What It Be Like To Date A Model

A Date with a Model A Date With a Model

Sure, dating a model is pretty high on the list of male fantasies, but what’s it really like to make time with a working mannequin? Our friends at Loveawake dating site hooked up with Tatiana — a fashion model for runway, catalog and magazines — to get the real scoop on dating the professionally beautiful.

What’s cool about dating a model? Besides the obvious.

“Models are, in general, very well traveled and therefore kinda worldly. We go to museums. We climb cathedrals. We do photo shoots in abandoned Black Forest castles. We have more stamps on our passports than a fleet of diplomatic attachés, we are conversational in a couple languages and are pretty up-to-speed on world cuisine.”

What sucks about dating a model?

“It’s the kind of career that totally colonizes a person’s life. Having a normal relationship, with things like dates and dinners out and that party so-and-so’s throwing Friday after next, is difficult. We can also be a bit crazy, and most of us have issues about our bodies and/or food. And anyone with a jealous bone in his body need not apply.”

What’s the wrong way to approach a model? “You might be the coolest guy in the world, but if you yell some trite line in my ear at a crowded, overloud bar, and then casually mention your super-cool job and how much you make, I’m likely to pretend not to be able to hear you and run back to my friends. It’s always the men I would have zero interest in romantically whose ears prick up at the word ‘model.'”

So what’s the best way for a guy to approach you?

“The best way for a man to approach me is when we share a mutual interest beyond turning up at the same bar on an evening. Strike up a conversation about how cool the band we just saw was, or the book I’m reading at the coffee shop. Offer to help me get my laptop to stop doing that color-wheel-spin-of-death thing and I’ll love you forever. ”

What kind of guys do models go for?

“Models have so much weirdness going on in our lives that we really are best suited to people who have a lot going on in their own — people who can be there for us, and who can appreciate it when we’re around for them, but who have their own stuff to do and don’t expect a woman’s slavish attention.

If you’re willing to go with the flow, relax, release every jealous instinct and deal with long separations (and the passionate returns that are their natural reward), dating a model might just be for you.”
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