How to Boost Your Smile Without Breaking The Bank This Year

It’s easy to feel a pang of envy when you catch sight of the dazzling white smiles of Hollywood celebrities. Surely such beautifully white teeth must be out of your reach simply on account of your depleted bank balance? Well, not quite – there are many cost-effective hacks which you could use.How to boost your smile without breaking the bank this year

Here are just a few examples. In following these tips, you could perk up both your happiness and confidence as well as leave yourself looking years younger – all just by improving your smile!

Brush with stain-removing toothpaste

If you swap your regular toothpaste for a stain-removing one, you can look forward to seeing your teeth lighten over time. However, there would remain the risk of damaging enamel along the way, which is why Prima urges you to choose a stain-removing toothpaste that is minimally abrasive.

One viable option available to UK customers, for example, is Oral-B 3D White, which costs just £3.50 per 75ml and pledges to brighten a smile in only a couple of weeks.

Make your own whitener at home

While various options abound for whitening the teeth, you might not have realized that you can produce your own whitener. That’s possible through mixing baking soda and water to produce a paste with which you can beneficially brush your teeth a few times monthly.

In doing so, you can remove superficial staining as well as whiten your teeth by at least a shade, says the Prevention site… and, no, this paste won’t be abrasive enough to erode your enamel.

Be careful what you eat

You might have already been advised against drinking red wine for the sake of your teeth – and you might have understandably reacted by blurting: “Spoilsport!”

Fortunately, you could avoid having to forgo that vino if you drink gulps of it in-between bouts of nibbling on crunchy raw vegetables. The whitening effect of these vegetables can be attributed to their brushing action capable of rubbing away stains just as they are settling.

Your teeth could also thank you if you eat more strawberries, which include a natural acid with the ability to whiten teeth.

Tan yourself and choose the right lipstick

Here’s a deceptively simple way of making your teeth look whiter: make its surroundings look darker. For that reason, if you routinely wear lipstick, opt for it in shades with blue undertones. Lipstick colors with yellow or gold undertones instead can highlight the yellow in your teeth.

Tanning yourself is another way of leaving your teeth looking whiter – and, don’t worry, you can opt for a fake tan if you lack the appetite for a real one.

Pay regular visits to a dental hygienist

You might have visited a hygienist just once before, but you should make a habit of it to whiten your teeth and make your gums healthier. Whether you’re considering turning to dentists in Balham, Clapham or Wandsworth, you could be pleasantly surprised how little you have to travel to utilize services of a dental hygienist in London, for example.

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