Wedding Woes? 3 Tips that Make Wedding Planning Easier!

3 Tips that Make Wedding Planning Easier!

 Congratulations! You’re engaged to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! You’re overjoyed with love and happiness until you remember you have a wedding to plan.

At first, you’re excited. You get to plan a big party celebrating everlasting love. However, if you’re like most individuals, you become overwhelmed with venue details, color patterns, flower arrangements, food, and the list goes on and on. In fact, more than 96% of individuals admit wedding planning is extremely stressful.

If you’re feeling stressed and worn out planning the “best day of your life,” try following these three simple tips:

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Did you know that the average wedding costs $28,386.00? This number only increases every year. Before you even consider a venue, dress, or even the invitations, set a budget and STICK TO IT. Knowing your budget will help you plan how much money you want to spend in certain areas and prevent financial stress. Are planning on spending $5,000 on your dress? Maybe you should DIY your centerpieces. This will help you will prevent exceeding your funds.

Go to Bridal Expos and Buy Wedding Planner Booklets

Attend bridal expos! It’s a lot of fun. These shows also give you ideas for your big day. At a Bridal Expo, you’ll have opportunities to win an all expense paid honeymoon, wedding dress, and so much more. You’re also given the chance to purchase wedding planner “planners.” These booklets help keep your wedding planning organized, with different sections dedicated to seating arrangements, invitations, venue, bridesmaids, and other important aspects of the wedding.

Remember Why…

Wedding planning is stressful and there isn’t much you can do about it. When you find yourself worrying about throwing the ideal wedding, remember why you’re doing it. Your wedding is a celebration of your union with the love of your life. There is nothing more perfect or beautiful than that.

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9 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations For People in Love

Andaman and nine other most romantic honeymoon destinations for people in love

Planning your honeymoon should be perfect. A blissful start to a new life together builds the foundation of love and romance. There are so many places for newlyweds to spend their first vacation together, but these ten places always stand out –Andaman Nicobar tour package


Seychelles is an exotic getaway for people in love. It is the perfect honeymoon destination for solitude seekers looking to bask in the glorious sun and sip amazing wine at the same time. Walk through the mystical rainforests and indulge in water activities during your stay. Travel to La Digue and Mahe Islands to soak in the tropical sun with your loved one by your side.

Andaman Nicobar tour package

A collection of the most beautiful islands, where each one has a different experience to offer. Newlyweds often choose Andaman due to the richness of adventure, nature, and experiences this archipelago has to offer. The islands have some of the most romantic beaches in the world, perfect for honeymooners. You will also find a suitable Andaman Nicobar tour package that fits your budget to have a smooth vacationing experience.9 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations For People in Love


Have you always dreamt of losing track of time with your beloved by your side on the dunes? Morocco is the romantic fairytale place with the charm of a desert and white sandy beaches. Enjoy the subtle Mediterranean nuances of romance as you absorb the new smells, the unique heritage, breathtaking colors and new culture of this unique city.


No one has experienced the true beauty of nature and solitude unless they have stepped on the sandy dunes on Jaisalmer to witness the sunset. Mount Abu, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner are all nearby from the camel safari and desert carnival capital of India.


Not a lot of people can deny the understated charms that Turkey brings to international travel. It has always been a favorite among the honeymooners interested in panoramic views of nature, calm surroundings, rich cultural heritage, amazing shopping experience and great food. Do not forget to book your ticket for a ride in the hot air balloon across the azure sky over the colorful streets of Turkey.


Apart from the crazy parties, carnivals, and lazy beaches, Mauritius has a wonderfully untouched countryside and country life waiting for you! Go on a romantic date on private islands or go dolphin watching to shake things up a bit. Trek to the craters of active volcanoes to spice up the relationship a bit.


If you want to travel abroad but don’t have the budget, Thailand is the perfect option for you. This is a collection of the most exotic beaches and white sands that transports people from Indian soil to the unknown tropics within seconds. Live up your honeymoon nights in the white moonlight or enjoy relaxing couple’s massages in one of the thousands of exotic massage centers within the capital.


No couple can think of a culturally diverse honeymoon, without thinking of Shimla at least once. It has been an uncontested favorite among young love for decades. Small hill-stations, lush greenery, rich heritage, great shops and amazing food welcome every couple from across the world.


Egypt has been a favorite among everyone looking to dive into the history and heritage of the pharaohs. The desolate ruins and imposing pyramids inspire a different romance that is hard to find elsewhere. Shop at El Haram and soak up the sun at Alexandria before leaving for Luxor and Taba.

The Maldives

An exotic beach honeymoon is incomplete without the Maldives. Stay at luxury beach resorts, indulge in couple’s spas and massages, spice up your relationship in the solitude of the tropical islands far away from the clamor of the city life.

Spice up your love with the bounties these romantic locations have to offer!

Having a Military Wedding on a Budget

There are ways to plan a military wedding on a budget

Every young couple has issues to cope with when it comes time to prepare their wedding on a limited budget.

