Packing Ideas To Match Your Trip

How To Plan and Pack For Any Size Trip Packing Ideas To Match Your Trip

Being a woman can make packing an absolute nightmare and sometimes, well often we live up to our reputations of hoarding and packing far more than we need. But its also a part of the fun the stress and anguish of having to leave one of your favourite pair of pants behind on a trip can be heart braking but also a small cleansing experience. We realise we don’t need everything to fit into our bag and that we can survive with a minimal number of belongings. Obviously though this is for the long-term traveller and not the weekend warrior. For those shorter trips I recommend packing anything you look good in as we won’t have any idea what adventures we can get up to. Let’s have a look at some types of trips we can go on and some items that we should, bring with us.


This is more for the long-term traveller going for a couple of months. We want to be rough and ready without a massive suitcase to lug about with us. I always try to bring comfortable clothing for the long journeys and gear to match up to the activities I plan on doing. Base your packing on the countries you intend on visiting and the weather you expect. Trainers, a fanny pack and a light rain jacket are three things I ensure to bring with me on any long-term trip. A sturdy backpack is essential. Although hopefully you won’t have to carry it for too long, a decent backpack always helps with comfort and accessibility.

Weekend trip:

The less, the better but you can also afford to bring a decent sized suitcase for shorter trips allowing you a much larger variety of choices in the outfit you want to wear about. Again, this all depends on the type of trip you are going on, partying, sight seeing or adventure. Plus, everything else in between. City breaks always require a decent amount of research on the trends and places you are most likely to visit. To be a style icon one must do their research. I always choose at least one cute evening dress, someday leisure clothing, a good pair of shoes and always my camera. I seem to take more pictures on my shorter trips than I do on any others.

The two-week holiday:

Oddly probably the most common on this list. This one usually comprises of beach, the pool the beach again and possibly your bed. Relaxation is key so comfy outfits, and something that allows me to get a tan is the most important for me. A large case is important to, shopping will definitely be done so the extra space will come in very useful on the last day.

Hopefully some of my trip packing guides lines will give you a better idea of what to pack and what’s necessary for each type of trip. Remember you will probably lose some items so try not to pack anything you will miss a lot.

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