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How to Embrace Your True Beauty

How to Embrace Your True Beauty

Does embracing your true beauty sound too cliché to you? Maybe you’re going about your day just trying to get by and you don’t have time to stop and think about beauty in any form, or maybe you’re constantly down on yourself because you don’t think you’re beautiful at all. Whether we like it or not, beauty is something that affects us, consciously and subconsciously and embracing true beauty can do wonders for us.

So, what is beauty?

We’ll break it down into two separate definitions. There’s physical beauty, is only about the way you look and is completely subjective. What we mean by that is that when it comes to physical beauty every person has a different idea of what that is, it’s not black and white. Then there’s true beauty, and this comes from within. It has everything to do with the quality of person that you are and not the way you look.

People who are truly beautiful love others well, they’re caring, giving and they embrace and love themselves. This is what we want to focus on, because it’s the aspect of yourself that, when it really shines through, is all that matters. So how can you embrace your true beauty? We’ve got some tips.

3 Ways to Embrace Your True Beauty

Appreciate Yourself

Do you actually take time out of your day to appreciate yourself? Did you give someone a listening ear today? Did you complete a big project at work or finish reading an amazing book? Stop and take time today and every day to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, who you’ve helped and anything else that makes you uniquely you.

You are in charge of your own happiness and a big part of that is appreciating yourself. When you appreciate yourself, you raise the bar for how you let others treat you. When you take time to appreciate what you’re capable of and who you truly are, you start to figure out what it is that makes you truly beautiful.

Imperfections are a Part of Beauty

It’s totally human nature, but we tend to focus on the negative, especially about ourselves. When we reflect on our day and ourselves, we always seem to gravitate toward what we did wrong that day, or how we look like we haven’t showered in a week. Instead of viewing these things as negative, we need to embrace them! 

Even some companies with a focus on beauty recognize that imperfections are something to be celebrated. In’s mission statement, they say “We embrace imperfections and the non-traditional both inside and out.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Maybe when you made that mistake at work, it was a great opportunity for you to learn and do better next time. Maybe you haven’t had a chance to shower because you were busy getting stuff done around the house or taking care of someone you love. Embrace it! No one is perfect all of the time, and if you think they are…it’s probably just the façade they’re putting up on social media and not the truth.

Be Content

Most of the time we lack contentment in our lives because we’re so busy focusing on other people’s lives and what they have and we don’t spend enough time being thankful for what we have. Our lives are so much more beautiful than we give them credit for. Stop focusing on other people and embrace the beauty in your own life.

By changing your focus, seeing the beauty in your life and embracing what makes you uniquely you, you’ll see your attitude shift to one of appreciation and gratitude.


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