Choosing Personal Hygiene Products

Select the right type of menstrual hygiene products for your personal needs

During menstruation, there are different kinds of female hygiene products which are to be used for managing the bleeding. Sanitary napkins or pads which are stuck to the panties are worn for absorbing the bleeding. It is very important to use good quality and antibacterial sanitary napkins during periods. More convenient options for tackling menstrual bleeding include the use of tampons or menstrual cups. It is important to know the advantages of both tampons and cups in order to decide on the most suitable product.

The notable of sanitary products

If someone is wondering about which sanitary product is better between menstrual cup vs tampons, then it is important to know about both in detail. A tampon is inserted inside the vagina and directly soaks up the blood that trickles out from the cervical aperture. Usually, a tampon swells up as it soaks the endometrial bleeding. It is quite easy to insert a tampon, and for adolescent girls too instructions are present on the packet. The features of a tampon are enlisted below:

  • There are different sizes of tampons, and in case of many tampon brands, there are applicators that allow easier insertion.
  • The shape of a tampon is generally akin to a small cylinder, but there are natural sponge tampons that are more or less round in shape.
  • The tampon usually has a string at the rear end, and after use, it can be pulled out by using the string that hangs out from the body. Some tampons do not have any string and are directly pulled out.

It is always advisable to change the tampon after three or four hours. Sleeping at night with tampons during periods is strictly prohibited. Medically too it is unhygienic to leave the tampon inside the body for too long. Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS is a fatal condition caused by infection from tampons. Hence high-quality tampons made from only medical grade and natural fibers should be used, and it should not be kept inside for too long.

In menstrual cup vs tampons, it is important to know that tampons are disposable but menstrual cups can be reused. Menstrual cups are silicon based structures that resemble like a rounded funnel with a stem at the end. The stem is for gripping the cup when it has to be drained. The definite advantages of using cups include the following:

  • Cups are suitable for use when it is difficult to dispose of sanitary napkins.
  • There is a huge range when it comes to the size of menstrual cups, and larger cups can hold a considerable amount of fluid.
  • It can be boiled after the period and stored in the pouch for reuse.
  • Fatal infections are usually not caused by the use of cups as the silicone is skin friendly and non-toxic.

Hence it is important to understand the features of both tampons and menstrual cups and then choose the sanitary product with which one is most comfortable.

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