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I have a question for my readers:

1. How often do you enter a sweepstakes (not our blogger sweepstakes)?

2. Do you enter where it is just money, for trips, products or services?

3. Would you enter even if it wasn’t something that you wanted to win, but thought you could sell it to make a profit?

I have been researching on entering sweepstakes, other than our fun blog events and from what I have read there is quite the art to entering these contests. And in order to narrow your chances you have to enter early, there is even what is called Roboforms where it makes it faster to enter a lot of contests (saving you time to enter all your info with one click ) and then there are lists and lists of sweepstakes listed daily.

4. So who has the time to enter these? There are hundreds of thousands that do. And especially during hard times as everyone is looking for an edge on the economy.

5. Do you ever enter the contests sweepstakes from ads that you find in coupons or from grocery products, (boxes, labels or even the new QR codes they are using in advertising)?

6. So, I’m curious what is your take on these? 

I do love a good contest especially when I can see it helps someone get ahead, our events we all do as bloggers are my kind of contests to enter and promote, as I feel more comfortable with these and it always helps us all. I will be reading all your appreciate comments……….

Oh and if your interested in seeing some contests check this out Contest.About.com

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