The City of Light The Top 10 Must-Do Things in Paris

The City of Light The Top 10 Must-Do Things in ParisYou love exploring and are sure Paris is the place for you. Now you’re creating your travel plans! However, this exotic city is quite large and comes with a vast variety of activities to choose from. But don’t worry! Keep reading to find the top 10 things to do in Paris:

1. Try French Macaroons

French macaroons are delicious, and what better place to experience them than in Paris, France! In this city, you should have no trouble finding these delicious treats as they are available in nearly all of the bakeries.  However, Macaroons don’t stay fresh forever so make sure you eat them within a few days time as you explore your Paris attractions.

2. Speak French

What better place to speak a foreign language than in a foreign country? If you’re traveling to Paris, be sure to learn at least a little French before you arrive.Not only will this help you be better able to communicate, but knowing a second language is also super fun! However, don’t just start up a conversation with any random stranger. Just as you would in your own country, be wise in who you talk too.  Good options for practicing your French would be placing an order at a restaurant or asking a store worker about the latest styles.

3. Experience The Eiffel Towel

When visiting Paris, one of the most unique locations to visit is the Eiffel Towel. You can even go to the top to see an amazing view of the city surrounding it! And at night you can watch it glow for a few minutes each hour until 1 in the morning. Also, keep in mind that French sunsets may occur later than you’re used too. Sometimes it doesn’t get dark until around 10 pm.

4. Find A Delicious Restaurant

You know your own city very well and likely have a favorite restaurant. Before visiting a new place, do some research to find the best restaurants with great reviews.Also, remember that French restaurants may have different hours than your own country. Lunch lasts from 12 pm until 2 pm and dinner doesn’t start until much later in the evenings.

5. Go Shopping

Paris is well-known to be an awesome place for fashion, making shopping one of the best things to do in Paris. Here, you can explore the latest styles throughout the city. However, if you plan to update your entire wardrobe, make sure to pack light and leave plenty of room in your suitcase. Some of the best tips for packing light is to not bring anything extra you don’t need. For example, you can leave your hair dryer at home if you know your hotel will have one. The best times to shop are during the months of July and January, where you can discover amazing sales!

6. Write A Journal

While you’re exploring all the best places to visit in Paris, consider writing your travels into a journal so you won’t forget anything. Journaling is very enjoyable and it would be super fun to look back on your adventures later on. However, journaling is not the only option available. You could also make a scrapbook, collage of pictures, or printed mini book detailing all your experiences and the Paris attractions you explored.

7. Cruise on The River Seine

When you want to take a break from walking, another great way to sight-see is to go for a calm boat cruise on the River Seine. And if you want to explore on the Seine and the Eiffel Tower on the same day, be sure to plan a tour!

8. Take A Group Tour

There are many places to visit in Paris, and going with multiple people can be safer and more fun than exploring solo regardless of where you choose to travel.  If you plan on seeing many Paris attractions consider taking a group tour. This way, you can explore all the coolest places while still staying safe at the same time. Also, while you’re on a tour, make sure to keep some cash with you so you can tip the tour guides. Tips can range between two and five euros.

9. Book A Room With A View

A room with a view might just be for you as there are plenty of options to choose from! When making your hotel plans, consider booking one with a balcony. This way, you can enjoy the fresh cool breeze and always get to see the sights of Paris. However, the best rooms have the potential to get booked quickly for peak tourism seasons so make sure you plan ahead to guarantee the best room possible.

10. Visit The Louvre Musem

The Louvre Musem is a unique place to visit in Paris, it’s outside is beautiful and clear while its structure resembles the shape of a pyramid. And inside you will find plenty of amazing artwork, including paintings such as the Mona Lisa! This Paris attraction also gets approximately 15,000 guests each day; to avoid crowds, be sure to visit during less busy hours.

Final Thoughts on Things to do in Paris

There is a vast variety of things to do in Paris, making this city definitely a go-to destination every traveler should add to their bucket list. And as you’re finalizing your plans, be sure to consider some of the options mentioned above! What are your thoughts on the top things to do in Paris? Feel free to share your traveling advice in the comments below!
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