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Fast Fashion Vs Sustainable Fashion

In some recent years people around the world have began noticing the importance of sustainability in different aspects of life. This is an important topic also when it comes to the fashion industry. So what is it actually that differs the conventional or fast fashion as some call it, from the sustainable fashion nowadays? What are the main differences and how does that influence us globally? Here are some of the most important features that represent these two movements.Materials


Materials Used In Making Clothing

When talking about the materials that are used for manufacturing clothing garments there is a noticeable difference between the ones used in fast fashion and the ones used in slow fashion industry. The raw materials used in most fast-fashion production are rayon and nylon. These are synthetic petroleum-based materials that have been shown to cause many health problems. Also, the artificial dyes that are used in this industry contain heavy metals like chopper and chromium, which are toxic to both humans and the environment. Unlike this, slow-fashion industry materials are based on only natural and organic fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and even soy that are Eco and animal friendly.

Social Injustice
Children-a-social-injusticeMany conventional brands have been linked to work exploitation, child labor and unbearable working conditions. That is why the fair trade movement was invented in order to advocate the producers in developing countries in achieving better trading conditions, to promote sustainability and also to try and reduce poverty. The goal of the movement is to secure the rights of the marginalized producers and workers in developing countries. There are also a lot of brands that support fair trade and offer a possibility of online shopping. This way you can buy dresses online but also all kinds of different garments and clothing pieces and know that you are supporting a righteous movement. 

Eco-Friendly-clothing In the last couple of years there has been a major increase of Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands all over the world. Even some of the major fashion names have decided to go green. For example, H&M have started implementing Eco-friendly practices during the process of clothes manufacturing. They have introduced a new recycling program in which shoppers can bring any bag of used clothing into H&M and get a coupon for 15% off their next purchase. Also, there are many more brands that are promoting sustainable and ethical fashion that are at the same time looking out for the people, animals and the environment

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to comparing these two types of fashion industries. Sustainability is becoming a very important topic worldwide and everybody should try and contribute as much as they can. Just a small amount of effort is needed in order to support the fashion industry that is striving to create a world that is not only environmentally friendly but also people and animal friendly too. It is crucial to keep all these things in mind the next time you decide to do some shopping.

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