Effective Techniques To Permanently Get Rid Of Ants

How-To-Permanently-Get-Rid-Of-Ants.How To Permanently Get Rid Of Ants

Ants live in colonies and, although they are not a direct threat to your health, they can be a nuisance. This is especially true if they track down something sugary in your house and all march in to take it. It is disconcerting and leaves you worried about all the food in your home, any of it could be contaminated by ants.

Call the Experts

The most efficient way to eliminate ants is to call your local pest control, they will have a specialist in ant control who can come and help you deal with the issue. Pest control firms are likely to use strong pesticides to eliminate the nest. They are fast and effective.

In most cases, this is cheaper than dealing with the issue yourself. It’s because the specialists have all the gear and know what works. In contrast, you’ll waste money purchasing ineffective products from your local store. Ultimately, you’ll spend more money and time dealing with the issue.

However, there are steps you can take to help prevent ants from becoming an issue:

Use Essential Oils

Ants are not keen on the smell of mint. They will actively avoid any area that smells of mint.

That means you can plant mint bushes around your garden and close to any entry to your home. It will help to keep the ants away.

But, a more effective solution is to put several drops of mint essential oil in a spray bottle of water and then cover all entry points. You simply need to spray the ground around doors and windows and the ants won’t cross the line.

You can also spray gaps and cracks in the walls.

Seal Everything Up

There are two areas that need to be sealed:

  1. Your House

Any gap or crack in the walls of your house is a potential entry point for ants and other pests. You should inspect the walls, paying particular attention to the spaces around doors and windows, and seal any gaps and cracks you find.

  1. Food

Ants are attracted to sugary treats. You can reduce or eliminate the attraction by storing all food, especially open packets, in sealed containers. Alongside this, wash dishes straightaway and wipe down all food preparation surfaces. If there is no food for the ants they won’t come into your home.

Vinegar & Water

This works in the same way as essential oils. Simply mix two tablespoons of vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spray around entry points.

It is worth noting that you can spray vinegar and water on an ant’s nest, it can be effective at getting them to move on.

Diatomaceous Earth

This substance is made from crushed fossils. It’s completely natural and, providing you use the food-grade version is harmless to humans and pets. Simply sprinkle it around the nest and the entry points to your house; The diatomaceous earth is full of tiny sharp points that will damage the ant’s exoskeletons. This causes them to dehydrate and die.

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