Why Should You Look For The Correct Sized Bras

Why Should You Look For The Correct Sized BrasAlmost eighty percent of women wear a bra that is not right for them, and when they wear bras which are incorrectly fitted, then it can make them physically ill. Also, headache is a common result of wearing the incorrectly sized bra. Breasts do not have any muscles in them, so when someone wears the wrong sized bras, then the weight can pull the breast downward, which can put a strain on their shoulders also. This is why a correct sized bra will assist in keeping the posture of the body remain steady and balanced and also promote better circulation of blood.

Change in your look: Besides creating a lot of health problems, a wrong bra may also change the way a woman looks. Bras which do not fit well can make the bust appear bulky and affect the posture. Bras that are properly fitted can help in making you look slim and let clothes fit better on the body and improve the breathing and your energy levels also. So it is important to choose a bra that fits you perfectly no matter what style of clothes you are wearing.

One of the most common issues is that a lot of women wear bras that have large band sizes with small cup sizes. In these instances breasts would be supported by shoulder straps that can create a lot of pressure on your shoulders. When you wear a bra that is properly fitted, it will help in supporting your breasts from the bottom and not just shoulder straps. This will help in reducing the pressure on your shoulders.

If you want to get more information and a deeper understanding regarding the essential nature of wearing the right sized bras then you need to go through the following information which can help you get some useful tips:

How is getting the right fitting of a bra done?

How to Measure Your Bra Size

You can get measured by a professional in a rather simple and easy process. You would just be asked to take off a layer of clothing to be only your bra or tank top that you are wearing at the moment. The fitting specialists would then measure the rib cage and then bring some bras for you to try; she will adjust the straps till the right fit is found.         

Why must you get measured by a professional?

It is important to get measured professionally to find the right bra size. Professional measurement will help you get the correct bra shape that fits your body. Bra fitting experts can help you get the right cup size. You need to understand that bras do not have any standard size that is universally accepted. For instance, a bra which is 34C in Japan will be different from the 34C of Germany the same in the US. Even styles of bras will fit differently so you must try all of them before making your purchase.

Will wearing the right bra have any impact on your overall look?

A bra that fits you correctly will help in improving your posture; it will give you a lot of confidence and can also make you look slim and accentuate your waist. On special occasions, it can help you look more graceful, improve your posture, and add more grace to your appearance.

Should you have yourself measured often?

It is usually recommended that you go for a bra measurement service at least once every six months or a year because your size might change depending on the weight of your body. Also, it is a free service so you can spend time getting the service done.

How will you be able to find out whether you are wearing the incorrect size?

How to Measure Yourself for a Bra Correctly
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You will be able to easily understand when your cup size is too small because you will be able to see if there is any spillage in the cleavage area or under your arms and towards the back. As the breast tissue is made from almost seventy-five percent fat and the rest is glandular tissue so the cup area will easily be prominent when the size is incorrect. The cups which fully cover the breasts should completely cover without having the wires digging inside the tissues. The correct way for checking whether the bra is fitted properly is by lifting your arms up and then twisting your body and seeing if the bra remains in its place.

Some popular misconceptions about different bra sizes:

Many times, women will tend to wear bras which have the wrong band size or a cup size that is not too large. There are some essential factors which must be taken into consideration when you are looking for the correct sized bra:

  1. Under bands – The under band needs to be parallel with the floor, and it must be secured so as not to get loose too quickly.
  2. Straps – The straps must be easily adjustable.

If you think you need the biggest bra size, then you should consider getting your breasts measured again so that you can find the right sized bras for yourself.


It is important that you wear the correct size bras. It will help you to look and also feel good at the same time. It is extremely important for women to invest in a good fitting bra. You will need to ensure that you can invest in a bra that is fitting correctly and is made of good quality materials and is comfortable for you. 
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