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How to Create Fashion Simplicity

How to Create Fashion Simplicity

Little did Leonardo da Vinci know that his statement on simplicity being the ultimate form of sophistication will resonate for centuries to come, let alone that it will be a guiding star for fashion designers, stylists and good dressers of today. Trends come and go, but somehow it seems that we always find ourselves following the route of simplicity once we are done experimenting with everything else and decide it is time to go back to basics and opt for sleek and sophisticated looks that simply never go out of style.

Achieving simplicity is all about careful selection and saying goodbye to uncooperative and trendy pieces that have the life span of a fruit fly. All you need is some determination, de-cluttering and smart shopping, so let us guide you on this road to everlasting style and refinement.

Powerful outerwear

The first thing people notice when they see your confident strut down the street is the outerwear. It provides a glimpse into your sense of style and sets the tone for the rest of your outfit. It is for this reason that any simplicity and minimalist lover should never be without a great camel-colored trench coat that is both well-tailored and made using high-quality fabrics, such as those Oskar The Label carries in its simplistic collection. It adds an air of sophistication to every outfit, whether it is comprised by jeans and a T-shirt or a fitted dress. Depending on the occasion it can look casual or super, super chic, and is therefore an item that should be chosen with care. Powerful outerwear

The second staple outerwear piece one should not live without is the biker leather jacket. This piece is the fashion equivalent of a chameleon. It can provide you with a great number of wow effects ranging from casual and edgy to chic and sophisticated and everything in between. This is a go-to item that you can’t go wrong with, no matter what else you’re wearing under it.

One dress to rule them all

It is more than obvious what type of dress is in question – the little black dress. The right cut and fabric can make you feel the most sophisticated and sexiest you have ever felt in your life, and more than that, black is the epitome of both simplicity and finesse. One dress to rule them all

If the Audrey Hepburn iconic cut is not exactly your style nor flattering to your body type, there are numerous options, all due to the fact that designers and retailers are going out of their way to cater to this return to simplicity, so even in the LBD arena, there are plenty of choices. When the next special occasion arrives, you will not be left at sea; you will have your black dress that will always come to your rescue and make you look effortlessly striking.

The Holy Grail

Without that perfect pair of trousers, everything else you put on seems futile. This is why hunting down the perfect pair of jeans and black trousers is paramount. The Holy Grail

Black trousers, whether pressed or flared, can elevate any look, and the perfect pair of jeans is simply necessary for everyday life. The additional reason why every girl in the world needs that perfect pair of jeans is similar to the reason behind the importance of owning a leather jacket; once you have found your Holy Grail among jeans, nothing you add to the outfit can take away from its greatness. Invest your time and your money, and hunt those pieces down. Your closet and your body will be eternally grateful.

Listen to Tim Gunn

One of the essential pieces of advice the iconic stylist and fashion consultant will tell you that every woman needs a white classic white shirt and a cashmere sweater. Quality basics are what the five-piece principle is all about, but it is also about adaptability. Listen to Tim Gunn

The importance of a crisp white shirt lies in its versatility. It can be worn at the office with black trousers or a fitting pencil skirt, but it can also be dressed down and make you ready for a coffee date if you add those great jeans and an equally great belt into the mix. A cashmere sweater is there for those days when you need to be warm but still look gosh darn chic and not the least bit clunky, and again, it works with everything you throw at it. It is Simplicity at its finest.

All good things come in threes

Three should be your lucky number, because it is the exact number of pairs of footwear you need to have, and they include stilettos, pumps and ballet flats. If for some reason you are not big on one of these, you can easily substitute them for a pair of classy (though not sporty) sneakers, the kind that would go well with skirts and jeans. All good things come in threes Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life. Find her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google +

How To Create Fashion Simplicity

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