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What to Do if Your Child Wants to Break into the Showbiz Industry

While most kids are busy gearing up for a summer vacation filled with fun and relaxation, some kids have an entirely different plan in mind. If you’re a parent of a child who has their eye on showbiz, then your son or daughter may be looking for ways to pursue their dream during summer. Of course, as a parent you want to help and encourage their dreams, so what can you do when their dream is to make it in showbiz? What to Do if Your Child Wants to Break into the Showbiz Industry

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Well, there are a few things you can do that will help to improve their chances of getting noticed and breaking into the industry, so let’s take a closer look.

Don’t Expect Overnight Success

One of the first conversations you’ll want to have with your budding star is the fact that success rarely happens overnight. Even when it seems as though a star has suddenly made it big, chances are they have been working at their craft, on their own, for many years. There is nothing wrong with success taking time and patience; if anything, it helps that star to become stronger, better at what they do, and appreciate the success that much more when it strikes.

Enroll in Acting Classes

The summer vacation is the perfect time to enroll your child in acting classes. You can start by looking to see what is offered through your own town/city. Over the summer, it is quite common to find acting day camps, which allow kids to fully immerse themselves in the craft.

If you can’t find anything, speak to a local community theatre. Sometimes local theatres offer classes or they can direct you to an acting coach outside the theatre.

Another tip to keep in mind is that showbiz encompasses a number of things. If your child shows interest in acting and singing, for example, you can always enrol them in acting and singing classes. The better-rounded they are, the more likely they are of being able to find gigs later on.

Network and Find Those that Can Help

It’s also very important to network with those in the industry so you can start meeting those who can help advance your child’s career. This doesn’t mean you need to pay someone to get your child started. Instead, look for a talent agency that is unionized so you know they are legitimate.

Attending auditions is another way to network. Take, for example, Michael David Palance who is a well-known actor, developer, producer, and CEO of Premiere. Palance has been in the business since the mid-80s, not only working but also helping others to break into the industry and get their chance.

In fact, Palance is currently starring in a reality show called “My Hollywood”, which is chronicling the lives of various families from all around the world who are trying to break into showbiz. Its connections such as these that can really help propel a career forward.

Keep At It and Stay Motivated

While summer offers a great opportunity to start looking into a career in showbiz, it should be seen as the first stepping stone in your child’s goal of being successful.


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