Top 3 Internet Providers in the U.S. which Outrank Others

Top-3-internet-providers-in-the-US-which-outrank-othersThere are thousands of internet service providers operating across the United States. So, it is quite a challenge to dive in and find the best ones out there. Though location plays a central role in determining the most effective ISP in your area, you will rarely end up with a single, startling choice. Since, on average, multiple providers cater to a vicinity, according to the latest estimates. What you need to know here are the main factors to consider when deciding the best internet service provider for your household or business needs. The process of comparing providers and packages might give you a headache, but we can make it a lot easier for you. Following is a list of the top internet providers in the United States and the factors that make them stand out from among the rest.

Factors Involved

Before you jump to the list of the most captivating internet providers, you must know the factors that make them worthwhile. These are speed, reliability, convenience and customer care services, to say the least. Let us have a look at the best internet providers and what they offer:


Spectrum is known for offering smooth and stable internet service without any pains of data caps. You can stream HD videos, compete in online gaming and enjoy unlimited bandwidth as much as you like, without facing any hurdle. Charter Spectrum enjoys a good repute in the industry for all the right reasons. It never fails to deliver whooping fast network speeds and reliable, lag-free connectivity to the customers. You do not have to worry about early termination fees or any rise in prices, as Spectrum is a provider you can actually count on. With the adoption of DOCSIS 3.1 technology, it has become the second-largest cable internet provider and expanded to as many as 44 states. Furthermore, Spectrum internet plans are much cheaper than their competitors’ for the blazing fast speeds they offer. The real appeal probably lies in their bundle deals, wherein you get to enjoy additional promotional discounts, no installation fee, free DVR, free Wi-Fi setup and a lot more. Plus, you get to save a considerable amount of money by bundling the internet along with TV and/or phone services, while managing everything under a single bill.

Verizon FiOS

Verizon is one of the finest providers of the country to offer exceptional internet services at competitive pricing and relatively good customer satisfaction service. It lets you experience safe, reliable and affordable internet connectivity without any hassle. So, if you love online gaming, are always on video calls or enjoy streaming, Verizon is just the right provider to let you experience a seamless internet connection. Providing fiber internet plans, Verizon’s network speeds usually range from 50 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. It caters to most of the urban areas and as many as nine states. However, you are unlikely to find Verizon internet access in rural areas.


Xfinity also makes it to the top internet service provider list as it continues to offer remarkably fast internet speeds, ranging from 10 Mbps to 2 Gbps. The internet and TV packages are surely a treat for the customers. The wide diversity of plans and bundle deals makes Xfinity catch the attention of the users instantly. However, it does impose an installation fee and usually involves a contract signing. It has impressive coverage across the US while serving as many as 40 states. No wonder it has raised the bar of the telecom industry and stands among the top providers enjoying widespread popularity.

Wrapping Up,

There is a wide range of factors that are involved when we select the top ranking and most trending internet service providers across the United States. Mainly speaking, it is the type of speed, reliability, pricing and customer care or technical services offered by a provider that governs its repute in the industry. Considering these aspects, the aforementioned internet providers have succeeded in satisfying the users to the fullest and winning the high prestige in the market that they enjoy. 
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