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A Complete Makeover from Head to Toe

A Complete Makeover from Head to Toe

We all need a touch-up every so often, but once in a while, we are all due for a complete makeover. If you are tired of the way your hair looks, what color it is, not it’s time to take matters into your own hands and change everything you don’t like. As promised, today we are giving you a full guide for a makeover that covers literally everything from head to toe. Unlike the famous, makeover TV shows, we are not going to tuck anything away. The goal is to enhance your natural beauty and bring out the best of you, so definitely stay tuned.

Let’s start from the top

Let’s start from the top

You might be sensitive when it comes to your hair, reluctant to change color and length, but change is good, as long as you find the right kind. If you’re feeling apprehensive towards cutting your locks, simply install the Hair MakeOver app that gives you the opportunity to try on different styles, and then you can be sure that your next cut will suit you perfectly.

As for hair color, colorists suggest that you shouldn’t stray from two shades darker or lighter from your natural, to avoid high-maintenance, especially if you are dabbing in at-home-coloring. The color will, nonetheless, be refreshing and if you choose to go a shade or two darker you will achieve a much healthier look as the light bounces off dark hair much nicer and the result is shiny glossy hair. If you are looking for inspiration, do see what celebrities are wearing these days, perhaps it will spark an idea or two.

Bring that face to spic and span

Bring that face to spic and span 01

The first thing your precious face needs is exfoliation and a great mask to get rid of all the impurities and dead cells. The best part is that it can also be done at home, with everything you have in your kitchen. For a gentle exfoliation, you only need two ingredients – yogurt and sea salt. If you are fighting acne, this is the perfect solution as yogurt contains a complex of probiotics that have a soothing and cleansing effect on your skin.

Next in line is a great mask. Its main ingredient is – honey! Honey is a wonderful ingredient for natural homemade facial masks as it is a natural humectant, keeping your skin moisturized, and has valuable skin care benefits, helping to protect, restore and rejuvenate the skin. For all skin types, the best mixture is 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and one egg yolk. Mix the ingredients and once you get a homogenous paste, simply apply it and keep it for twenty minutes, then gently remove the mask using warm water. Fresh, soft and replenished skin in less than half an hour!

Finally, apply a great moisturizer that has a high SPF, something like UV protective moisturizer by Ultraceuticals. This moisturizer is like killing two birds with one stone – it locks in moisture and protects your skin.

Head over to the makeup department

Head over to the makeup department

The no-makeup makeup look was definitely one of the most dominant looks on the runways this year. This is an amazing look that gives you a fresh and natural-looking glow without seeming overdone. The queen of the natural everyday look is most definitely Desi Perkins, so make sure to check out this tutorial and master this technique in no time. However, you don’t have to use all the high-end products she does, as there are amazing, wallet-friendly budget dupes that will give you the same results.

Time for mani-pedi

Time for mani-pedi

No makeover is complete without the glue that holds it all together – a great manicure and pedicure. When it comes to the first, some of the best runway nails of this season are yours to copy. If you aren’t very savvy in the DIY nail area, pick your favorite and head over to your manicurist. You deserve this splurge. The pedicure part you most certainly can do all by yourself, so make sure to follow this amazing step by step guide and give yourself a salon-quality treatment in your very own home. Your feet will feel and look amazing, and it won’t cost you a fortune. Remember – you don’t have to spend a million to look like a million.

As we promised, head to toe, and you can do it all in a day. Enjoy and flaunt your new look, you deserve it! A Complete Makeover from Head to Toe

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