When Enough is Enough- Should It Be Counseling or Divorce?

When Enough is Enough

When Enough is Enough- Should It Be Counseling or Divorce?

With every news article, television broadcast and social media post, the controversial issues that women are faced with continues to come to light, sparking much needed debates and discussions that push women’s rights to the forefront. With so many ways to communication and various channels available that connect people across the world, issues are being discussed with a broader audience and society is undergoing massive changes. Even with more discussions taking place all over the world, women are still victimized and violated in unimaginable ways. They are still being held captive and traumatized. They are still raped, sexual discriminated against, humiliated and emotionally abused. Domestic violence is still common and finding support in these dangerous situations isn’t always culturally accepted or supported.

It is important that we are discussing the ideology that still runs rampant that perceives women as inferior to men. There are so many women enduring physical and mental abuse and what is even more difficult to fathom is that many of these circumstances take place during marriage by the hands of someone they love. Marriage should be the joining of two people in a committed relationship founded on love and mutual respect, yet many are in a relationship that is in no way safe or nurturing. While progress is being made as more and more continue to break the silence, there is still much to do. Women should no longer be expected to tolerate marriages where there is no emotional support, they are mistreated, sexually abused or forced to endure violent situations.

When is it Enough

Most don’t enter a marriage to have it end in divorce and it isn’t an easy decision to make. Before deciding to divorce your spouse, consider all of the implications. Take some time to think about and understand what marriage is and what marriage is not. Divorce shouldn’t be the final decision because you aren’t getting along; there are moments when you will not. There is a huge difference between normal conflict and domestic violence. Divorce requires you to be able to make a decision and let go of all the strong emotional attachments. Once you have decided to divorce, there will be a combination of sadness and perhaps anger and some regret, but ultimately when you have had enough, there is peace because you have determined there is nothing more that you hope to give or gain from the relationship.

Irretrievably Broken?

Irretrievably Broken

Even when you have come to terms with the decision to divorce your spouse, you must understand that you must show that the circumstances are no longer tolerable and the relationship is broken beyond repair, or irretrievably broken. If you are being abused, assaulted, raped and humiliated, seek professional services and know that all of these are grounds to end your marriage. Too many women have suffered in silence for too long. There are many cultures that still have practices that make filing for a divorce extremely difficult for women, yet there are laws in place that protect women from staying in a marriage when the laws and customs of the marriage have not been followed. Understand what those grounds of divorce are and how the law can protect you.

Seek Professional Assistance

If you have decided to end your marriage, companies such as Liaise Divorce Solutions, offer a wide range of services to resolve a divorce with mediation. With a free consultation, they can help you deal with the changes in your life and the trauma that you have experienced. You are not alone, break your silence and reach out today!

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