in Italy. It’s also one of the easiest to overlook. You’ll find it on the Amalfi Coast, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It lies a little over a kilometer to the east of Amalfi. Highly Instagrammable, it’s packed with piazzas, restaurants, and churches. It also lies between two cliffs, giving a dramatic backdrop to the town. Visit the Grotta of Saints cave to see 12th-century frescoes of the four evangelists. Or enjoy the Church of San Salvatore de Birecto, which was once the coronation place of the Doges. We also recommend an evening stroll to enjoy the lights in this medieval hamlet. If you feel like more obvious tourist fare, it’s an hour’s drive from Pompeii. Check out my guide to driving abroad if you’re not used to it.

  1. Monte Isola 

    Madonna della Ceriola chapel
    Source: Pinterest

Torcello isn’t the only island entry on this list. Monte Isola is both the town and the island it sits on. The island lies in Lake Iseo, in the gorgeous Lombardy region. It’s the largest lake island in Europe at 4.28 sq km long. It’s a 90-minute drive from Milan. Though you’ll also need to take a 20-minute ferry trip over the lake. Despite its small size, this picturesque town offers plenty of cafes, B&Bs, and trattorias. Fish is the specialty dish on the menu. The crowning glory is the Madonna della Ceriola chapel at the top of the island’s hill. The summit of Monte Isola is 599m high. If you’re after a spot of exercise, try the 15 km walking and cycling trail around the island.

  1. Cinque Terre

    Cinque Terre ('Five Lands') are the most beautiful of the Italian villages
    Source: iliveitaly

The Cinque Terre (‘Five Lands’) is the most beautiful of the Italian villages. They lie on the Italian Riviera and date to the 11th century. They’re also a UNESCO Heritage Site. They’re called Riomaggiore, Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Manarola. The rest of Italy only rediscovered them in the 19th century when railroads moved in. You can use the dedicated train line to travel between them. Most visitors come to see their pastel-colored villas. Legends claim fishermen painted them in this way to see them from their fishing boats. In reality, the pastel paint only dates to the 1970s. The villages offer churches, walking trails, piazzas, vineyards, and churchyards. There’s even a nudist beach at Corniglia.

See the Best Places to Visit in Italy

Now you know the best places to visit in Italy. Many of these beautiful sites lie very near the bigger cities like Florence, Venice, and Rome. They make great day trip destinations. If you’d rather experience the real Italy, then they also make ideal places to stay. Make the tourist-packed cities the day trips and save money on accommodation. Make sure you pack your camera and your curiosity. You’ll need both of them in these gorgeous places to visit.

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Heads Carolina, Tails California: The Top Unique Things to Do in Greenville, SC

Are you taking a trip to Greenville, South Carolina soon? What should you do there? Read on to learn about unique things to do in Greenville.

Are you planning a trip to Greenville, South Carolina soon? If so, you’re in for a city that is jam-packed with history, attractions and unique things to do.

But, if you’re on a time-crunch or in the midst of making a travel schedule, you might be wondering what places and attractions in Greenville are the most noteworthy.

Whether you are looking for thrill seeking adventures, a quaint place to relax or some free fun, Greenville has a little something for all of their tourists.

These top things to do in Greenville are bound to provide you with a memorable trip with plenty of photo opportunities to share with your friends and family.  Heads Carolina Tails California The Top Unique Things to Do in Greenville SC

Cakes By U 

If you’re looking for a fun, girls nights out, look no further than Cakes By U where you get to unleash your inner cake decorator. This incredibly cute bakery offers customers the experience to decorate cakes while a professional walks you through the process.

They even bake the cakes for you. So, all you have to do is show up, put your decoration skills to the test and take your delicious creation home.

You can drop in anytime or even book a group event for birthdays and bachelorette parties. They even have frost and sip classes for all our wine drinkers out there!

Runaway Train Escape Room

You might’ve heard of escape rooms, but have you ever heard of the Runaway Train Escape Room in Greenville, South Carolina? In this Breakout game, your skills will be put to the test when an explosive-strapped train gets hijacked by. You have to escape before the train runs into the heart of a bustling city.

Do you think you and your crew have what it takes?

The Gorge Zipline Canopy Tour

Have you always wanted to cross ziplining off of your bucket list? Well, now’s your chance! The Gorge Zipline Canopy Tour in Greenville is a three and a half hour, a breathtaking trip that consists solely of tree-based platforms.

Be prepared to glide over gorgeous scenery of lush, untouched wilderness as you listen to the rushing waters of the Green River. During your ziplining experience, you’ll travel 1,100 feet through 11 zip lines, two rappels and even a stunning sky bridge.