If the bride or the groom is in the military, there are additional challenges. These unions are steeped in tradition and are moving and touching.

But, before you begin your life together as a military family, there are some important issues to consider.

A Military Wedding On A BudgetPhoto Credit

Your financial health

Everything you do has consequences. The consequences of being a member of the military and accruing debt you cannot pay can damage your military career. The government can and will pull a soldier’s credit report if they are seeking a job in the armed forces where they need security clearance.

If the report is bad and you have debt that is not being paid properly, the security clearance will be revoked. It gets worse. Having debt that they cannot pay entitles the government to reclassify them involuntary or discharge them from the service. Most soldiers who have reached a level where they need security clearance will choose discharge over being dropped down to the level of a cook.

Your financial healthPhoto Source

Having a great wedding on a limited budget

In some ways having a military budget-wedding is easier. A bride and groom can have a civil service or take advantage of the military chapel. Formal dress uniforms are highly regarded and save the couple money renting a tux.

You will need to check with the Chaplain to get a copy of what is and is not allowed. For example, nothing can be added to the military uniform. That includes boutonnieres.

Taking advantage of the Saber Arch gives you the unique wedding that you dream of, and saves on decorations as the arch takes center stage. You can easily add this best rustic chalkboard for a garden wedding theme.

Wedding colors should complement the military uniform. Choose a bouquet that brings out the accent colors of the uniform. Red roses are a good match. Bridesmaids dresses in red, blue, tan, or olive are also a good choice.

Formal or casual seating?

If you are going to have a sit-down reception, you need to know the protocol. High ranking members of the military must be given seating of honor, together. Lower ranking military personnel can be given the choice of sitting at their own table or sitting with friends and family.

Formal or Casual SeatingPhoto Source


In many cases the time for the bride and groom is limited. They may opt to have an afternoon wedding and simply serve pastry and punch. They may choose a traditional wedding cake. However, consider this. The cake is the most expensive option. It takes time to dispose of the leftover cake and there is a substantial amount of clean up.

A candy buffet is a good choice. It is less expensive. Very trendy and beautiful, and by buying bulk candy online, the candy is delivered right to the bride or groom. Leftovers are placed in treat bags and sent home with the guests. Clean up is not a problem.

Another choice is a cookie or donut bar. These are very popular and make a nice display.  However, if they are not consumed immediately, they are not fresh after the event.

Incorporating your love for country and support of the United States military is an honored tradition. It costs less than traditional weddings, and the rules that are in place ensure an elegant affair. There is no better way to show your commitment to your partner and your country than a military wedding.
Tips to Help You End Up with the Best Wedding Photographs
4 Tips For Best Wedding Photographs
6 Types of Bridal Flowers That Will Complement Your Wedding Dress

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Tips to Help You End Up with the Best Wedding Photographs

The wedding photos are important as they capture all the great moments of your big day. When your wedding photos turn out great, you will want to show them off to the whole world. If you end up with disastrous photos, you only suffer regrets as you will not be whipping out your wedding album for people to see. The only way you can be sure that you will have great wedding photos is if you take your time to find the right photographer adept in Wedding Photography Byron Bay. 

Among the service providers you will need for the wedding, the photographer plays one of the most important roles. Without him or her, you will not have the tangible memories of the day. That said, you can use the following tips to find the best photographer.

Consider a photographer someone else used

Looking over the wedding photos of other couples allows you to identify the right photographer. Consider the style, quality of prints and other details that will help you assess the skills that the photographer has. One key thing to note is that in the photographs, the wedding couple is the focus of the cameraman. In photos where the couple is in a crowd, the photo should have them in sharp focus. The skills of the photographer should allow him or her to capture the best photos of the couple at the photo shoot, regardless of where it is held.

Choose the perfect photo shoot location

Having the best location for the photo shoot should give you the best photos for your wedding. A good photo location provides the best background and allows you to infuse other elements into your photos. Even if your photoshoot happens at a photo studio or such a static environment, you should use props to make it more interesting. You can also choose a skilled photographer who will tastefully add effects to the wedding photographs. Again, you may have the perfect location but if the camera is in the wrong hands, you will not enjoy the beauty of the moment.

Have an idea of the type of photos you want taken

You want to have an idea of the type of photographs to go for. Discuss this in detail with the photographer before the wedding. You may want black and white shots or more vivid colors. Whatever type of effects you have in mind, you should clearly explain to the photographer. If you are not sure, have the photographer give you suggestions that you can use for your wedding. Look at the photographer’s portfolio for inspiration. You can also use other sources to pick the right photo style you see fit for your wedding day.

Create the right mood

The other element of great photos is you. You should not only look good but also create the right mood for the photographer to capture. You cannot have a request for joyful shots when you cannot give a genuine smile. For the duration of the photo shoot, focus your mind entirely on the photos. Do not worry about the wedding troubles if any. If you want a romantic look for your photo, be ready to play your role for the best outcome.