Everything You Need to Know About Permanent Makeup

What-do-you-know-about-Permanent-makeup.The Guide to Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is also known as cosmetic tattooing. The goal of permanent makeup is for the individual to achieve a more natural look. It has also captured the attention of many celebrities. Permanent makeup comes in many forms. For example, permanent eyeliner is a popular method daily eyeliner wearers go for who are looking for a permanent solution but wants to avoid eyelid surgery.

Finding a Qualified Permanent Makeup Technician

Besides just training, it is important that you search for a professional who has the same aesthetic vision as you do. There are so many technicians that are in the industry just for the money, and they really don’t know what techniques suit their clients. It is important to look for a technician that is qualified, even though this process can be tricky since requirements are different in each state. Keep these tips in mind when searching for a qualified permanent makeup technician:

  • Research the salon
  • Talk to other clients
  • Ask about training, certification, and licenses
  • Check out before and after photos of their work

If all else fails, you can stick with a technician that shares the same ethnicity as you but is also equipped with the knowledge and experience needed. Sharing the same ethnicity does play a role since they will have the knowledge of how different techniques will react to your skin.

Permanent Makeup Results

You can normally expect the results of your permanent makeup to last anywhere between one and three years even though it may vary depending on many factors. This is because the pigment is metabolized by the body in people differently. However, skin touch-ups will be needed as time passes. It is also important to go for organic pigments that are designed to break down evenly and consistently to avoid color change over time.

Permanent Makeup Options

Here are some of the most popular permanent makeup options:

  • Microblading– This procedure involves the eyebrows. The pigment is pressed into a hairlike cut to extend and or fill in and shape an individual’s eyebrows.
  • Permanent eyeliner– This procedure involves pigment that is placed above the lash line to resemble liquid eyeliner or eye pencil and can be done with or without a winged corner.
  • Permanent tightline– With this procedure, pigment is placed within or right under the lash line.
  • Permanent lip tinting– This is also known as lip blushing, or permanent lipstick, and consists of pigment being placed into the lip area to create a wash of color and or to create the illusion of lips that are fuller.

Is it possible for permanent makeup to be removed?

Sometimes, permanent makeup can indeed be removed. However, it depends on the length of time you’ve had it. There are options available to speed up the process of fading the makeup and there is also a process to get rid of the pigment altogether. Results are not guaranteed.

If you are not happy with your results following your procedure, you should give it some time. Most cosmetic procedures such as these will begin fading as soon as they have fully healed. Also, beware of solutions and topical creams online that claim to fade tattoos. These products may be ineffective and can cause more bad than good. Seek professional help instead, since it can be removed by a technician using an injection of saline solution into the skin. This process helps to draw out the pigment, but it can take several sessions to begin seeing results.

The Bottom Line

Permanent makeup can be a time saver for individuals who are beauty lovers when done correctly on the right candidate. However, if you are considering any type of dermal pigmentation procedure, keep in mind that it may not last forever.
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