South Carolina Botanical Garden

If you’re looking for an activity that’s equally fun as it is free, look no further than the South Carolina Botanical Garden. You’ll be simply amazed by the several thousand different ornamental plants across the 295-acre garden. The South Carolina Botanical Garden is also home to a geology museum, gift shop, National Heritage Garden Trail and an arbor

Maybe you can even snag your next Instagram picture!

City Scape Winery 

What’s a vacation without a little wine action? City Scape Winery produces plenty of local and innovative wines that are sure to impress your palate. They even offer classes to make your very own bottle of wine to provide you with something special to remember Greenville by.

Their quaint patio provides an intimate experience for groups of friends and small parties as it overlooks a plethora of grape vines and greenery. Not to mention it’s only a hop and a skip away from downtown.

Things To Do In Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina is a great place to take a trip due to the city’s array of attractions and unique activities. In fact, some might even be overwhelmed with the number of things to do in Greenville.

Luckily, no matter what activities you decide to take up, you’re sure to have a great trip to the lovely city of South Carolina

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Mom’s Travel With Style – Ways To Be Stylish When Traveling With Family

Be Stylish While Traveling

Travel With Style – Ways To Be Stylish When Traveling With FamilyVictoria Beckham once said that the airport is her runway, and she has proven that she was serious with a series of incredible travel outfits that would take anyone’s breath away. Now, Victoria may have children who are all grown up, so she doesn’t have to worry about mom-friendly style on her journeys – she just has to worry about looking comfortably spectacular. Today, we are drawing inspiration from her look, but with a slight addition – the children, in order to help you navigate the waters and ensure that both you and your kids look impeccable and feel comfy while on the road.

Let’s start from the bottom 

Since it is winter, which means that relying on athleisure in terms of wearing stylish sneakers is out the window, we have to find another practical yet stylish alternative, and we have. There is absolutely no shoe chic and more comfortable than the mid-block-heel leather ankle boot. It will make you look polished and spectacular. The additional incentive is that they are incredibly comfortable and practical. You can walk miles in them, which you probably will as you go to the gate with your kids on your arms (or strollers), and tending to their pre and during-trip needs will be a complete breeze.

Take inspiration from the seventies

The seventies style is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever, and we all know what that means – amazing bell-bottoms. If you live somewhere chilly, you can exude your seventies vibes with a pair of stylish corduroy bell-bottoms. On the other hand, if it’s not that chilly, you can always rely on the ol’ faithful denim to look fabulous. These pants will give you a great deal of movement, they are incredibly flattering as they minimize the waist and elongate the legs, and they mesh perfectly with ankle boots. It’s a total winning combo.

Don’t forget the kids

Make sure that your kids are equally stylish and comfortable as you are

Of course, when the mom looks great, it’s only natural for the kids to look great as well. You want to make sure that your kids are equally stylish and comfortable as you are, which is why scouting for great kids’ boutique clothing online is your best course of action. You can find complete outfits that will match yours, such as cute little cozy cardigans, athleisure-inspired puffer jackets, and even comfy and stylish ripped denim, for both boys and girls. Your kids will be super cozy, which will give them little to complain about, and when you step into the airport, you will look like one ultra-stylish little family.

Back to mom

What goes great with bell-bottoms? Well, everything, but if you want to really make the perfect amalgamation of comfortable and stylish, a Breton top with a white shirt is a perfect choice. A Breton top has the power to make you look French-inspired effortlessly striking, not to mention that it’s incredibly comfortable and practical. However, if you’re traveling with a baby or a toddler (or both), chances of spit-ups and vomit are great, which is exactly why a backup sweater in your carryon or bag is essential. You don’t want to get off the plane not smelling or looking good, so like a boy scout – always be prepared. Your second best option is a nice dark grey crew-neck sweater that will look casually fabulous over your white shirt.

Don’t Forget The KidsRosegal.com

Aside from a great coat – if it’s winter where you are (camel and grey are the most luxurious looking hues, so keep that in mind), a traveling mom needs one more thing – a great bag. Now, let’s call a spade a spade – diaper bags aren’t what one would call the epitome of style. However, there is a great replacement and it’s called a tote bag. Yes, a gorgeous nude or camel, or perhaps even simple black (to match the boots) tote is the perfect stylish answer. It’s always in style, as it has a timeless quality to it, it’s simple yet effective, and most importantly, it has plenty of room for all of your necessities, from wipes to baby bottles, changes of clothes for the kids in case of accidents – this bag can take whatever you throw at it. Best part, even when it’s completely full, it still looks amazing, so aside from a great big scarf, you don’t need anything else to be a stylish mom on the road.

Have a safe and stylish trip, dear moms.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a small commission if
you make a purchase using an affiliate link.

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